Robot Weightlifting 2012 (Adult Size) - RoboWorld Cup 2012

Uploaded by BotSportTV on 28.09.2012

Let's watch Robot Weightlifting
The robot should first grab the weight
then it has to reach the white line in the middle
to lift the weight up 45 centimeters
then it has to cross the final line
The adult category only has 2 countries competing: Taiwan and Singapore. Singapore has a Robot
called Rocky. It is smaller than the Taiwanese robot who has funny way to move with his old
Singapore starts with 10 discs
Singapore is attempting double the number of discs
Singapore is leading
Taiwan is attempting 30 discs
Taiwan is now in the lead
Singapore is trying with just 2 more disks than Taiwan.
Rocky went too far before lifting up the weight. it has to try again
Singapore is leading at the end of this round but with just 2 discs more.
The robots can’t be recharged, so the management of the battery is also part of the strategy.
Every time they choose a quantity of discs, they have to know if the robots will be able
to try more later or not.
That’s why Singapore is starting directly at 34 disks.
It looks like they have a technical problem.
Taiwan is now leading with 35 disks.
But Singapore is trying with 1 more disk.
Singapore is back in the lead with 36 disks
Now the game is starting to get really competitive. Taiwan is attempting 40 disks.
I won’t be surprised if Singapore tries 41 disks if Taiwan makes it.
Taiwan is now leading.
Singapore is attempting 42 disks.
Singapore is back in the lead.
The Taiwan robot has a really special way to walk.
Taiwan failed their attempt at 50 disks.
Singapore, already in the lead, is attempting 50 disks.
Taiwan is adding just 1 disk
And it works, Taiwan is back!!
Singapore is attempting 52 discs. It looks like they’re both reaching their limits.
They’re just adding a few discs at a time now.
Singapore has taken the lead!
Taiwan is trying 58 discs!
But it failed to lift the weight over 45 centimeters
Singapore makes it with 53 discs
But Taiwan is back with 58 discs
Singapore, 60 discs
Taiwan crosses the field with 62 discs
If they don’t run out their batteries soon, one of these robots is going to break itself.
Singapore reached the final line with 64 disks.
Taiwan is trying 70 discs
Rocky for Singapore is the world champion of Robot Weightlifting, category Adult Size