Dificuldades para a vocação

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Difficulties for the vocation
It is well known as you are sensitive to the tension between good and evil,
that exists in the world and yourself.
In your heart, you suffer to see the triumph of falsehood and injustice;
suffer, for you do you feel incapable of truth and justice prevail;
suffer, for you find it out, while generous and selfish.
Would we always serve and collaborate with the initiatives in favor of the oppressed but ...
you feel betrayed by so many things and tempted by others that you break the wings.
Spontaneously you are led to reject evil and wishing well. But sometimes
you have difficulty seeing and accepting that to get to well
you must go through the waiver, the effort to fight the cross;
happened to that young man who, wishing to perfection and wanting to follow Jesus,
I could not understand and accept that it was necessary to renounce material goods.
Unfortunately we live in an age where sin has become an industry until
that produces money, moving economic plans, gives well-being.
This is really awesome and terrible!
But we need not to be scaring or press!
Any time demands of the Christian 'coherence'!
Be valiant. The world needs witnesses convinced, and fearless.
Do not just discuss, we must act, to live in grace, to practice all the moral law;
nourish your soul with the body of Christ,
serious and receiving the Sacrament of Penance regularly.
Serve! Be available to love and succor: help at home
in work, fun with the near and the distant.
Meditate too seriously and generously, if the Lord call some of you.
How is this possible? Good question!
Our Blessed Mother, Mary of Nazareth, made this question the first time
to the extraordinary plan that God intended it.
And the answer that Mary of Almighty God is the same as you given:
"The Holy Spirit will come upon you because for God nothing is impossible".
Knowing the background to the doctrine of Jesus,
it is easy to perform in front of life's challenges without fear of deceiving or of being alone,
they'll do it at all times and circumstances under the influence and guidance of the Holy Spirit
whether big or small thing.
They will tell you that the meaning of life lies in the widest possible range of pleasures;
try to convince you that this is the only world that exists
and ye shall monopolize everything possible, and "now."
You will hear people tell you that happiness is of saving money
and to consume as much as ye can, and then and if you feel unhappy,
refer it to avoidance of alcohol or drugs.
None of this is true, none of this brings true happiness to your lives.
Maybe proceed in Catholic families,
attend Mass on Sundays or even weeks,
pray with the family every day and I hope it continues throughout life,
but it may affect you the temptation to distance yourself from Christ.
You will hear many to say that your religious practices are hopelessly outdated,
out of your way, out of style in the future,
that you can organize your own lives and that God no longer counts.
Even many religious people follow such attitudes, dragged by the surrounding environment.
Such a society, with its highest moral and religious values lost
is easy prey to manipulation and the preponderance of forces on the pretext of liberating, enslave even more.
Jesus has the answer to your questions and the key of history!
In Christ you will discover the true magnitude of your humanity.
He continues to call you, he continues to invite you.
Yes, Christ is calling you, calling you but the truth.
Your call is demanding because it invites you to leave you "fishing" for him completely,
so green life under a new light.
He is the friend who says to his disciples
'No longer call you servants, but friends' and test their friendship by giving his life for us.
The real life is not in ourselves or in material things.
You are n'Outro, the One who created everything good, true and beautiful in the world.
The authentic life is in God and you will discover God in the person of Jesus Christ.