Hermitcraft 100 A Unique Perspective

Uploaded by xisumavoid on 19.01.2013

Hello, Hello and welcome everybody to the 100th episode on the hermitcraft server.That
is insane, 100 episodes and some of you are probably thinking, Xisuma, bet you'd never
have 100 episodes on this server. But I tell you what, the day I joined I knew I'd get
to this day, I knew there would be 100 episodes. The reason why is because I was so dedicated
to the idea. Back when HermitCraft started, which was 9 or 10 months ago is when Mindcrack
really exploded with popularity. They had just done the Ultra Hardcore Series, and they
kind of opened everyones eyes to how cool playing the multiplayer really is. Now before
I never really saw any multiplayer content, people really seemed against the idea. If
you tried to speak to other people about making videos on a server it was really something
people never did back then. But when the whole Mindcrack thing happened and they showed how
cool it was to really play on a server. You could do your own LP thing, you could go off
and build a base but then when you get bored and want to do something different you could
hang out with other people and explore their bases and have a whole new dimmension of fun
basicly. And everyone wanted to get on Mindcrack back then, we learned how popular and fun
it was and wanted to be part of something like that. And when Generikb turned around
and asked me if I wanted to be on HermitCraft, I was onboard from the second he ask me. I
was like yep, I absolutely want to do this. I want to do my LPing on a server with other
people who are cool. I think the coolest part about hermitcraft was that all the people
who were there in the beginning were my friends and people I watched at the time, and still
do to this day I would say even though I do not watch alot of YouTube videos anymore.
But ya, it was really great to be a part of this. And like I said, I was with all my favorite
YouTubers, I didnt know the MindCrack people, I just watched the Ultra Hardcore Series and
ya I was really excited to be a part of this. So when it all started up, I made my little
thumbnail for my first episode and in the bottom lefthand corner I put 001, and some
people pointed it out right away, they said, see what your doing there, you're in it for
the long run. I knew I was, I knew I would be active and make a lot of videos because
this is what I really wanted to do at the time, I wanted to LP on a server and have
lots of fun that way. And I tell you what, the journey has been amazing. And it wasnt
till I got around like the 30s and 40s that I really saw me getting into my stride and
me making episodes on this server, and I knew the 100th episode would be here sooner than
I expected and here we are right now, the 100th episode. I knew this day would come
is what I am basicly saying.And I want to start of by thanking GenerikB for making this
server, I think it was a really great thing for him to do, go around and pull together
a bunch of really cool YouTubers and get this server up and running becuase it is fantastic
to be a part of, and its my favorite thing to do when it comes to making videos, I really
enjoy making tutorials and some of the other stuff I do but HermitCraft is my main thing.
I love doing my LP here and hanging out with everyone else around on the server and lately
we've had a ton of new people. So what I wanted to do this episode is a world tour and we'll
start of with some of those newer members, and the thing with world tours is that your
probably not gonna be too interested cause you've watched some other people, you know
what their bases look like, so were gonna be doing something a little different today,
now I've asked Generiks permission to do this and basicly what I'm going to do is put all
my items into this chest over here, oh that ones full of enderpearls, lets just dump all
of this items in here, and after I have done this I am gonna kill myself and I'll even
use the 100 levels we have right there and it is gonna be like I was never in creative
mode.So now, we can fly. Now, some of you are thinking that this is a bit cheaty, but
the reason I am doing this is because I wanted to show you everyones worlds and the Hermitcraft
world from a different perspective. It's not often you get to see it from up here, and
when you look at it from up here it does look completely different, and that is the same
with everything really, you take a look at something from a different angle and you just
get a completely different perspective. And from up here, it really doesnt look like we
have done too much around this spawn area, but when your down on the ground it feels
completely different.So ya, being in creative mode I am gonna kill myself after this and
sacrafise those 100 levels cause I dont want anyone to think I somehow tainted being in
creative mode so all of my items are in my inventories and I am going to be flying around
and doing a tour this way so we are going to have a quick look over the spawn village
which we have seen most of already. Weve got this new area over here and of course the
world really isnt loading when I'm recording, we can see somebody has been doing some strip
mining down there as well, lets jump down here and encourage it to load. This is the
area that I think Joe Hills has done most of it and you know what, its really bad so
we are going to do a little relog here. So at last the HermitCraft world loads properly
and we can continue our tour although we have seen most of the spawn village, but this is
the area that Joe Hills put together so that new members can take a plot and build themselves
a home, and Ive got to say, this ravine right here looks really awesome and wouldnt it look
cool if someone built a base right here, you could have little walkways on either side
from the top of the ravine, as theres entrances to little rooms. Check this guy out, Ello!
And ya, I just wanna put that out there I think it would be really cool, so enough talking
for now, I think its time we started this tour. So here we are at our first destination
of our world tour and this is Keralis' base and this place is just amazing, check it out
it looks so great. And now, we can actually fly up into the sky and have a look like this,
and I am not surpised, this place looks great from any angle. And I think everyone likes
to come to Keralis' from time to time and just see what he has been up to cause his
building style is pretty amazing. And this place is so cool. And Keralis was one of the
first members on the server like myself, and like I mentioned earlier, when I joined, there
were already a bunch of people that I watched on here, and Keralis is one of those. I used
to talk to him on skype and watch his videos, we had a box exchange and it is really cool
to be on here with him along with Biffa and GenerikB I used to watch as well as static
and Red3yz, and when I joined Hermitcraft it was like I was right at home, I was around
all these people I had watched anyway, and ya it was really great to be a part of this
from day one, and these tours, there not really gonna be much of a tour, were just gonna fly
around and have a quick look cause there are a lot of people on the server, alot of bases
to get around too, we don't have all the time in the world so were gonna have to move to
our next destination.So next up on the tour, GenerikBs base and he hasnt taken down the
signs from the prank if you havent noticed and this right here is keralis again and that
face is just so goofy. Cracks me up everytime I see it. But that is a really cool prank.
And i havent been here since the prank we did actually. Ive seen the videos I saw that
he burnt down his base, And its good to over here and see it in personal though I'm starting
to feel a bit guilty that his based got wrecked after he set it on fire. Which was his own
choice, he could have chopped it down with the standard agency issued axe we provided
him with which would have lasted no longer than 30 seconds, but ya lets go down here
and have a look at the damage, i can feel it already, im gonna feel guilty. Yep, look
at that, it is complelety ruined this place. And I have no idea what Generiks plans are
but if this were me I would probably start another base but man we really did go to town
with that prank, but he really enjoyed it, I dont think I would have, Which makes me
quite worried what he is going to do as retaliation. So here we are at fellow agency members base,
this is biffas bowl, there are iron golems here from the prank KingDaddyDMAC done, and
biffa has got himself 3 beacons, I still dont have a beacon, I just could not be bothered
with trying to hunt down those wither skeletons. But this place is seriously cool. I love the
idea of hallowing out a massive area, a big long term project, which I am doing with my
witch farm, those things are always fun. And over here as well weve got the rainbow from
joe hills which is pretty spectacular as well. I dont know who put this here, it could have
been IamSp00n, it kind of looks like his skin maybe. And on the other side there is a present
that Generik and Hypno brought biffa one time, ya there you go you can see it just over there,
and look its Keralis again with his Keralis style house, this is pretty cool. And when
I was over here Biffa said that he was gonna intergrate this into his base somehow I think
but I think he should leave it like this you know, this little floating area in one corner
with its little house, I think it looks pretty cool. And he's got his mob spawner in the
middle there, and thats pretty much Biffas bowl, he's got a few things going on, got
a sheep cell over here, and ya, this place is pretty amazing. So here we are at our next
destination at Hypnos base and this is my first time visiting this area, I have not
actually come out here yet on the server at all, the reason why is because of the long
journey you have to take in the nether its like 10 minutes on a minecart track its insane,
ya this base is really far out, and I tell you what, its a really cool idea to build
a pyramid like this, its the same as an Aztec Pyramid i think. I could be wrong, maybe mayan,
but really nice design, the grass makes it look really cool, but I dont know what Hypno
has around here, I know he has got a witch farm and an Iron Golem farm that is it over
here, I think he had some trouble with it recently and had to rebuild it which kind
of sucks but I think this would be active while he is at his base over there as well
but I dont know how to get into his base so I should probably figure out. We'll go have
a look inside, this could be it right here actually, and there you go, thats actually
pretty spectacular and how many beacons does he have? He's got 5, wow thats alot, I really
do need to get myself some beacons, And I think he's been pranked, G Butt, I dont know
what that means or whose done that but ya, what are they over there? Oh there little
ocelots! Awww just walking around. Just hanging out, oh ya he is gonna have loads of them
in here. That must be really cool to have a base with some ambient mob like that always
in it. Aw I want some cats now. Ya this place is cool, I know he has got some storage area
around here. Ok storage area is down here somewhere and I thought, we've got to show
this before we leave. Look at this, that is lovely, love the ceiling. That is so nice,
that really is. That must have taken him a long time to do this. Well it would have taken
me a long time cause I always try to do things symetrically, and ya, but I think that is
really nice, this whole place. This is pretty cool. And ya I guess that's Hypno's base!
So our next base is Red3yz and he's actually on the server right now, and he just enderpearled
into me, that was quality, good shot. So ya, it wasnt so long ago we were here and the
whole point of this is to have a look from a different perspective, and you can see that
right now. Wow, this place looks really awesome, especially this mob spawner, check this out!
That looks so cool. Ill explain to him in a moment what I am doing but ya, I think this
is actually being rebuilt, I dont think there's actually inside here or this is new, I don't
know what's going on. Ya Red3yz's base is really cool, I was just having a look around
and there are so many cool litte things around here, your not too sure what is what. He's
got a little storage area in the bottom over there, I havent seen this before, look at
this, this all wheat? I have a feeling that this is harvested with water and you go on
a minecart to pick it all up. He's also got himself a little jungle temple, And this little
thing right over here looks interesting but I have no idea what it is for, but it does
look very nice. There's some gold here, and thats all I can tell. So here we are at Jessassins
base, the underwater base, this must have taken a horribly long time to construct, building
underwater is such a pain and I think I am going the wrong way here. We need to go up,
there we go, And I guess he has some plan for this room, I don't really know where I
am going, as I haven't been here in a long time so I imagine its this turning here. This
looks familiar look you can see the water now. And this is it, this is Jessassins base,
I really like it, maybe cause of the underwater feature, it has this kind of blue to the game
that you cant get anywhere else unless you build under water, and even lapis doesnt have
that nice little color to it. I guess cause its quite transparent, look at that thing,
the hell is that? Thats a huge underwater dome, I really want to go check that out now.
It looks like it is half way through construction though so, I know he has a couple of storage
areas and farms around here little furnace room there, Im gonna have a look to see if
we can get to the place over there. So I don't know how we get in there but the point of
this tour is to see things from a perspective that we wouldnt normally see, And that is
Jessassins base from up in the sky and that does look really cool from up here. Ya that
looks seriously cool. And there's not much else around here, just an ocean. Ya thats
Jessassins base, it's a really cool project he's got going on around here. So here we
are at IamSp00ns base, it wasnt so long ago that I was over here with Jessassin and Joe
Hills and man this place is awesome, I love it, it just reminds me of when you first play
minecraft when you just build whatever the hell you feel like cause this is just so cool
this is just cool, a whole bunch of random stuff here, this looks like a church, I think
this is what that's supposed to be, the church of spoon, you can see it there.Then a tree
farm, which I think is a really cool way of doing a tree farm, it may not be an efficient
or effective design but its just a cool little, it looks like a biome in each box with the
different trees. I like this alot, and I really like the big spoon face here as well. So goofy
looking, thats cool. Ya this whole place is pretty awesome. It'll be interesting to see
what he builds here in the future. And he is building a melon castle at the moment,
I think thats right. Whoa, can you tell where we are? We are inside a beam of light. Actually
were at KingDaddyDMACs base, Just flying up here to get a look at the place from up above,
man it's pretty spectacular, the amount of work it must have taken to build the golem
farm, I dont know, its insane. But look at this thing right here, that last time I was
here, all of this was level with the area around it, it looks like he is going to turn
it into a little sand pyramid, which I think is pretty cool, We saw how awesome Hypno's
jungle pyramid looked like, and I think this will look pretty damn good as well. But alot
of DMACs base is actually underground, so we should jump down the middle here, mind
your head! And that's the end portal right there, he put glass above it, and he's got
a little trap door to get in and out of that, and the only thing I want to show you here
is the part where you get the iron golems. And I can never remember how to get there,
and it's also hidden as well which doesnt help. Okay, I found it, there's a button right
just back there, and that opens the door to inside, lets just do that properly, nope fail.
There we go, and this is where you can harvest all of the iron, I'm actually not gonna do
that now cause I am in creative mode, I'll just leave that be. Here we are at our next
destination, this is Joe Hills' place, and I love this, its like the nether spilling
out into the over world, and ya that is really crazy. And Joe built this so you could actually
see where his nether portal was, cause he didnt move it to his base, his base in that
direction over there, but I'm really curious to what this is cause there is just a path
leading out here, and its been a long time since Ive been to Joe Hills' base. Back when
he first joined the server I watched alot of his videos but after time I've just stopped
watching minecraft videos and I don't know what he's been up to, or where this goes to.
But the way the chunks are loading I can see that its loaded up ahead. I have no idea where
this is going up to. I have a feeling it may go all the way back to spawn. And were certainly
not seeing much of his base so I'll just follow this for a little bit longer, and I'll turn
around if there is nothing to see. Ha! It ends. Okay, that was the big road of pointlessness,
so I'm just gonna head back to his nether portal. Alright now we can go check out his
base which is this way I do believe. I can't ignore Red3yz lets just say hi, oh and there
is unhost. So lets have a look, so this is the redstone lab up here, And over on the
right here we have the boat with the cake on it and the candles. And this is Joe's little
platform area, I'm not sure what he calls that. And this building over here I havent
seen before, and Joe's base right here. And let's just have a look inside the house before
we move onto the next place. Very simple, I like it. Thats cool. Next stop on the tour
is Topmasses base, and this is Pierres tomb, thats Topmasses pig that died during the live
stream, how he died I can't remember, lets go check this out. This is also the home of
thepixelnerds so we'll be checking there part of the base aswell, And this is Topmasses
area right here, its been a while since I was last here. I think the last thing he built
when I came over was the coffee house. And these little houses down here I think are
built by, The Hermit Crab, maybe not, I thought these were built by members of the server,
I'm not sure about the deal over that is.Anyway, if we fly over in this direction, this little
house in the corner over here, this was all built by keralis as a gift to Topmass, and
thats a pretty awesome gift right there, to build someone a pretty nice looking house
like that, that must of taken him a lot of time and effort. And if we head up the top
here, I'm not to sure what this is, there's a chest, The mystical melon... Okay. There's
a mystical melon over here, and then this little tower Topmass built, and then everything
you seee in the background here was built by thepixelnerds. They love to build things
up in the sky. They've also got the stairway to heaven here to all the people who donate
to their channel. Now I wonder how far along they've got now, lets go on to the top and
see how high up its gone. And it is 213 so not too much further to go. And they've built
some pretty cool stuff up here; floating castles, that must have taken quite some time to build
all of that. And it's got a impact crater below it too, that is really cool! That actually
looks like it has been sucked up out of the ground and into the air. And over here, I
think they had two of these towers and one of them got set on fire, and another floaty
little mage tower which is pretty cool. I think I remember enderpearling up to this
and there's a nether portal at the top maybe? But I'm not too familiar with thepixelnerds'
area. Im not sure if there is much more to it along with these floaty islands that we
have here. Okay Monkeyfarms base, I have no idea if he has done anything more than this.
But this is really cool, wasnt so long ago I was over here with Joe Hills, Unhost, and
a couple of other people on a livestream. I think it was, I cant quite remember what
it was, Joe discovered some weird bug with the beds or something but I don't think he's
done much since we were last here. This place is really cool, It would be interesting to
see how he evolves this over time, I wonder if he has any plans to build anything down
here as well. Who knows, who knows. Okay, we are now at CilantroGamers base, and I don't
think I have ever been here before. Possibly once, or I watched him building it on a livestream
this place and I really like what he has done with all the walkways, and the fence posts,
and Cilantro is actually on a break right now and don't know if he will ever be coming
back to Hermitcraft or even to Minecraft. Which is really unfortunate cause it looks
like he had a really good talent for building here, I really like all of this, nicely built
up, I like the support beams as well, I have no idea what else to look for, looks like
he's got a little sugar cane farm going on right there, this is pretty cool, little water
feature, and some obsidian, I wonder what that does, lets fly around here and have a
look. Oh! There are somethings over here as well, he's got an umbrella, some pictures,
has himself a villager friend, and ya what's up with this obsidian? Oh its an anvil, okay,
thats cool. So ya, thats Cilantro's base, I'm not sure where else to go, don't know
what else he has got going on around here, but I do like his building style and hope
that one day he will come back to the HermitCraft server. Our last destination on the tour is
Juicetras base which is just up ahead, and I think this is also how you get to skyzms
and puns base, they are the Goon Squad, the three of them. And where there bases are I
am not sure, so I wont be able to show you those unfortunately, but this is Juicetras
base, up in the canopy of the jungle. And he's only been on here for a few weeks so
there is not much to see, but its a pretty cool start to his base, and we can have an
interesting look at it from above as the map struggles to load as always, lets do the F3
+ A again, there we go and ya, this is Juicetras base, I've not seen this before, and Im not
sure what he has going on right now, he's got a storage around here, a couple of farms,
and a couple of houses over here, he's probably going to put villagers in and seeing these
rails he probably has plans to transport them up here and oh there are some villagers. So
that concludes our tour of the HermitCraft server and unfortunately I couldnt find statics
nether portal so his was a base we missed but I was just thinking, oh it doesnt matter
we can always just go there in a coming episode and see what he has been up to. But that is
it for this 100th episode special and you know what, this isnt really a special episode
to me, a special episode to me is like the 50th one where I have a new and big project
I want to do and can make it last a long time, and this to me the thing that is special is
really the celebration of the 100th episode although I think touring it from the creative
mode perspective and seeing HermitCraft from a different angle is really cool as well.
But the main thing that is special for me is you guys, like 100 episodes isnt 100 episodes
it's 100 episodes that you guys have stuck around and watched and thats what really is
special to me cause without you guys there is no HermitCraft series and that couldnt
be more true cause without an audience there is no videos there is no point in making them
and it feels like a real privelidge to play a game that you really like and enjoy and
share that experience with other people. So the point I want to end this episode on is
that you guys really do make HermitCraft happen, you give us inspiration to play and make videos,
so I dedicate this to all you Hermitcraft fans. So thank you for watching, and I'll
catch you next time.