Beautiful Origami Models : Double-sided Valentine Heart Origami Models 1

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

In this clip I will show you how to make a Valentine heart, a double sided Valentine
heart. This is my personal variation on a design by Rick Beech. Starting with the color
side down, square piece of paper, we are going to fold it in half, into a rectangle, then
fold this rectangle in half to form a square. Taking this edge, we are going to fold it
down on the diagonal so that the square is divided into a triangle. Unfold back out to
the square and then unfold back out to the rectangle. Now, separate the two layers and
taking this diagonal, we are going to fold it in to align to the center crease. So, taking
this diagonal we are going to fold it up to align to the center crease. The crease that
we are creasing will be underneath, right here, underneath. Same thing on this side,
we have to reverse this crease, reverse this diagonal. Keeping it in place, we are going
to bring that crease to the center crease, like this, and then crease, you can't really
see what you're creasing but inside it looks like this and that is our first layer. Turn
the unit to the other side, notice I haven't creased this area, I'm keeping it uncreased.