Hair updo by winning Toronto Hair Salon stylist

Uploaded by figarosalon on 26.11.2007

The magic of beauty
A lot of people will agree with me when I say that because of a excellent haircut a woman's happiness will grow.
Each day should be like that for you because you deserve it.
Before the up-do we must wash your hair, In the beggining rinse the hair with warm water
Use shampoo that is applicable to your hair.
If you have decided to renew the colour of your hair you may now apply a colouring foam.
Put a small amount of the foam in your hair and do not wash it out.
Brush through the hair. This will help the foam even out and spread to all of your hair.
before the up-do ligthly dry the hair with a blow dryer.
Before the blow dryer up-do chose a brushing of a medium size.
Move from a lower "zatilochnaya" zone to a higher one, making sure to dry the hair completely.
Don't forget to pin the hair that you will not be needing during the up-do. This is done so that the hair will not get in your way while you use the fan.
Move from the roots to the tips of the hair.
In the end you can use a hair iron to help you strengthen the structure of your up-do.
Don't forget to add a finishing styling product like hair pomade,or hair styling wax.
A beautifull hair cut is the secret of youth and beauty.
Don't waste your time, go to the figaro hair salon and we'll make you irresistible.