Rhône-Alpes, la région au mille visages

Uploaded by LyonTourisme on 02.08.2012

What amazes people when they come to the region is it's diversity
Two hours away from Lyon, you will find a wide variety of landscapes
There is the scenery of the mountains, whether it be the mountain lakes or the great Vercors plains, which are really very different from each other,
there is vineyard country, with the vine-clothed hillsides of the Beaujolais region,
the Pierre Dorées region, which is a small and very atypical region, slightly reminiscent of Tuscany
and you have also the towns of Art and History, which are not necessarily very well known, like Pérouges and Vienne.
And then, in the south, a Mediterranean air creeps in, with the Drôme, its lavender fields and little dry-stone villages, very easy to reach from Lyon.
For sports lovers, there are all the mountain based activities such as via ferrata, rock climbing or plain hiking.
There are white-water activities such as rafting and canyoning, and everything which is associated with the large lakes of the Alps.
With the towns of Art and History, there are also lots of things to do for heritage lovers,
you have cities such as Annecy, Lyon of course with its Renaissance district, and the Gallo-Roman towns such as Vienne.
The region also has lots of attractions specifically aimed at families.
There are obviously lots of theme parks and leisure centres in the region, with equipment particularly suitable for children.
I can think of some activities which are very accessible for children, such as canoeing in the Ardèche Gorges.
And for those looking for something a little more avant-garde, there is the Cité du Design in Saint-Etienne, for example,
and the festival des Nuits Sonores which takes place in Lyon, a very well known festival in the world of contemporary music.
There is the Biennale d'Art Contemporain,
and the different neighbourhoods too, neighbourhoods which are on the move:
I'm thinking of la Confluence which is a very innovative neighbourhood in terms of urban development, one which also arouses a lot of interest.