QST? "Britains Got Talent" Brazil champion 2009 - 2nd presentation

Uploaded by fastcoremjs on 29.03.2010

The thrill of the semi-final is an amazing thing for us
We were not sure of the result
The D-effect is a group that has less than a year
And we work with an alternative form of urban dance
You really are worth one hundred thousand reals in gold bars ok
We are very happy to be part of a competition of this size and acceptance we receive
This made us confirm our desire to believe in our dream destination in the dance
We dream, we fight and now we yet to reach the final
Shone on stage and already has a green
My friends, that I paid to see you in the theater, where he was because you are amazing
I think one end of the What is your talent without the group D-effect is an unthinkable,
It will be a very exciting final.
He deserves! He deserves! ...
It is very delicate time now, why does not approve anyone
Last weekend portions gave a show of red here
Today is calmer
I want to see
Will roll in the final blood or blood will not roll in the final?
Note, this guy just talks nonsense
It is this
I have already red today also
D-effect is not the last group of the night
There are still two ahead
But I have to tell you
It is very hard for people to red for large talents that come here
We are charged on the street "more red you have to do not know who"

But when it comes to a group like you, you justify all the reds that we gave
Why are you way ahead of other groups
Are you aware that the seven who appeared tonight you are the first
cool not?
Know that two groups will perform and if any of them pass you are automatically in the final