Between Us Friends pilot {Closed Captioned}

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Oh yeah, sorry, here ya go
62 right?
ya know, I still can't believe you're moving off campus what am I supposed to do without my best friend rooming with me
what am I supposed to do without my best friend rooming with me
I'm not that far away
You can come visit whenever you want
what if your roommates are some super anti social gremlins
who don't like company and go to bed before the Sun goes down
after drinking a warm glass of milk and watching reruns of the GOLDEN GIRLS
Denise, I don't think anybody's going to be like that
and if it's that bad i'll just move back in with you
say what?!?
Oh, whatever happened to "what am I supposed to do without my bestfriend living with me?"
I'm just kidding. You can come back whenever you visit.
This is a snazzy little place you got here Chrissy
yeah it's cute, I like it
I wonder if anybody's here yet
Hello!!....Anybody here?!?
Denise what are you doing?!?
what? I'm Thirsty
Let's See what kind of beverages you got up in here
Seriously, it's not my stuff, you'll get me in trouble ouble on the first day
Soda, Soda Milk, ew bad milk, don't drink that.
Orange Juice, Hey even got some wine in here
None of your signature Trader Joe Healthy Drinks though
Might want to get on them about that like you used to do to me
I never nagged you about what you ate and drank
Are you kidding me? you were like Rachel Ray on crack
whatever, just hurry up with the juice
Oh, Chips
Come on hurry up with this stuff, they might be back
Hello, Hello?
Hey how's it going?
Are you Nicole?
yeah, I'm Nicole are you the girls I talked to last week?
I'm Christina this is my friend Denise, she was just helping me move in.
Sorry about the chips and drink, I hope you don't mind
yeah, I'm sorry shes not quite housebroken yet
it's really really not a big deal.
Why don't we go have a seat
So what brings you to Orange County?
Well I transfered out here to go to school from back home in Indiana
There's a better psych department out here
oh wow, so you're gonna be like Sigmund Freud
Mary Montessori, William James.
Oprah, Dr. Phil,Dr.Laura
Are you a Psych major too??
Oh no, I'm a bio major 3rd year. But I did date a dude for two years that was a Psych major
and I definitely learned more about his major then he did
(door opens)
What happened?!? No he didn't.
Girl well why would you say that?
Oh jennifer let me call you back, looks likeI just walked into an intervention
sooo, you must be Lauren
The one and only and who might you be?
I'm Nicole, and this is our other roommate.
Nice to meet you ladies.
Im Christina
and who are you?
Oh Im Denise, Christina's friend
So where are you from?
Um, Beverly Hills
Like 90210 Beverly Hills?
That's Right, just down the street and around the corner
Wait a minute, so why don't you have your own place?
I mean if I could afford it, no offense. I would have my own spot
That's a good question, I asked my parents the same thing.
They were saying something about meeting people and making friends
The whole social thing. Long story short
I'm a Freshman, a music major, I'm a Libra and my favorite show is
Keepin up with the Kardashians
I'm really exhausted right now, I need to go lay down, I'm exhausted from the trip here
Wait a minute your trip from Beverly Hills?
It's like 40-45 minutes away
Well it should be 40-45 minutes away. But with the traffic
and not being able to go in the carpool lane. It would've been easier just to fly here.
You could've walked here and gotten here faster with that traffic
Well I'll talk to you guys later. Gotta go lay down. Geoffory should be coming with my bags pretty soon.
Your room's second door on the right
Well everyone seems normal enough, I'm going to take a shower,get ready to go out
You're welcome to come if you want to.
I should stay and unpack,get ready for class, thanks though.
Well I'll talk to you later. It's very nice meeting you.
hey, Sink please
i'll take that
that's rude
Thanks for coming over
yeah I gotta go anyway. There's a little kick back at the dorms tonight, wanna come?
I really should stay and get work done.
uh, Fine....Hey if you need anything you call me ok??
I will, give me the glass,thank you
Miss you already, See you later
Hey Walter, what's taking Quentin so long my stomach is rumbling for some grub.
Dude I know, I sent him a text, he said he was grabbing Madden and heading over to his sister's place
So why don't we just grab the pizza now and meet him over there?
what's up?
Oh hey guys, I see you haven't dropped out of school yet. I'm pretty funny huh?
Yeah Funny, Now you just gotta take some acting classes and you and my friend Walter
here can start your own sitcom NERDS GON WILD
(laughs) very funny, coming from a guy who's a theater arts major
and couldn't act his way out of a paper bag
That depends on how big the bag is.
For your acting, that better be an Elephant sized bag
I saw you as Romeo in the school play Romeo and Juliet last year
you sucked pretty bad man. I'm just glad it had a happy ending though.
How did it have a happy ending? I died in the end.
Exactly you saved me and the rest of the audience from anymore misery.
Why don't you just go and do your job and get us a pizza.
Large pineapple and bacon please, and what are you laughing at it's that funny
Come on man she roasted you
Whatever, are you gonna go get us our pizza or what?
Alright you got it, it's going to be a couple of minutes.
And don't be so sensitive Marcus. Alot of actors have their ups and downs
There's Michael Keaton who played Batman
Jaleel White who was Urkel
Bob Sagot,David Hasselhoff,Paulie Shore
None of those actors are doing anything anymore
Well have you thought about changing your major to arts and crafts?
have you thought about doing your job and getting us a pizza?!?
ok ok i'll be back in a bit
Can you believe that girl? She's always giving me a hard time
I think she's probably got a crush on me.
yeah it's so obvious.
So are you delusional all the time or just in days that end in "y"?
Just call Quentin and tell him we'll have the pizza there in 20 minutes
hey Nicole are you back?
Hey how's it going I'm....
Who are you what are you doing here?!?
whoa whoa whoa relax
What are you doing with our stuff?!?
If you can calm down I can explain
Stay where you are, LAUREN!
Put the spray down, lets go have a drink
Stay right where you are!
Who are you and what do you want?!?
What's going on who are you?!?
He came in here trying to take Nicoles stuff
Im not taking it I'm bringing it in.
Bringing it in like a burgalar who likes to give back to the communtiy
Thanks for lunch Jared I had a really nice time
I had a great time thanks
um sooo, Anything for my most beautiful lady in the world
awww, you're just saying that.
No, uh I mean it
I'm serious I'm so glad that you decided to give me another chance
I know that I'm not the most typical cool bad boy
But that's exactly why I like you you're not afraid to be yourself
Thanks, you too, I mean you're great as yourself.
I mean I wouldn't want you to be any other way
Im so nervous
Cold outside
Does that mean, I uh uh get a kiss?
ummmm, maybe
(noise) Wait! what's that noise? I'm sorry Dude I gotta go
i'll give you a call later ok?
Good, you too.
I'll call me.
I'm glad you're here
Quentin, Quentin what are you doing here?
Don't ask me, Ask Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore Charlies Angles you got in here.
I'm sorry ladies, this is my brother Quentin. Quentin this is Lauren, Christina.
Hey, Sorry we almost took you out.
It's alright, I probably would've done the same thing if I saw some random Negro
standing in my living room
Um, what are you doing with that?
Remember I said, I left you a voice mail saying that me and the roomies was gonna play Madden
Quentin you have your own TV
Marcus broke it I had to take it to the shop
Knock Knock we got pizza
We Got Beer!...Root night gotta get up early
Hey fellas you remember my sister Nikki
These are her new roommates Lauren and
a.k.a Charlies Angels
Wait a minute,hey guys they just got here they're not trying to have a lot of rawkus tonite
it's alright I'm done studying anyway
What kind of Pizza you got?
Pineapple and Bacon
I am a little hungry
Alright guys I'm going to go brish my teeth, ladies there's plates in the cabinet
Quentin! Behave yourself
Why don't you lay down and take a nap or something
So where do you guys live?
We live just on the other side of the pool. It's an alright place
It's not quite as decorated as you guy's place but it's alright.
You go to school?
yeah, Im a theater arts major. "To be or not to be that is the question,
whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer"
whoa whoa whoa,Marcus chill out on the freakin Shakespere
You was just quoting Booty Call last night wasn't that him
That was him
And with your acting skills you know better, it's going to take you 10 years
to get that 4 year degree. Dont be getting mad at me.
Remember Michelle getting him earlier in the cafe.
She's always busting on him.
They're atheletes, Quentin's a political science major.
thinks hes got the whole world figured out
Obama Yes We Can
'Cuz politics is that simple grasshopper. What is this a freshman here?
What about you?
Myself, Im a business major, so i plan on running my own fortune 500 company someday
What about you ladies?
Im a Psych major
And I'm a music major. Who will soon be making platinum records
and traveling all across the globe
yeeeeeah, big dreams
Before we get started with this Madden butt kicking I'm about to give
Why don't we raise our delicious beverages
Root Beer???
you can't drink anyway!You're 18! You have to be 21 to drink!
Let's make a toast to new friends
What about Nicole?
Forget that, I ain't calling Nikki
Where is Nicole?
Can you come in here we're about to make a toast?
I'm brushing my teeth!
You can brush your teeth after this
hurry up
To New Friends!