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I was born and raised in Międzyrzec. I spent my entire childhood
and youth in the city and can honestly say I was never bored here.
You can explore the city on foot but there are other ways to get around.
I love to go cycling around town, following the paths
that run alongside the streets and past the townhouses.
Today, I chose the path that goes along the banks of the Krzna.
Międzyrzec has a lot going for it. It is a lovely, mediaeval city and the
marketplace is surrounded by beautiful townhouses
with crossbeam arches not often found in Europe.
We have around 21 kilometres of bicycle paths. You can also
explore the Międzyrzec lakes area and the Liski forest reserve.
But cycling means missing out on all those beautiful
places that can be seen by canoeing down the Krzna.
It might be busy and noisy but nothing is ever going to change the feeling of peace
and tranquility of my childhood. This is a place where you can sit back, unwind and relax.
Our lakes and rivers are excellent places to indulge your passion for fishing, with plenty of fine roach, perch, pike and crucian carp.
The lakes around Międzyrzec are the perfect places in which to unwind, especially after a hard week at work.
When I see so many young people coming here to go yachting, canoeing, cycling and water skiing – with ski
slopes to come – it thrills me to see our city becoming even more beautiful and having more and more to offer.
I’ve never been bored in Międzyrzec. I’ve always been able to find plenty to do in my spare
time and I can’t see how anyone coming to Międzyrzec could ever find themselves at a loose end.
Participating in sport is an important part of the lives of Międzyrzec Podlaski people.
Anyone who lives here can pit themselves against others and overcome their own weaknesses as well.
Nor are we light on for sporting facilities. We have a fully equipped
stadium, an indoor swimming pool, two Orlik sports fields, gymnasiums
in schools and, of course, the Międzyrzec Lakes with a yacht marina and swimming area.
We’re also looking to build a sports and entertainment centre.
Sport is becoming increasingly popular among young people in Międzyrzec, with
hundreds of players actively involved. We’ve been successful and have won medals.
Międzyrzec has opportunities to participate in niche sports like girls’ soccer,
beach soccer, taekwondo and sailing.
We instituted sports training in 2001. This is where we pick our most talented youth, i.e.
those who have a shot at making a name for themselves in sport.
The athletes have ten hours of training. Everyone thought this was
a lethal ration – more suitable for horses – when it was first announced.
But swimmers (for example) have to swim twice daily if they
are going to have any chance of being medal contenders.
We’ve had a skatepark up and running in the city for a year. I like to watch young people
training because it’s really hard to work on your own and make systematic Progress.
Technically, they might be amateurs but to me they’re real professionals.
They know how to warm up, avoid bruising and overcome fear.
I’ve been observing the group for a year
and I've seen nothing but passion and 100% commitment.
It’s as if yesterday the train stopped at a fairytale station in a city on the Krzna
Enmeshed in peaceful backstreets like a castle of good hope in major and minor keys.
I can remember arriving like an express letter in an unsealed envelope
to an invitation of green eyes and bottomless wells of bliss.
I can remember arriving like a telegram of the heart, regular, nothing fancy
To taste of love, friendship and stillness.
I dedicated these verses to my wife. I wrote them in Międzyrzec.
I came to Międzyrzec… or it was the hand of God, or maybe those green eyes…
I came here in defiance of the conventional wisdom that people migrate
from the countryside to small cities and from small cities to big cities.
I did the very opposite – partly out of perversity but mostly
because of the ambience I found in Międzyrzec Podlaski.
Most of all, it was the exceptional hospitality
of the Podlasie people. My writing has really flourished here.
Międzyrzec also happened to be one of those cities in which it
was worth doing something. We hit upon the idea of instituting
a literary competition with the primary aim of popularising
Polish literature. This was mostly about young people.
We can objectively claim that we have some brilliant young people here who
take an interest in everything, including literature.
They are already being published in literary journals
and the results of their work are there to see every day.
We find this highly gratifying as it means a great deal to us.
My wife and I have written a book on Podlasie myths and legends entitled “Black Rose”.
The title refers to a true story. Once, when we were walking through the
beautiful Międzyrzec Podlaski Park, we decided to look up the town gardener who,
in his youth, had been the gardener for Andrzej Potocki of the Piława coat of arms.
This person had grafted a rose onto one of the Międzyrzec oaks
and, after a while, it blossomed.
My wife and I saw this rose with our very own eyes.
It may not have been exactly black; more like dark purple.
This precise moment somehow transfixed me to this place, to the soil of
Międzyrzec, this city... I am trying to give something back with my writing.
Animators are the cornerstone of Międzyrzec culture.
These are people who make their innovative
ideas a reality and pass them on to young people as expanses of artistic activities.
Culture is going the way of mass culture and nobody
ever thinks about there being other approaches, viz.
those geared towards activating youth. What we can pass on to them is our experience.
This explains why Międzyrzec is starting to come alive in the cultural sphere as well.
Our city would like to create a panoply of cultural
and educational events with a constantly evolving calendar, as this
is exactly what we have been striving for over the past few years.
But we’d also like the city to be a place where young people can get
together, exchange experiences, initiate events and share their passions.
The “Łapa” (Paw) project is one such activity.
This comprises photographic, theatrical, painting
and musical workshops, i.e. it’s one of those areas
in which we are strong and have well trained personnel.
In creating the city’s image, we are moving
towards a coming together of culture and tourism.
These two areas would ideally join forces during the holiday period.
We’re trying to make Międzyrzec a place where passions are shared and people come together
to create things; a place renowned for having a nice, warm feeling that stays with you.
We want Międzyrzec to be a place that is associated with young people coming together.
I first met my Międzyrzec Podlaski friends in Masuria. Something clicked
straight away and I made my way to Międzyrzec once I’d finished school.
The “Panther” club goes back thirteen years. People keep a very close eye on bikers,
because bikers are generally pretty suspect... “Motoserce” (Motorcycle Heart) is a blood
collection drive under the catchword “Blood for Children”. People were surprised
and a little touched by our campaign. “Motoserce” is now part of the Międzyrzec landscape.
Międzyrzec has a good vibe to it.
When the time was right, we obtained a property for the “Panther” headquarters.
We want to open a pub with a biker character and a motorbike museum there.
This will be a place well worth visiting.
We want to make it the sort of place that makes everyone
who goes there want to come back to Międzyrzec.
“Start working on whatever you’re dreaming about and whatever you want to do.
Courage incorporates genius, strength and magic.”
Międzyrzec Podlaski has enormous potential.
It has a prime location on the crossroads of the Paris-Moscow
and Białystok-Rzeszów routes.
Dozens of roads, pavements and bicycle paths have been built in the last three or four years alone.
When making decisions concerning the future
of Międzyrzec, I always ask myself whether this ideal Międzyrzec of the future would be the sort of place for my family and friends would want to live in.
My ambition is to revive Międzyrzec economically so that
people can harness their energy and eagerness to work.
With this in mind, we’ve undertaken a range of measures
that will bring business and capital to the city.
We have adopted a two-pronged approach.
The first is to promote tourism in Międzyrzec. Building a ski slope and expanding the
yacht club, sporting infrastructure, sports fields and bicycle
paths are the main tourism development projects in the city.
The city’s development, however, cannot be left to a single strategy.
We realise that if we’re going to make Międzyrzec as appealing
as possible to outside investors, we’ll have to invest ourselves first.
With this in mind, we are introducing attractive tax relief and laying the ground for future investment.
The Modern Services and Production zone, which offers dozens
of hectares of fully-serviced land, is a case in point.
The Międzyrzec Lakes, beautifully nestled in amongst forests, are the natural pride of the city.
This is the perfect place for water sports, hiking, cycling and horse riding.
The ideas and the possibilities are there. All we have to do is follow through.
That’s why we’ve set our sights on being named Euro-regional Centre for Youth Gatherings.
We’d really like to see youth groups from neighbouring
countries as well as our own hold their gatherings here.
Those young people who come here, apart from being able to rest assured of fine food and accommodation as a result of the
rapid improvements being made to the city’s infrastructure, will be able to spend their time as profitably as we do.
Apart from its advantageous geographical location, pristine environment and excellent
prospects for tourism, Międzyrzec’s greatest potential lies in its people.
In my view, success is mostly about listening attentively
to people, knowing what their needs are and trying to get close to them.
You have to make the most of opportunities,
move with the times and not be afraid of challenges.
The openness, hospitality and kindliness of Międzyrzec people are the greatest assets
we can offer visitors to the city. But you will have to come and confirm that for yourself.
Międzyrzec Podlaski – Take an adventure!