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DENTON TARVER: Today on "Urban Gardener," we're headed to
Julie's Courtyard Sculpture Garden.

Here's a good example of contrasts.
This bamboo provides a really good foil for all
the green down here.
The brown actually brings the green out.
It creates a nice, repetitive line all the
way down this walk.
You have the opportunity to see everything that's in front
of it, and even brings you to little moments like this, a
little bird feeder with some suet in it, which is a
sculpture, I would imagine.

Oh, wow.
Look at this one.
This looks like it was put here in order to incorporate
what was going on with the neighbor's yard.
And the whole thing just seems to kind of grow and become
part of one whole idea.

One of the things that is different about this fountain
is the fact that the water is coming down to metal, which
gives it a different tin-y kind of a sound as opposed to
splashing on to stone or to water.

JULIE: We bought this space two years ago.
I liked it because it's such a charismatic neighborhood.
It was perfect because you walk outside, you see the
skyline of Manhattan.
Yet you walk in here, and you're
transported to another place.
I leave the city.
I close the door, and I hear my fountain, and see the
beautiful flowers.
I pinch myself because I can't believe it's real.
This is where idea of living sculpture began.
I was making this sculpture, and I put it down and I got
sidetracked, and I got on to something else.
Two weeks later, I look over and there's this kiwi vine
wrapped around my sculpture.
It's about the interaction between an organic and
inorganic form and seeing how they live together.
DENTON TARVER: So it's kind of coming over and
winding down as--
JULIE: It's going to come over and wind around it and
sit on top of it.
DENTON TARVER: So eventually, this is going to be a great
big hairdo over there.
This is going to be a big viny do.
It's the best of both worlds.
I have the city outside my door.
JULIE: And I have kind of the country in this little space.

DENTON TARVER: Thank you so much, Julie
Joy, for joining us--
JULIE: You're so welcome.
DENTON TARVER: And like letting us
all over your garden.
It was a pleasure.
JULIE: Thanks for coming.
It was a pleasure sharing it.

See you next time on "Urban Gardener."
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