[Introducing PES 2013] Game Modes (Episode 1)

Uploaded by officialpes on 10.07.2012

Performance Training
You can learn to master the PES Full Control in the newly-implemented Performance Training.
It helps you master new controls for offending and defending.
Online modes
In PES 2013, each territory in the world has its own open community.
Each player belongs to an open community to compete with any other rival city.
It is also possible to create a social community with friends.
On the online community, you can play against your friends.
The Widget is implemented so you can always stay connected with your friends.
Once the widget is opened, you can invite friends for a match.
The Widget is always displayed on the screen.
You can also communicate with your friends even from offline modes to play online matches.
The 'Rival Ranking' is newly added to the MLO.
Matches you play with others whose stats are similar to yours will be more exciting than ever.
Send statistics directly to myPES after a match.
myPES accounts can be directly created at the side of the game.
Statistics include Wins/Losses, number of shots and shots on target.
Players' informations is newly included and you can analize your opponents before going head to head with them.
You can directly post to Facebook.
With the game directly connected with Facebook,
you can enjoy more exciting online matches.
Football Life
Football Life has the newly-implemented Item Shop.
You can purchase items to develop players.
More options to 'win a match' and more strategical club management