Holiday Entertaining Ideas: Arrange a Family Potluck Thanksgiving | Pottery Barn

Uploaded by PotteryBarn on 21.09.2012

Hi, I'm Jeffery Moss with Pottery Barn. Planning a potluck Thanksgiving is a great
way to share in the abundance of the season's favorite
meal. It can also help lighten the load of hosting
the big gathering. The idea is simple; each guest is assigned
a particular side dish or dessert to bring and this year we were
inspired by a well-worn book of recipes from senior Vice
President, Clay Ide's great grandmother.
Because the recipes are from the 19th century and are short on actual measurements,
guests were given particular recipes and encouraged to interpret them
or find recipes from among their own family treasures
that bring Clays' granny's recipes to life, and to the table.
That book of recipes then became party favors for all our guests.
Starting with scans of the original pages, we created a booklet which fit into burlap
sacks, personalized for each guest.
Once these were assembled, we finished the sacks with flat burlap ribbon
and Pottery Barn Corn Vase Filler and tied each party favor
to the backs of guest's chairs so they doubled as place cards.
To celebrate each guest's contribution to the meal,
we created a hand written menu and put it on proud display near the dinner
table. And to make sure the bird arrived at the table
piping hot from the oven, we reserved that portion of the prep for ourselves.
Here's to another year of thanks. It's time to eat!
Bon appŽtit!