Serbia Green Building Expo - Sajam i Konferencija zelene gradnje

Uploaded by SerbiaGBC on 18.09.2012

Oliver Dulic, Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment
When we are speaking about green building, about investments in sustainable energy... economy, recycling, etc, we don`t do it because it is a world trend...
...but because it is our basic need.
With a great pleasure, dear ladies, gentlemen and friends...
...I declare the Expo open. Congratulations!
Marija Golubovic, SerbiaGBC
World Green Building Council predicts that sustainable building industry will reach 95% in 2013.
Serbia sure has a great potential for sustainable buidling industry.
Media: 51 press articles, 156 internet articles, 15 national and local TV appearances.
More than 20 speakers at the Serbia Green Building Conference 2012
More than 40 exhibitors at the Serbia Green Building Expo 2012
Green building is the future of the construction industry
...and Serbia Green Building Expo is where the future is making.
Be the part of the future!
Join us
We represent...
Serbia Green Building Expo 2012
Event that from the start defines green building in the region.