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0:00:08.8 70 Hi, My name is Deb. I grew up hard of hearing, then gradually lost more hearing.

I also have a disability from a chronic illness called lupus,

so I often stay at home, but I love my house.

It is my safe place from the outside world

where I can rest when I need.

So what are my favorite things I like to do? I am an artist. I love to create with paint,

sculpture, doll crafts and my favorite is japanese paper folding using beautiful colored paper, origami.

I also love playing games, a bunch of different games, board games and cards.

And I love my dog, a service dog, a trained hearing dog, a French Bulldog named Henry.

I also love Asian things, Asian food, style, crafts, religion. I've collected a

lot of Buddha statues with different hand shapes. It looks like ASL but its not.

But more than anything, I love all the wonderful deaf and HOH people I've met in my life,

and the disabled people too. I started using ASL around 15 years ago

and hope for more improvement. I am hoping to meet more deaf and hard of hearing

people who use ASL, who will be patient and have compassion for my level of communication

and help me through my struggle to become more skilled at expressing myself.