Ettore Scola: La Terrazza (1980) with English subs

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It's ready! Come over!
Mark this restaurant name.
Fucking germans!
He's already investigated, can't wait for them to arrest him. he can rest
We need another nice war.
Ennio was there, Roberto...
4 or 5 people...
Hari Krisna's mantra is made of 3 names:
Hari, Krisna and Rama.
Hari is the power of happiness...
Krisna e infinitely enchanting...
I must insist you come, Luigi...
after the book presentation, all back to my place.
Fireworks! During my parties...
Excuse me, where's Giulio?
Actually, I'm not from here. Have a look.
I can't stand these parties anymore!
Too many fools. One should fade with dignity.
In Naples, during the liberation, the best compliment Toto got was:
"Toto, you are better than the American Army!"
Half a billion of government funding,
locaI counciI and a small help from the Party.
It's a spectacular scenography! It takes over stage, arena and stalls.
Do you have some plain rice?
I don't get Sergio. Doesn't eat, drink or speak.
Why does he come?
To reassure himself he's right not to eat or speak.
Every time we blame somebody else.
Last year Lenin, now Breznev and next...?
A communist in a capitalist country... schizophrenia and ulcer!
Hari Krisna, Hari Krisna... but can I eat beans?
What do beans have to do with spirituality?
You don't get India at all.
"Who's Charlus?" asked Giovannino...
So Missiroli said: "I bet you haven't read Proust!"
And Giovannino: "While you were reading, we were fighting the war!"
Excuss me, where's Giulio?
I don't know him, sorry.
...but also the subject for the object!
Mother, help! they are talking about young generations!
- Why? - It's an old subject for old people!
Is Amedeo there?
Will you avoid him all night?
You have to face him, soon or later.
Darling, did you see Enrico?
Aren't you happy you lost him?
I paid the screenplay 6 months ago.
He said he would finish tonight...
Sergio, you must come. I insist.
And after the book presentation, all back to my place.
You can criticise any literature but the Italian one... because it doesn't exist.
Nowadays some writers' eternaI fame lasts 15 days.
...rare vegetables!
It's an Etruscan dish.
So it's mysterious!
- Good? - To be good it's good!
It was better when you were all idiots!
Amedeo, I was looking for you!
What am I, a lost button?
Why were you desperately looking for me?
I finished the screenplay... almost.
A miracle!
Please do tell me!
Well... It's a satire of new...
- New conformism. - Right.
You told me last year.
It's five episodes to make you piss yourself laughing.
Pity I forgot the potty!
Amedeo, this time it'll be really funny.
Too much self criticism.
We must be proud of making intelligent films.
- Intelligent and... - What's he saying?
That he hasn't written a line.
Aren't you happy?
Why do you say that?
Enrico, I just gave you an electric penciI sharpener.
and a typewriter, also electric
to help you.
I had to learn how use it.
I'm desperate, Enrico!
And I'm going to jump into the river.
Where's the river?
I'll take you there, darling!
How caring!
Pablo emigrated to the US and enrolled in Custer's 7° Cavalry
but during a fight with the indians
he lost his right eye.
He had to make do with humble jobs,
busker, waiter and shoe shine.
What a cheek, eh?
Who is he?
Galeazzo, just back from Venezuela.
Young upcomer of theatre and cinema
...of the '50.
They don't make families like mine anymore.
Who do I see there? Pardon!
Countess, watch out!
- What? - Your bathing suit is showing.
Instead of getting meaningfuI
you drag shallow ideas.
You write shallow caricatures.
- You are a culturaI bourgeois!
Yeah, I want to do caricatures and satire
not petty meaningfull stories.
Because you are not able.
Neither Moliere liked them! - Don't curse!
Truth is...
you narrow-minded critics don't love cinema.
Ah, I don't love cinema?
You don't love cinema! Please!
Satire is collution with the powers that be!
If you want to learn about irony go read Ni...
- Nichiti... Nichiti... Nitchizze... - He means Nietzsche.
Nitchizze... Don't laugh.
Birth of Tragedy. Nitchizze!
The master of comedy...
Of irony!
Right... the master of humour!
Why do I waste my time talking to you.
That's why they never work. They just argue all the time.
You read Wittgenstein. Language's prison is smashed with comedy.
- Watch Toto. - What's Toto have to do with Wichenstein?
The comedy of manners
developes sociaI conscience.
Nice sociaI coscience!
So it's your fault?
Let's thank Enrico for the shitty country we are.
- Buffoon! - Buffoon!
Look at yourself. How could you make something serious out of...
a puppet...
a caricature like you?
Enrico, Tizzo stop it.
- Prick! - Stop it!
- Amedeo, do something. - Enough now!
Shame on you. You are friends.
- I'm... not... his friend. - Stalinist!
You too despise fake revolutionaries...
but you don't speak up!
You are worse than him!
You know I love you.
Enrico is leaving.
And tonight Enrico is working all night.
- So tomorrow Enrico is a wreck. - I would be anyway.
- I said I'm working! - Come on, Enrico!
Nicici... Nicicitizze... Niticici... Ticicizze...
Enrico! Emanuela! Don't leave!
Darling, it's 4 o'clock.
Stupid, what are you doing?
You were supposed to bring me the coffee at 6.
I did. You were sleeping.
I pretended.
Did you work?
Of course!
Is it funny?
Thanks God!
Can you tell the seller to stop...?
Signora Costanza?
I need a favour!
Can you move? There's writer who's trying to write.
What's he writing?
A loose and sloppy story,
often falling in abused stereotypes
chock-a-block of second rate gags that can't hide
an inherent lack of imagination
and neither improve this bland cinema season.
Score by Armando Trovajoli. Can you move over, please?
I respect art. I'll move at once.
- Bravo! - My pleasure!
Who are you talking to?
And now I'll sort you out too.
Who are you sorting out?
Read what I wrote.
"A mysterious murderer terrorises the city.
A detective disguises himself as a woman to catch him.
But they fall desperately in love. The End"
It's not funny.
It's vulgar...
not populist enough.
The two things shouldn't be confused.
Doesn't have anything to do with the new taboos.
- Can I say something? - What?
Yu are pretty, you know?
Get dressed! We are going to a nice restaurant.
Just you and me, eh?
It's 8.30 in the morning, but thanks anyway.
That'll cooI your ideas.
I'll leave it there half an hour.
You don't know if I'm in, ok?
You keep doing fuck all, eh?
Don't study, don't work...
Daddy is paying.
But daddy is fed up!
Dad... I've been working in a bank two years now.
I am just back, I don't know.
Let me check.
And you told him you don't know if I'm in?
Do you think he's stupid?
What is this, Buckingham Palace?
Where do you look for me? In my royaI apartments?
In the tower? In the banquet saloon?
With Kriemhild and the Ghost?
Don't say you don't know!
I am not in!
Amedeo. How are you?
I was going to call you. I finished!
Finished... what?
The screenplay.
I have finished, Amedeo!
- Is it funny? - Yes... too much.
It's never too much.
These are difficult times, we need entertainment.
People want to laugh. A comic movie, above all.
Laugh, laugh, laugh. That's your gospeI...
I'll call the copyist. The usuaI 8 copies, eh?
No more, because the last come faded.
You are taking the piss!
You offend me!
Do you want to hear it?
He'll say: "Not on the phone"
On the phone? Yes!
I am not doing anything.
What's the new conformism?
Not again!
"It's the new bourgeois religion
in lack of broken taboos" Right?
Bravo, Amedeo! Even free time is consumerism for you.
Consumerism of life, of entertainment.
This is the culturaI imperialism
from the United States
imposed to the world.
Are you crying?
I'm getting to the point, wait!
Go on!
An episode on a boat.
In open seas?
Closed. A port.
A yacht that can't move. That's the gag!
So you save, no?
Our freshwater sailors can't use it
and live in it
Well, that's interesting. And what's Alberto Sordi doing?
And what's Alberto Sordi doing?
The leading actor! What does he do?
Yes, what's is role?
Is a new rich who bought a 30 metres...
for cruises to the Caribbean
with all the comforts of a floating resort
I like it. Keep reading!
I'm reading, I'm reading!
Mediterranen port. Day, outdoors.
Among the many boats
an ostentatious 30 metres speed-boat is docked,
brand new
The camera...
the boat displaying,in golden characters, the name
A friend has added with a marker: "in Waterland"
You see how funny you are when you want?
Any time he flushes the toilet
a record player start
Playing non stop:
For breakfast Alberto is cutting a huge watermelon
as big as Saint Peter
and remembering his old job he shouts...
What, what, what?
"Come have some!
As red as fire!"
Grandpa sprays everybody with the fire extinguisher
shouting: "Fire"!
Leave the boat!
Panic everywhere. Grandma faints.
The coast guard is called by radio
The helicopter searches the open sea
and asks for the position.
Alberto say on the radio: "We are here" - "Where?"
"Give you position"
"We are at the dock opposite the newsagent.
Next to the brocken fountain!"
Then doctor is pissed off and Alberto even more
"Come down, I'll kick your ass!"
The end, a big fight!
Cries, screams, swearing. Grandma falls in the water, grandpa jumps.
A big mess, and everything end in a big fuck-up!
Then... the ending must be connected with the others...
well... the other episodes.
What do you thing?
You are spot on!
Sordi should build us a monument!
How are the other episodes, eh?
Same quality?
When do we read them? Tomorrow?
- Tomorrow. - Great.
He liked it.
I bathe in rose water.
Rose is my sister who leaves me the water after she had a bath.
I have a maquillage, a big foulard
and I'm ready for an evening
which I'll spend with Colonna
Marzotto, Acquarone, Ruspoli...
A five courses dinner!
Usually when I get there...
they curse me five times
and I say, who cares about your party.
Do you remember? You wrote it for me.
I do.
I made everybody laugh in Caracas.
Why don't we use it again?
Let's use the gag of the dandy, nobody remembers it.
Amedeo told me you are writing a movie
with a lot of characters.
I'd love to have a comeback.
Really, Enrico.
I'm running out of money
Amedeo's money.
Didn't you make money in America?
I wouldn't come back if I did.
I thought you were on holiday.
From what?
Over there I said: "What the carachos am I doing here?"
I was an idiot to leave Italy!
Let me come back to movie Mecca!
What did you say?
Let me come back to movie Mecca!
I'd like to write of an Italian who goes to the American Mecca.
After 20 years starving...
Not exactly starving...
After 20 years starving...
They tell him the Mecca is here.
So he comes back.
And here they tell him the Mecca his there.
Title: "Going to the Mecca"
Is it funny?
- I can't write it, then. - Why?
I can't write things that aren't funny.
I wrote an essay about the ways to make people laugh.
10 chapters.
"Techniques to stimulate laughter"
"Laughter and sociaI classes"
"Laughter as transgression and consensus"
"Houmor, irony, satire, farce"
"Death and laughter" You see?
I am shreading it.
You know why?
Because I have no right to write things that aren't funny!
Do you understand?
Do you understand, Galeazzo?
Do you understand, friend Galeazzo? Go away!
Fuck off!
What's up?
Forgive me!
Hug me!
You are the best, Galeazzo!
Ciao, go away!
Go away you too!
- Yesterday... - What did he do?
He said that our enemies aren't just the objects...
as victims of our power
...but some parts of our body too.
I sharpened it.
Thanks for coming.
Luigi, did you see?
Carla looks great!
Luigi looks great, too.
Would you like anything?
- No, thanks. - A coffee.
- It's nice here, eh? - Not bad.
- Healthy air. - Very healthy.
You all look great.
Are you ok, Sergio?
Amedeo? And Rome soccer team?
Don't mention it!
If the Rome team goes on like that, we all end up here!
The gentlemen would like...
I said a coffee.
You all here, and you are so busy!
Gentlemen, to your rooms! The doctor is here.
Thanks for coming.
You are so kind.
When one like Enrico goes crazy, he becomes normaI.
I want him back the way he was.
It's ready. Come over.
- I can't stand these parties anymore. - Why?
Too many fools. One should fade with dignity.
Excuse me, where's Giulio?
In the American films food is better...
I read Pinocchio again.
Hari Krisna, Hari Krisna... but can I eat beans?
What do beans have to do with spirituality?
You don't get India at all.
"I bet you haven't read Proust!"
My dear Sergio, we got all wrong!
We got all wrong.
I feeI like a stereotypicaI negative character
Me too!
- Whose fault is it? - Of consumerist society.
And the crumbling ideals.
Devoid of new values.
Have a sandwich, listen to me!
"The only right of youth is to grow old"
At the newspaper, a month ago,
they employed 8 new young contributors.
They are already on holiday.
Mother, help!
They are talking about young generations!
I caught Enza talking about culture
behind your back.
Excuse me, have you seen Enrico?
He slips, he runs away.
Running away is our bond.
- Darling, didn't you see Enrico? - Aren't you happy you lost him?
Police! SpeciaI services!
"They abused me"
"performing each a full carnaI act, twice"
"each in a short while, all 4 times"
"Before taking advantage they forced me to take their penis in my mouth"
"to be stimulated"
Thus is presented the abuse.
The sexuaI abuse
with fellatio...
can be interrupted with a gentle bite.
But the lady let them perform
the cunnilingus...
on what the divine D'Annunzio,
your fellow countryman, Your Honour,
calls "the second trembling mouth".
These excerpts come from the recording by
"Cinematography technician and workers"
During the triaI for rape in Latina.
In the words we heard, you'll find the explanation
why only a few rapes are reported.
Because the victims become the culprits.
It looked like a recording
of a Middle Age witch hunt.
In fact our age can be called a new Middle Age.
I noted down some phrases of the defence
"There's no rape if there's fellatio"
"To drink you need will"
"The kind feminists who attend here en masse, will forgive my French"
"Ductus ad fontem, equus not vivet"
"In these cases, a gentle bite is enough"
And then they move on to cunnilingus...
Pardon, let me introduce Mr Colantuonico.
My humble opinion, kind friends...
"Ab uno disce omnes et de hoc et hic et nunc... "
Excuse me
but we must pre-emptively differenciate
between "judicandum" and "judicatum"
With two specialist stands
The Faps reaches the top approvaI
and becomes the pivotaI company
to promote sponsoship and price
in the DIY sector. - I beg your pardon?
- If we talk about Weimar...
Did the newspaper change its politics?
Is it reactionary now? I said "Don't count on me!"
"I have my name to protect"
Ennio and I said together:
"But he's dead"
Roberto, half deaf, says:
"Don't worry, it's just a rumor... "
spread by Satre. He says that "the noveI is dead"
Once a lady asked him: "Ennio, what sign are you?"
"Pisces, ruled by mayonaise"
Funny... and deep!
Enjoying yourself?
He tells the same story for the 50th time
and for the 50th time you pretend to laugh.
Once you were fussier.
- When I respected you! - No, yourself.
Why, did you admire each other?
God, the horror!
My blonde lady...
In the winter of '52, Mr. Sergio Stiller here,
Viareggio award for newcomers,
even smiled.
I have witnesses.
You still pretend to be the same
but your infatuation with yourself
is not reciprocated.
What a pain in the ass you are!
Why do you come to these parties?
It's easy. Just say:
"Sorry, I'm busy.
I've an engagement at the morgue"
Why don't you rather introduce me to your friend?
I don't know her name.
He's Luigi, and he's a pillar of this terrace.
A monument... - A mausoleum.
A mausoleum, right. - Pardon.
What's your name?
- Isabella. - I am Luigi.
I know.
Isabella, an unusuaI but gorgeous name.
How did you get here?
among these dirty old men?
Invited by the dirty old hosts' son
But he's not here. He's not old, but dirty for sure.
- Who are you? - Somebody you don't know.
I won't say more.
because the best in us
is what other people imagine.
- How old are you? - 17.
Like her when we met.
- Who? - Carla, my wife.
- Is she dead? - No, I'll die before her.
being 20 years older.
Look, Donatella, it's her at the time.
She had a fringe like you.
She was all cheeks and sweetness.
I was a famous journalist, you know
an intellectuaI
I thought her everything.
I made her study, take a degree
I forced her into being independent.
Did I succeded, Arabella? - I don't know.
I guess so, if she doesn't want to see me anymore.
She's gone to her sister's.
A break to meditate.
We meet often.
Show me your eyes.
Hers are better!
Sorry to disappoint, I'll go.
Why can't you accept a dialogue?
- Dialogue?
Young people blame us because you have no future.
But to get rid of us you have to know us.
Look... I'm the past.
What was I saying, Rossella...?
How much do you smoke?
One a year. I'm 55, 55 cigarettes a day.
You won't make it to three packets.
Thanks for giving me hope.
We look for hope from the others.
I was at the RAl, I called you but you were away.
I didn't say I was away.
You couldn't wait to see me?
- Did I go too far? - No more that usuaI.
You are thinking: "Not again"
- I said no. - Swear!
Now yes. Not again!
Happiness! Come get something.
Watch out, it's all disgusting.
You were gorgeoous on TV.
- Did you like the debate. - Very much.
That one..
- Santantuoni. - Colantuonico!
I could kill him.
- Tired?
- You? - I'm fine.
I have to tell you something.
It's been ten day, enough now.
Do you tell around that...
you forced me to study...
that you write my articles...
that you were my Pygmalion?
Who spreads these lies?
Everybody. Enza too.
What's the world coming to...
- All liars, eh? - Yes.
I might have said...
that I didn't try to stop you
Did I?
For 10 years.
Leave it.
It's easy for you
Are you referring to the time I hit you?
Maybe once
I tried to stop you, but not now.
It's your politicaI duty to
embrace the ex chauvinist enemy, as Frank Furt says,
the last century emancipator.
Who...? You just made him up!
You don't fall for it anymore.
When you wore your hair down to your back
you thought Adorno was a fashion designer
and HegeI a misspelling of EngeI
Lecoq a bird
Bacon what you have for breakfast
Durer a beer, and Waterloo the toilet!
Come on, smile...
Smile, Carla!
Once you laughed at my bullshit.
You laughed and loved me.
The more you laughed the more bullshit I said.
And the more you loved me the more I loved you.
Let's go home.
We said a month. It's been 10 days.
Actually, we said 2 months.
And it's been only a week.
I told him!
I said, "if you call a woman a bitch, you are the bitch"!
- Am I right? - Absolutely.
- Gorgeous! - You too.
- You are intelligent too. I saw you on TV. - You are intelligent too.
- Where do you live? - San Valentino street.
Once my grandpa was attacked by wolves, there.
- Wolves? - Yeah. I was a kid.
It was a swamp there.
How comes you work in such a great place?
Who works?
I just do the bare minimum. And don't blame our laziness...
to Rome's atmosphere.
What do you blame your to?
To my job I pretend to know and desn't challange me anymore.
To the neurons growing old, to the people who don't understand me
or I don't understand.
Obviously your wife doesn't understand you.
She does, too well.
Before I lived for both, and she was happy.
And now she doesn't answer the phone.
Young cinema. What's the title? "People's commune"?
"All in common". It a Baudelaire's phrase.
Did you write the 40 lines on Fasschinder?
- Fassbinder. - What did I say?
Who are you?
Ehi, Luigi!
Yeah. Carla?
- I am not here. - I mean, I don't know.
We are editing the template of a new magazine.
With my collegue prof. Pomarangio
Art, cinema, culture and society.
To demystify the surviving bourgeois ideology.
Pass him Nicoletta!
Taboo and conformism!
Here's my mother in law.
Carla is not here.
At the tv station, maybe.
How are you?
Where do you take them?
Dunno, the movies.
Brava, Carla. You deny yourself to the chauvinist male!
Fight the power of the imperialist macho!
Why are they in underpants?
To be edgy.
"... while the country is in shambles...
and awaites...
to return...
to the cohoperation...
men. "
End of an article I wrote hundreds of other times.
since 1969
And if anybody doesn't agree,
so I get pissed off and leave
with very applealing payoff
as my friend Amedeo would say. Fullstop.
The editoriaI commitee decided
that tomorrow article on the strike
won't be written by you.
Why doesn't the editoriaI commitee want me to write it?
You are obliging and repetitive
- Second? - There's no second.
I made a stupid joke to endorse
your complete disrespect for me. You should thank me.
Help yourselves.
You and Luigi engaged.
Luigi looks like a little boy.
Not anymore.
He's an clingy old man.
I'm his age.
What's up?
Why are you crying?
I've been to the gynecologist.
When I told him my age
He laughed and said "No way!"
But after the test he wasn't laughing and said:
I was five months, now I'm seven.
I was hoping in a smile at least.
Am I not smiling?
He's...? - He's...
- ... professor Pomarangio. - No way!
He's lonely, kind...
so sweet.
And I've been widowed for 7 years.
Did you tell Ada?
Not yet. I'm so ashamed.
We are having a baby.
You are right.
- We'll all be happy. - And Tizzo even more. He'll say:
"Brava! You demystified the surviving bourgeois ideology. "
"The behavioraI taboos!"
Mind the croutons, please
Once Enrico told me that what matters the most in a scene, is the atmosphere.
And tonight it's perfect, clear.
Shining glasses,
silver cutlery
everything in its own place.
I was saying, everything in place
Space and sound
When did we come here the first time?
Well... winter of '65.
I bought you a rose from a nice flower lady
who I haven't seen since.
What a coincidence!
As nice as ever.
A little older, maybe.
That night of '65
We didn't know we were creating memories.
Tonight too.
We should be aware, instead.
We should have the emotionaI intelligence.
You smoke so much!
A lot.
Enough, thanks.
- You know, on tv... - You don't wear...
On tv they are preparing a woman's programme.
I was saying, you don't wear your hair the way you used to.
I asked the director what are the boundaries for such...
- Do you remember when we used to ski... - He didn't want to commit.
Sorry, what were you saying about the programme?
Brava... congratulation!
- To your success! - I refused it.
I take it back.
No, in TV the only way to get something is to refuse it...
because no manager wants the resposibility of a controversy
so they'll accept. And what are my conditions?
To give my job...
a different meaning.
He was talking about feelings, her about work.
the colours got mixed up.
All the clarity got muddled
Don't start.
Luigi, with a resented voice said:
"This evening won't have a memory"
"Let's get the bill!"
"Carla, piqued, replied:"
"If you wish... "
If you wish...
Where is it?
Where's the decency at your age?
He's crazy! Don't you say anything?
What do you say when your mom is pregnant?
- We celebrate. - Let's celebrate, then.
- You knew it, eh? - Yes, so?
She knew. They are all the same...
Even great-parents, great-great-parents are lecherous now!
What will they think of me?
The avant-guard, the committees
the "new cinema"!
What will they say?
Giving birth at your age!
What do you give birth to?
A grandson, that's what!
Bloody old lewd!
We could call him Hari Krisna.
We should abandon the fruit of sin
on the steps of a church...
at night!
What do you say?
What if prof. Pomarangio finds out?
Shush with Pomarangio, eh!
Shush with Pomarangio! Bloody hell!
Sorry professor, it's nothing! All sorted now. I'm coming.
I'm a jerk. I suck.
I'll kill myself.
No, I'm a coward.
You are right.
I'm old.
I beg you, Carla...
Carla, don't leave me!
Don't leave me, have mercy!
Tell me you won't leave me.
I beg you, Carla.
Don't leave me, my love.
Swear you won't leave me.
Swear, my love.
Tomorrow I'll pick up my staff from Nicoletta.
Leave it.
It is better to close an era suddenly.
It's ready! Come over"
Sergio, don't you eat anything?
I'll get something soon, don't worry.
And Simona? Do you keep in touch?
Every month. She's going to Duville. Presenting an urban project.
All the emancipated wives become journalists, directors, architects.
Not one who aspires to be a civiI servant.
From the stove to Parnassus.
Why not, when on the Parnassus there are so many men
who should be clerks,
railwaymen or bakers.
All the husbands delude themselves that their ex-wives were geniuses
even when they are unbearable dimwits.
Simona is not an unbearable dimwit.
Simona is not an unbearable dimwit.
No good. think you are the only one with the licence of revolutionary...
Only for the tone of voice, which is not a nightingale's.
Yours is a crow's.
If I have to, I would compare you to a cockereI...
I left my family because I couldn't stand the solitude.
He has a great future behind him...
How do you keep yourself so old?
You are amusing me to death.
Another quote and I sue you.
Are you Mr. Stiller from TV?
ChanneI one or two?
You sound like your talking to a fish.
Are you a young looking 50 year old or and old looking 15 year old?
Your pick.
Are you all jokers on this terrace?
Fancy joining us?
- I'm here by chance. - I stumbled here by chance too...
for the last 20 years. - I knew it!
Once a lady asked him: "Ennio, what sign are you?"
An him: "Pisces
ruled by mayonaise".
- A pillar of this terrace - A mausoleum.
Mausoleum is better. Pardon.
- What's your name? - Isabella.
- My name is Luigi. - I know.
- Prick! - Enough!
- Stalinist! Yes, stalinist! - Enough!
Enrico is leaving.
And Enrico is working all night.
So tomorrow Enrico is a wreck.
I wouldn't be anyway.
I said I'm working!
Moliero. Did you hear?
In here they mention "Moliero"
Who do you think you are?
You do you think you are?
How do you dare mentioning "Moliero".
Look, they told me already!
"Aren't you eating too much?"
- Pardon? - "The toilet... wasted on you"!
"You would fatten in a concentration camp. " Considering I am Jewish... really funny, isn't it?
Enjoying the bird feed?
When you become a parrot will you sing for me?
Never heard that one yet.
Not to join in, but how much do you weigh?
On my scale 62.8 Kg Here 63.1 Kg.
but it's wrong.
Let's say 63 too many.
Did you notice all women are getting younger?
That means they were old, or they would be the same!
Even Marcella, who is a year older then Mario.
Even Enza.
She does it only to spite me.
That's her only purpose.
I pity your tapeworm.
"Capitan Fracassa"
that noveI of poetic and ironic adventures
Is not interesting to me or the young generations,
you can be sure of that! I mean to explore the modern myth
of Fracassa and his company, looking for a different role
in the world of the theatre
which is a way to reflect on the actor's role in our society.
I see your point, but the plot
shouldn't be changed.
The moving death scene of Matamoro
in the cold and the snow,
is missing.
The snow is there,
don't worry!
After all, I checked
with my colleagues at the committee
of my Party.
and they all agreed
actually... Cutelli,
our leader, called the TV offices
and talked to the Director in person.
In your quote
you mention 53 actors.
Acting comrades.
53 people?
Correct me if I'm wrong, the comedians in "Captain Fracassa"
are 7!
Sure... but if you read it, I included a chorus
giving voice to the hero's thoughts.
A chorus-debate,
A Living Theatre with a paralleI debate, dr. Stiller!
Ok, they will let you know.
I'm going to the canteen.
Today: pasta.
- Hi, Paolino. - Hi, dad.
Don't you go to the conference on "Democratic Cinema"?
No, the boss called me.
Thank you, Sir. Goodbye, Sir.
Well done... you are a big boy now!
About the new American series
"Honey Life",
aimed at the afternoon slot
I found you report
too, may I say, dry.
Your opinion, which I respect,
is not clear.
I tried to stick to the technicaI side
Stop! Allow me...
The word "technicaI" is not allowed here.
"Culture" is the word I want.
Ed I am asking you as a man a culture.
Let her in.
Should I look for an opinion,
according to you,
outside the RAl offices?
Tell me!
If you insist
if you care about my opinion...
I think the series "Honey Life"
is non existent.
Actually harmfuI,
because it promotes
fake images of a world
foreign to our young generations.
Not only our youth
don't get anything about our culture, but they are brainwashed
by the Americans...
who reinvent, 20 years later,
not even the Italian Commedy
but... the slapstick.
I really appreciate your view
controversiaI but constructive.
That's your role in this business
unfortunately, the purchase of "Honey Life"
has been confirmed.
Let's now talk about
"Capitan Fracassa",
which was an old idea of yours...
Yes, but... now it's something completely different.
I can't reccomend it, and the high budget...
As I was saying... About "Captain Fracassa"
I have the pleasure to announce that your idea has been approved.
by the board.
and today we started building
the locations in our theatres...
Dr Stiller...
Where are you going?
Excuse me, I agree on every point
I agree.
- Sir, the engeneer is here. - Dr. Stiller, I'm Antocci
of "Office Calibrator".
Good news! Dr Marinari...
...has been moved here with you
in the room next to yours.
Just a formality!
We need to acquire from your vast office...
150 cm
to be allocated
to Marinari's new office
thanks to our movable panels.
Miss, can you help me
move the cabinet?
More, more.
There you are, stop.
All done, dr. Stiller.
We performed a barely noticeable
environmentaI reduction
leaving all the functionality.
In any case, your are an intellectuaI
who lives in the open spaces of culture and imagination.
I envy you, dr Stiller.
Have a nice day.
Ready with the effects?
Test the snow.
Start the fog.
Start the fan.
"It was Matamoro. "
"The back against a tree"
"his stretched legs covered in snow"
"the long sword he never left"
"was at an odd angle with his body"
"For his performance in Paris, he used to reduce is food every day more"
"fasting left him skinnier then a greyhound after a hunting season. "
"Poor Matamoro"
"finally you are safe from slaps, sneers and beatings"
"you endured in all your roles. "
"No one will laugh in your face anymore. "
It's ready! Come over!
- I'll organize the screening anytime you wish. - 3 o'clock.
No, at 3 o'clock you'll fall asleep. Remember the emarassement the last time...?
- You are a jerk! - And you a lout!
- Calm down! - Are you fighting?
It's nothing, Giovanna!
He's just a communist who can't communicate!
- Who is she? - Compagnoni's wife, the adverts guy.
Darling, did you see Enrico?
Aren't you happy you lost him, da-rling?
I paid him for the screenplay 6 months ago.
Enrico D'Orsi is one of the best screenwriters...
he said he would deliver tonight...
because the distributors have agreed
but if they don't read it they don't pay up...
Amedeo, please...
What's the film about?
A movie about the behaviour of people
who follow fashions
Title: "the New Taboos".
Ah... new conformism! Middle class behavior.
Middle class behavior.
But with a comic point of view.
5 episodes all extremely funny.
With a pinch of sex, but in good taste.
In short... Sordi, Manfredi, Tognazzi, Pozzetto, Muti.
A revolutionary film!
Nobody believes in revolutions anymore, why should the cinema make one?
How's the pasta and beans?
Good. Let's be honest,
if the cinema doesn't renew, it's not the producers' fault.
- Who's fault is it? - Is it salty?
- It's fine. - I'll get some then.
There are great scripts around, but you don't read them!
For example, he wrote a story. It's extraordinary, but nobody read it.
Is it funny?
You are hopeless!
We are two strangers.
Another movie title?
We don't speak, we just pick on each other.
but you pick all the time.
But when it's my turn,
I leave it. - Good, leave it.
How different are our girls, professor!
Why shouldn't they?
Once I was a Greek god for her.
Sure, when you where an extra in peplum movies.
In reality, when I met him he was already in the gutter: he was a producer.
And you an actress.
Then she left her career to work promoting pretentious films.
- Was I an actress? - Yes.
He paraded me naked in his films.
I'll leave you cooing.
Enza... a ruthless put down after another!
We sound like one of my movies you despise so much
I even lost my appetite!
It happens, after four plates of beans.
Again! It's just the third one.
As a kid, making fanzines was my passion
which I sold to my schooI mates
and my teacher.
I kept working as a journalist
but that was the most professionaI period of my career.
- How is it going with Enza. - Great.
She lives only to spite me every moment.
Basically you are like Strindberg.
"An Occult Diary", which you quote so often.
Totentanz! As you teach us...
- Kierkegaard too. - Who the fuck are they?
Enten-Eller! You know!
- It was better when you were all idiots!
I was looking for you.
What am I, a lost button?
Why were you desperately looking for me?
I wanted to tell you about the film.
Did you notice all women are getting younger?
That means they were old, or they would be the same!
Even Marcella, who is a year older then Mario.
Even Enza looks great.
She does it only to spite me.
That's her only purpose.
Are you paranoid?
Often we attach to others our own feelings.
You are too intellectuaI for me.
you make me suspicious!
That's why you despise me.
- Who does? - Everybody.
Enrico, because I corrupt him with my money,
Mario because I corrupt Enrico,
Luigi because I don't laugh at his jokes
and Enza, because you all despise me.
You forgot me.
You are the kindest...
because you don't care about anybody.
You mean, I'm the worse. Thanks!
You know the truth?
Deep inside
you despise me too.
Don't roll your eyes, I know it.
The truth is, we are so vane
that we want to be admired or despised.
I'm going. Are you coming Amedeo?
Taxi, ready!
Address, madam?
He's funny, isn't he?
You see? Even as a taxi driver I'm despised.
Are you leaving?
Enza... breakfast!
I must run.
You run?
At 9 I have a screening for the judges.
I made you an omelette!
But we need to talk! During the day you are away, at night you are tired...
And in the morning I work.
Ok, go!
- You won't leave! - Leave me alone!
I'll kick you!
You try!
What the fuck you want?!
Be with you, that's the fuck.
You don't need me, you want mom!
What am I, a child?
No, you are an old man!
Amedeo, I don't know what to say.
You wouldn't think!
A question.
Are you happy?
- Are you happy? - I think...
when you don't pester me, I...
I think I am.
I never am.
I can't be happy when something dies.
- What? - Everything.
The passion for my work
your love for me
and perhaps mine for you.
We attended Franco's film screening.
Then we chose the pictures for the leaflet.
Did you stay at home?
No, out all day with Galeazzo.
But I remembered I have a letter to write
and I came back.
Tired? - Yes.
You work too hard.
You never rest.
I don't know.
We bought this huge house
and you don't enjoy it.
Amedeo, to tell the truth
this house depresses me!
You tell me!
You are never home.
And when you are, you lock yourself in your room.
I feeI like in a derelict submarine
Like captain Memo.
Nemo. Captain Nemo.
- Isn't it Memo?
I appreciate your corrections.
And you advices too!
For example...
I was thinking about
that story you were talking about.
That edgy, different story
of that young man.
- Giorgio Campi? - That's it.
So, if you like it so much...
Are saying you would produce it?
- "The apostate"? - The what?
- "The apostate"? - What is it?
The film title.
Ah! Nice, endearing. I like it.
Sounds good.
Do you know what it means at least?
Enza, please...
I'm asking you.
Ok, ask me!
Ok, ok.
Anyway the story wouldn't interest you. Campi is a director who...
- He's a director too! - Yes, his subjects are controversiaI,
confrontationaI and disturbing.
He looks so educated,
refined... even a bit...
Gay. Say it!
For Christ's sake!
You presume what I think.
Actually, what I don't think.
Bring me the script tomorrow.
We'll read it together
We discuss it, evaluate it.
A film is a film...
We read it, perhaps...
I and you could go
to a restaurant. What do you say?
I love you, Enza.
Christ, I like you so much when you are so
angry! That's always.
That's the truth!
Campi's film is just an excuse to be together
Do we need an excuse?
Come sleep with me tonight?
Don't think that I just wanted...
That's not just what I need
even though it been 3 months since...
That's not it... Actually it is!
Don't you see how entangled our love is?
If I wanted what you hinted at, you see
I could have all the women I want.
Even a few well known actresses.
As you wish. Goodnight, darling.
What a dickhead! What a jerk!
Ok, Enza. I agree.
Your wife is in the theatre.
Enza is working hard.
She is helping me.
Stop! Can't you hear me?
There's no pathos! No edge!
Guys, you suck! Move!
Stop it, moron, and be in your place!
Why, boss? We are just fooling around.
Not in my view.
I hate crew's humour.
Don't you dare again.
Give him a camera and Jekyll becomes Mr Hyde.
Who is she?
The leading actress.
Doc, this director is a bigger dick than I thought.
You have to be tolerant!
He's shooting two films. His first and last!
Pardon if I mind my business.
May I suggest
something intriguing?
For the brother-in-law role... Galeazzo.
- Perhaps he will accept. - Who?
I might ask you as a producer. instead I'm asking as a friend.
He worked with Emmer, Mastrocinque, Mattoli.
He's got great energy.
Too much.
We know his jokes.
He has no drama.
He does.
Are you nuts?
Galeazzo for the brother-in-law role?
That's what I don't get of you artsy-fartsy types!
You don't laugh when you should.
And you laugh when you should cry!
A great film! Congratulation!
- It's just a rough cut.
A breath of fresh air.
I enjoyed it a lot.
Fellini had to leave, but he said:
"PowerfuI!" I heard him myself.
If the system grants a success, you contributed to the success of the system.
A film full of allegories.
Doesn't even seem an Italian film.
Beauty is universaI!
Before judging, I want to watch it again.
Awake, this time, eh?
I cannot like this film.
- Why? - Too many like it.
- What do you say? - Bewildering.
Even its mannerisms are manneristic.
Carla, do you know our director?
Let me know about the interview.
You will wait! Not even his mom knows he made a film.
I'll call you.
A film full of... allergies... I think.
He deserves some merit too, he liked it straight away
Make more films like it.
I'm flattered, and you?
A bit. And excited too.
What do you think?
Don't you think the audiences will appreciate it?
Another fraud.
What do you mean?
Like mine and yours.
Are you ok?
And instead we finally found what film critics appreciate.
and Enza too
who now is on my side.
We need films edgy
and cynicaI.
Who laughs is an illiterate.
Listen, we must make another drama soon.
It's easy, if you know how to make them laugh, you know how to make them cry too.
I heard a critic talking about a book:
"The torture garden".
Apparently it's crueI stuff, a bit disgusting too.
We must catch up with times.
- Enough laughing! - Who's laughing?
What did you do to your finger?
I sharpened it with your penciI sharpener.
You are such a joker!
Now you make me a nice script for "The gardner". Ok?
Where can I see you tomorrow?
Villa Serena.
Did you move?
- I have more quiet. - Sure, so you can work better.
Call me.
"Soundtrack house host, fifth"
It's ready! Come over!
- Do you have some plain rice? - Too many fools. One should fade...
I don't get Sergio. Doesn't eat, drink or speak. Why does he come?
To reassure himself he's right
not to eat or speak.
He was a bit down recently.
- You all are, recently. - And you aren't?
A communist in a capitalist country... schizophrenia and ulcer!
...Hari Krisna but can I eat beans?
- What does Hari Krisna have to do
I feeI like a stereotypicaI negative character.
Lucky the young ones rejected everything
we old generation say
or they would be our picture
and that would be disturbing.
No mass commitment, just individuaI happiness.
And than we have personaI resposability.
They blame everything on the grown ups
but what about their bullshit of the last 10 years?
"The only right of youth is to grow old"
At the newspaper, a month ago,
they employed 8 new young contributors.
They are already on holiday.
Mother, help! They are talking about young generations!
Yes, why?
- It's an old subject for old people!
You have a good reason to shut up.
Really? And may know it too?
Leave it!
Now you have to speak up! Why?
You think you were
the last young revolutionary.
All reactionaries, he?
- Interesting opinion.
Yours are very sharp opinions.
very sharp!
But only for the tone of voice, which is not a nightingale's
Yours is a crow's.
If I have to
I would compare you to a cockereI...
I knew it, typicaI communist macho who talks about his cock.
No, you misunderstood.
I leave that kind of humour to your fascist friends.
You are mistaken, dear sir!
I am much more on the left than you.
I know your type!
You are the reaI revolutionaries!
What time is the revolution, madam?
And is lunch included?
- You are a jerk. - And you an idiot.
- What's up, a fight? - Nothing, nothing.
He's just a communist who can't communicate!
In my time this was called a pun.
What do you mean you didn't get the cat?
And the nappies at least?
- At least we have the nappies. - It's nothing.
- Ok, but at 11 we are done.
Actualy, some aggression
adds interest to my parties.
- Who's that? - Cerioni's wife,
The one who deals in advertisment. - He should deaI with his wife.
She's a rabid bitch!
Mario... who dresses you?
Bloody... what a temper!
- Bruno! - No good... where's Donatella?
To dinner?
We shoot tomorrow and she goes out for dinner?
No, no, no... no good.
Galeazzo, always the same...!
A specialised moron. Meticulous.
Mario, Saturday I am presenting my new book at the "Goose Bookshop".
- You cannot miss it. - Sure. I'll come.
And after I'm giving a great party, will you come?
Of course. I always do.
You are gorgeous, Carla.
- You too. - You are intelligent too.
I saw you on TV.
You are intelligent too.
What can you do.
Mario, listen to this one!
Party FestivaI with great lottery.
1° prize: 7 days in Moscow. 2° prize: 15 days in Moscow.
Ah, ah... I got another one...
Let me digest them one at the time...
They all say: "Lucky you!"
Instead I am a well-off who couldn't be worse off!
Take heart, the best is over!
Don't you have any puns, jokes?
Depressed people, what a relief!
WonderfuI! What a relief are depressed people!
I apologise for earlier.
I went too far.
I went too far too.
I am not looking for excuses...
but... in this period I am...
Things are not going well...
A bit of nerves.
A difficult period!
I don't see what's so difficult in your situation.
They want my blood!
Let's go home. I'll make you a camomile tea so you can have a nice sleep.
Tomorrow will be better.
If I didn't have you, so strong!
If I didn't have you, so weak!
But that's a luxury we can't both afford.
What do you imply, darling? - Nothing.
You are superficiaI and you blame me!
You write shallow caricatures.
You write over again the same superficiaI plots.
- You are a culturaI bourgeois!
Yeah, I want to do caricatures and satire
not petty meaningfull stories.
- Because you are not able. - Neither Moliere liked them!
I am not an expert, but these posters
are suitable for Star Wars, not a politicaI campaign.
I am not telling you to do SociaI Realism.
Ok, if you are all geniuses, do as you wish!
Who is it?
Ah! Ok, pass her.
Do you recognise my voice, which is not a nightingale's?
Ah, it's you!
I read on the newspaper about your speech at the Parliament.
You kicked a fuss.
That was not me... It was D'Orazio, with an apostrophe.
Mine doesn't have one.
- Ok... it's all the same. - Giovanna, and the shopping?
Mom... don't worry. I'll do it.
An when do you make a nice speech?
It's not like they feeI the need.
It's nice of you to call me, Giovanna.
You see, I remember your name.
I am Mario.
No apostrophe.
I'm not into politics
But that night I would have attacked you even if you talked about sport.
I couldn't stand your...
I don't know, I envy your self-confidence!
Me instead, zero self-confidence.
That's why I am unpleasant
Are you really so insecure?
well... no!
I mean, yes. Can't you tell?
Do you know...
Do you want to know something?
Every night I cry. At 6 o'clock.
In winter at 5.
because the sun sets earlier.
- We still have time. - Today it won't happen.
I mean... I don't know.
Why do you wear high heels?
Because I have the height complex.
And I knew I was going to meet a tall man
Perhaps I dreamed it too.
I broke up with my family
because I joined the clandestine party.
You sound like a door to door salesperson!
What did you say?
You mumble like Popeye.
At the time my father was younger than me today.
After that argument... I didn't see him again.
Wait a minute, we can go to...
But first
I'll get this damn maiI.
So much.
- How is Marcella? - Good. And Fabiola?
She bullies me as usuaI.
But this is a letter from you.
You can read it and then we talk about it.
Let's talk about it now.
What is it? That project of yours for the Party?
I suggest a meeting to introduce it.
How many letters did you wite?
Five. You, Ingrao, Tortorella,
Natta and Minucci.
I propose... a couple of days retreat
in a hoteI in Grottaferrata. On me.
What do you have in your head? Let's discuss it in the Party.
I'd rather not, it would become a big discussion
about the intentions
and a triaI on properness
and in the letter I'm talking about that.
My malaise about feeling judged.
Not only by the old comrades, but by the new ones too.
and the generaI scepticism. - What are you talking about?
The truth.
The truth can be written in a few words.
I'm compulsive.
My dear Mario,
you didn't follow
your closest friends when they left the Party.
Believe me, your loyalty
is appreciated by the Party.
But don't beat us over the head with it.
I don't misundertand you
with your intellectuaI friends,
Marxists, half-Marxists, non-Marxists, ex-Marxists
pompous, patronising
who want the Party to go souI-searching
No, it's a matter of precedence.
Can't you see the sky falling on us?
And even in the Party
we have big issues. The debate on the democratic centre
which has got a point.
Do you appreciate that your problem is less important?
I do, that's why I feeI useless.
I don't feeI I am using all my potentiaI.
Maybe you are right.
Let's talk about it. Your problems are important too.
Ok, thanks. Listen, I wanted to ask...
I wanted to ask you another favour.
Are you always away for the weekends? You go to your counciI.
Yes, why?
Nothing... because... I have the decorators at home
and I have... to write an article
do you mind lending me the keys to your flat?
With pleasure.
Mind you, the boiler is broken.
I told you it's just to write an article.
And I told you the boiler is broken,
Ok, thanks. I'll return them on Monday.
But it's just to write an article.
Try not to write it as unintelligible as the last one.
Mom, did you take Valentina to swimming?
Did you dry her hair?
Cook her dinner, please.
I'll be late.
Thanks. Bye.
Since I met you.
my mother in law is happy.
Now she can take care of my daughter.
What about you?
Pook Giovanna! I steaI your time and patience
and I don't give you anything.
Maybe that's love. Don't you think, Your Honour?
What are you doing?
Are you crying?
Who's crying?
What's up?
It's crazy that I keep whining
wasting the precious little time we can live together.
I really don't like myself.
You are all so wrong... when you think I'm strong.
Sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me.
What's wrong with you? It's 6 o'clock.
Watch out! I'll read you my article again!
And when you try to be funny... you are a disaster.
My love, my love!
I can't stand it anymore!
I'm almost done.
Can I get you anything?
- An ice coffe.
Just a minute.
I'll read this one too.
I talked to my husband.
- About? - Us.
Don't worry.
I just tried.
He didn't even listen...
He's lost in his work.
Like you.
Well, not sure you can compare...
I know but...
you two have the same kind of stress.
I should live these moments
with more maturity.
but it's not easy.
You are not clear.
Don't move!
- What's up? - We don't know each other.
It's Maselli... a good comrade.
Espresso, please.
Are you coming tomorrow to the meeting?
Whar meeting?
No, no, just a workshop...
the Party invited me...
How's Marcella?
- Good, thanks. - Give her a hug from me.
Truth is that our secret liaisons...
- Don't... - ... remind you of your adventures...
your twenties that haunt you!
Chill out, please!
No more routine, the stress is released...
That's not it!
I love you, I respect you too.
I am bored with everybody but you.
But it's not enough.
I can't stand it anymore.
It's so humiliating!
Either we are together in the open, or we don't see each other anymore!
Don't name names. Don't speak up, please.
Friday we go out for dinner, no?
Living dangerously! What a hero!
Friday, sure...
Because Saturday and Sunday
are out of question. With your family.
Your reasons are mine too.
But I'm ready to talk to my husband...
to decide.
You must choose too.
Either me...
or your wife.
...I beg you to choose me.
The comrades from Rome sent
the following message to the congress:
"The comrades from Rome salute the congress
which testify the commitment of PCI
in the on-going and increasing fight for peace and progress,
for employment, for the recovery of the country,
for freedom and democracy.
Those are, since the beginning of the century,
a reference point for the battle of the proletariat. "
May I show something that concerns you?
Is this...
...the article you wrote in my apartment?
Bloody hell!
Listen to the...
...polite caption
"The member of cabinet of Culture"
"addresses angry words to the cameras:"
"Up your ass!"
I just said "Up yours".
Send them a rectification
Is it a "speciaI friendship" as the tabloids say,
or a serious thing?
Bloody serious!
Why don't you go to Milan
For the congress on "VisuaI arts and TV"?
But... it's not by field.
You'll stay away for 15 days.
Pardon, a comrade is asking for you
He's over there.
- Are you here because of the tabloid? - No.
Sergio what?
In the fake snow, under a plastic tree.
Arrest of metabolic functions due to malnutrition.
He made it.
They found him 3 hours later.
He was completely buried in snow.
Today a friend died.
He died because he had already given up life.
and I want to talk about it.
About life, not death.
Men's most common ambition,
laid down even in some constitutions,
is the search for happiness.
You might say:
"This is undividualism
and the long gone '68"
No, comrades.
It's something even more ancient.
Leopardi wrote in 1821:
"So far, it's been applied to politics
the science of nations
rather than the science of the individuaI, of his development,
of his happiness. "
But we know, comrades,
that we have to live with honesty.
That's why...
I'm here today:
to speak about a personaI issue.
Protests, buzzing.
- Actually it's not allowed!
- OK, but cut short!
Of course. I'll address the assembly in the form of questions
so I'll be quicker.
I query to get an answer. First:
"Is it allowed to an old comrade like me...
to fall in love...
like he was an 18 years old?
I love, in fact
loved back
a woman I'll refer to only using the initials G.T.
because she is married.
"Is it allowed that, to live with this woman,
I leave my partner of 35 years
who grew old with me
helped me, forgave me
and comforted me from some marginalization in the Party
which I feeI a victim of? But this is another story!
Is this hypotheticaI
and painfuI desertion
reconcilable with my wife's right to happiness?
But I'm being patronising again.
As if a woman's identity
depended on marriage only.
But I will, I will ask myself this:
Is all this reconcilable
with equality of responsabilities
protection of the multitude over the individuaI
which you and I always declared
for a better society of free and equaI men?
In short...
is it allowed to be happy
at the cost of unhappiness?"
I ask you "yes" or "no".
The congress is silent, bewildered!
You came, brava!
I received it this morning.
You could have called me.
I read it 12 times but I only understand that you go to Milan.
I know, there are some garbled passages.
But later on I explain why I didn't clarified them.
There is a note on page 9...
Did you see it? The point where...
...I explain...
The point where I talk about changing life when the future
is very short...
and the greater strength needed to leave things the way they are.
Yes, but...
it your moraI priciples, justice, correctness,
of rules to respect...
I can't see a place for me, too.
I love you, Giovanna.
It's all there...
the last paragraph focuses on this subject!
"Love has no conditions. "
I read it.
Perhaps, from Milan
I'll send a letter to my wife too.
Then I'll send another one to you too.
No need! I'll read this one again.
You write one, then.
No, no...
Otherwise you'll write me back!
That train is not leaving.
What do you mean?
"The independent union Wild Tracks... "
"declared a series of walk-outs"
"that might cause disruptions to the population. "
"To the trade unions we reply"
"that our demands"
"are unavoidable to defend"
"the interests of the category,"
"which otherwise are not protected. "
In short... it's not leaving?
I thought I was clear.
We are all dramatic characters
who act like comedians.
- What will you do now? - I don't know.
I'll go to the information center.
Or I'll go home I'll leave tomorrow.
I have the car. I can give you a lift.
No, I have a train for Milan in half an hour.
An hour or two.
- Is Bruno here? - There he is.
- Yu look great. - You too.
I saw you on tv.
It must have been the other D'Orazio.
- The one with the apostrophe?
No, it was you. They were interviewing you.
Maybe... it was for 8th September... of 36 years ago.
- Well... - Ciao. - See you.
Did you laugh, when you found out I have a mother-in-law with an underage pregnancy?
Reality is more tragic-comic than fiction.
In the clinic I read Pirandello's assay on the difference between humour and irony.
The one with the ridiculous old woman full of make up
and then we find out she does it to please a young lover...
And from comedy it shifts to drama.
Who do you think is more unhappy, a screenwriter or a cinema critic?
Their wives.
Why don't you make us laugh, tonight?
Wait and see. I know a million jokes.
You are getting stressed for nothing. If "The apostate" is a success...
...the merit is all Enza's and Campi's who made it.
- And for you, fuck all! - Right!
If it's a flop,
they are safe, because they are artists
but you lose all your money and you are fucked!
I asked myself: "Shall I ask an opinion to a friend?". Thanks!
And I gave you my opinion: you are fucked!
Thanks, Emilio.
My husband gives me security, but I'd like to feeI chased, too.
Why didn't you come pick me up?
I told you that I haven't seen him for two months
It's all over.
I even considered suicide.
but it would have compromised the marketing campaign of the soap.
Stop with that whisky!
It's not whiskey. It's "Giuggiolotto"
of "Giuggiola" from Parma. "enjoyable on the rocks, too. "
Everybody writes but no one reads. In the cinema, everybody directs and no one writes.
In Germany there's a club where the only rule is...
not to own a TV or, if you have it, throw it out of the window.
We should collect 500,000 signatures to declare the TV
a class-A drug.
- Barberini... nothing!
He's available for Monicelli's film but not mine?
Ah... now it's not "our" film anymore!
And Cannes? Did you talk to Misraki?
What a hypocrite! You always said no to film festivals!
Of course... the director says no, the producer sends the film anyway.
Then I organise a nice conference against the producer
and we make a stir, you moron!
You know what you are? An arrogant and a climber!
Incompetent, idiot, lackey!
- Faggot! - Whore!
- Asshole... In the shape of snake!
They met in a bookshop where he was presenting her book:
"The decline of family".
Then she presented his book:
"Family: the new concentration camp".
And then they married in church.
With expensive after ceremony party.
Now they live with his parents and have twins.
How's Nicoletta's daughter?
Very pretty.
I have to come see her one of these days.
- And your job? - Good. And yours?
Great. Finally they fired me.
- Ah! And what do you do now? - Nothing.
I don't a spare moment.
Do you remember what Sergio used to say?
"It's not facts that happen, just moods"
You cut your hear even shorter.
And you? Shades at night?
I'm mourning!
Pardon, I'm looking for cigarette.
I've got some...
We start from scratch, ok?
Amedeo and Enrico on a roll!
We re-start together, ok?
We know how to make them laugh, don't we?
Where are you with "The new taboos"?
Let's go for it.
I want to change "The torture garden" into a comedy.
Do you know how I'll call it? "The tortoise garden"
Funny, isn't it?
If that's not funny...
Is it funny?
Enrico, is it funny?
- Amedeo. - Yes?
With that question you ruined my life.
Now I'll ask you. Is it funny?
- Tell me, is it funny? - What?
- Tell me, Amedeo. - I don't know.
- If you don't explain me. - Answer Amedeo, is it funny?
- I don't understand what you mean. - Answer me. I won't leave you alone.
- Wait! - Is it funny?
- You are talking like a...
- Is it funny? Is it funny?
How many times did you ask me since I know you?
One million? Two?
Three millions times?
Now I'll ask you three million times. Is it funny?
The clinic made him worse!
So Amedeo, is it funny?
- Stop it, come on! - I'm not leaving you.
- Is it funny?!
- What do I know!
- Is it funny? Tell me! - Enza, do something.
- Answer, Christ!
- Is it funny?
- How's Enrico? - Better, now.
I'm preparing a series of interviews with ex leading figures...
of the world of culture, show business and politics
Aren't we good enough?
No, you are not internationaI enough.
Please pay attention.
I want to apologise for this last performance of mine
Which was a request anyway.
perhaps to take the piss.
But I will take the opportunity
to inform you that...
You have all broken my balls!
Yeah, you have really broken my balls!
Luckily, my plane leaves in two hours.
I'll bring with me to Venezuela
the sleazy memory of you which will sweeten
the bitterness on my exile.
As for you all... Stay the way you are!
Hasta luego.
As they say in Venezuela:
Fuck me if you see me again.
- Come on, Galeazzo...
- Wait. - He's kidding.
- I'll take you to the airport.
He got offended.
He's really leaving!
The Venezuela messed him up.
But anyway... that's genius!
"Stay the way you are!"
It couldn't be worse than this.
Correct. But he was talking to you too.
He knows.
But he tries to save himself with self-parody.
That's what makes me better than you.
At least I try to disguise myself.
But it's pointless.
Self-awareness of being unacceptable doesn't acquit you.
You are generalising.
We agree only on one point.
The biggest jerk is Luigi.
I'm the biggest jerk because I'm not as desperate as you are.
Who chases his youth and dye his hair!
I don't dye my hair.
Ask Enza.
Yes, I dye my hair and I wear a corset too. Look!
What's up?
Go, Mario!
Goddamn you! Why, why do I associate myself with you?
The privileged depressed... there you are! You are more disgusting then the happy privileged!
I can't stand you anymore! You, you and you!
And Sergio too, dead and buried!
And I can't stand anymore...
the moaning scholar...
Who, of course, is the only one right...
but, pity, he...
he is obstructed by many hostile forces
God forbid...
he might sort things out!
That unrelenting,
let me say it or I explode, that relentless asshole...
- Who's he talking about? - Myself!
Myself! I don't want to...
I don't want to see any of you ever again.
I don't want to listen to you. You are my... mirror!
What the fuck are you talking about?
Who knows?
It's not true that men grow older better than us.
You should have seen Mario during the Nazi occupation...
a force of nature, alive, positive. Wasn't he, Marcella?
We can't declare war to Germany just to cheer you up!
At this point I would let the host come in and say:
"Dinner is ready".
It's ready! Come over!