CE3 2013 - Podcast #1

Uploaded by HaloCe3Live on 24.12.2012

SlowBullet: Hello, I am SlowBullet
and I am the host of your favorite online show, every annual year
CE3, also known as the Custom Edition Entertainment Expo
CE3, also known as the Custom Editions Entertainment Expo!
and I'm here with my friends, who are...?
MatthewDratt: I'm MatthewDratt, the co-host and editor.
M16 Assault: I'm M16 Assault, the animator.
SB: Yes, and we're all here to tell you that CE3 2013 is a go!
Okay! But no... We are here to say that we are actually expecting you to say that..
you are interested for CE3 2013.
We have a new stage for CE3 2013, which is way better than last year's...
...because honestly, we all know you hated last year's stage...
...but it was still better than the year before's stage, but it still sucked...
By now, 2013 actually seems like a good year for us.
Dratt: The stage is being made by "renegade343".
and also new to CE3, we have a visual design artist.
That's "Kozakuu"...? Er, he's just gonna be helping me with a lot of the editing, essentially.
SB: Well that means more explosions. Well, not really.
Well kind of, yeah, but it's gonna be awesome.
Also, what we have this year is a lot more cool entries, too, if you think about it.
Think of everything released AFTER CE3 last year...
Like we have Zteam's release, and CMT (Custom Mapping Team) saying stuff...
It's all cool stuff we're gonna have this year.
Dratt: Well it's not saying that we have any of that [cool stuff] yet...
SB: Well we don't HAVE it, but I'm gonna get it.
I'm gonna talk to Masters1337 again.
I know Masters was in [the] show last year, but watch this, I'm coming after you.
and I'm going to find a way.
Anyways! So yeah, what we're doing right now is basically taking... We're telling you that..
CE3 is still alive, and is a go, and do it around sometime in July (like we usually do) 2013.
I believe, maybe between the 10th and 20th, depending on which day follows a Saturday.
This year, we'll probably do it on a Saturday or Sunday.
Dratt: We're not sure yet, exactly.. But we'll have another poll like we did in 2012.
SB: Yeah, but that's not for a while, since it's still December.
We still want to get ready, know if you're interested, we'd like to know, because...
...be like "hey, let's make a map!"
We realize that it takes a while for you guys to make maps, and you [the modders] will...
...be like "hey let me go make my map!"
...be like "oh, let's make our map!"
...and we'll let your map come in, your tags...
-Remember this is not just maps.
We accept anything Halo: CE-related.
Dratt: So, the rules. You can see them at our website, haloce3.co.nr
...and you can find a list of rules and formats if you're confused about what to submit.
It's on the website.
SB: And also, if you've never seen it, please check out our YouTube and..
...watch last year's [and other past CE3 shows], it's all actually quite entertaining to watch.
SB: It just kinda shows you what goes on,
Because I know people every year always ask:
"Well what's CE3 like? What is it?"
and I show them the video, and they're like "wow, that's actually kinda cool" and they like it.
So, please go watch that before you come ask me what all of it is.
Please go watch the video, read the rules... Just look around CE3.
We'll have all the links in the comments so you can see it.
Of course, we'll also have a link to our Halomaps forum page about CE3 2013..
...but no, that's really all I can think of.
Dratt: Well, do you want to talk about Halo CE Videos,
the portion to Halomaps? I submitted CE3 2012 to there.
M16: You put it on Halomaps? SB: Well that's actually quite interesting. Wow.
Dratt: I think we should get our own CE3 section.
SB: Okay, this is actually a comment to you all...
We need to talk to Dennis (the Halomaps site owner) that we need...
CE3 on the Halomaps site due to [the fact that the] majority of everyone liking CE3.
Dratt: Lumoria had its own section, CMT has its own section... Just make a little CE3 section.
SB: Yeah! Because that way, people can actually see what happens in CE3.
Because everyone loves to see things, that's what it is.
People come over to CE3 because they love to see things; they like eye candy.
Because every year, I always try to get Dennis to do something for CE3.
Dratt: Uh-huh. We ALWAYS try to get him to do something.
SB: Yeah, and he never does it. Like the first year we did it,
Dratt got banned, and one of the CE3 guys' accounts got banned because I posted [pictures of] naked women.
on the Halomaps forum, trying to get people's attention with false advertisement.
But I survived that seven-people ban! That happened on the day CE3 was going on because...
everyone was flaming us for CE3.
They were saying "this is a stupid idea!", and we're like "no, just wait for it!"
and then it happened, and everyone was like "that was actually cool."
But it sucked because me and Dratt were like-
Dratt: "We don't know how we're going to do this?" SB: We were like a month before CE3 and we're like...
"You know what we should do? We should do CE3," and we were like "sure, let's do it!"
...and we do it, and it's shit.
It was complete shit. And we were like "alright, next year, we're gonna have to do it better", and then...
the year after that, "this is actually getting good!"... and this is going to be the fourth year of CE3.
Dratt: Uh.. yes, that's right. SB: Alright, that's kind of awesome.
Dratt: Um, I think so, we started at- M16: No, we started in '10, so-
Well you guys started at '10, I started at- SB: Yeah. We started at '10.
And then we did '11, and then it's '12, and... Yeah, this is quite kinda -I feel old.
Dratt: Four years of CE3. And only three years of "epic voice guy" (Bryan Cox).
I think that's why it got better. We got that epic voice guy.
SB: Yeah, [Bryan Cox] was just awesome. I wish he could be in this podcast.But he's not... He should...
M16: Props to you, Bryan Cox.
SB: Yeah, that's a plus to Bryan Cox, the epic voice guy, he's awesome.
He really makes our show, and without him, I think our show would still be shit.
Dratt: That's the entire reason.
SB: That is the entire reason, because when you hear his voice, you're just like..
"He said my name... He said my name! Oh my god!"
And I just love it. I love it.
M16: And when he says my name, too.
SB: Honestly, my favorite line from him is whenever he goes
"Multiplayer!" and I'm just like...
*excited scream*
*Dratt laughs*
SB: I really want him to do voice tags [in-game] like "Capture the Flag!"
or "Slayer", or "Oddball"... like that. I would dig it.
I would make a map, just around his voice.
Dratt: CE3 gets better because of the editing, because of the streaming... No.
It got better because of his voice.
SB: And also, I think our humor.
Back in 2010, we were like "this is that map, here's this map..."
Dratt: There were hardly any machinima portions.
SB: No, in 2010, there were tons of machinima portions!
No, was it in 2011 there were machinima portions, or.. Which ones had the most machinimas?
Dratt: In between each video, in 2010, we had openings,
and the only other machinima parts were the interviews.
2011 was the first year that actually had consistent machinima parts throughout [the show].
SB: Yeah, but we actually had one... M16: At this point, we're just ranting. We should just stop.
SB: We should. We're just kinda filling in. Letting people know what happened in the past.
M16: Well that's what we have a YouTube channel for.
Dratt: Yeah, as long as we don't do another one of those hour-long podcasts...
Like that first 15-minute podcast you did for 2012?
SB: I remember that. That was awesome. I loved that.
Dratt: Whatever happened to E3PO?
SB: Um... I don't know. I think he's dead.
M16: He got a really bad... (indistinguishable)
SB: I'm sorry to anyone who actually donated. If they didn't get their money back...
...that was E3PO.
Dratt: I don't think anyone did
SB: I think Darius [of West] was actually going to donate.
Someone actually donated $15... That was him?
Dratt: Yeah. That was E3PO, I think.
SB: Oh okay, never mind then. Well I guess no one lost their money.
SB: Yeah, we're not gonna donate money-
Dratt: Why we don't donate anymore.
M16: Do we have a prizes, or no?
SB: Yeah, we'll do prizes, since I have a job and Dratt has a girlfriend who he can...
...do slave labor off a street. ...I'm sorry.
Dratt: I wanna go kill you. You're dead.
SB: Okay, I'm dead. Maybe it's just-
Dratt: No! It's just CE3 with just MatthewDratt and M16 over here.
I'll bring the epic voice guy as the new host.
SB: No, I think you only could... I didn't actually see him as a talkative role.
Dratt: "And now, here's Takedown!"
M16: No. Dratt: Well then...
SB: Well that's basically it. So CE3 2013 is definitely happening.
Please read the rules, go to all of the links, posts...
Masters and Dennis, please come this year, this is me begging.
I will literally hire you hookers. If you come to Vegas...
I don't live in Vegas, but I'll be there if you guys come there.
We'll have hookers, we'll have cocaine on hookers boobs and we'll be in hot tubs, and... It'll just be an awesome thing.
So please come this year, that's my promise to you guys.
Um.. yeah, CE3 2013 is going to be awesome, please tell us that you want to come.
Dratt: We'll have a new stage, better visuals, better editing... It's gonna be awesome.
M16 is still streaming, so it's gonna have a good stream, too.
SB: Yeah, we didn't have any lag last year, at all.
Remember also to download Adblocker Plus (at adblockplus.org)
You do not want to sit through those crappy ads about the Olympics.
Dratt: There's no Olympics this year.
SB: Oh! There's no Olympics this year. Then you do not want to sit through a crappy ad about...
Dove. No one wants to go through an ad about soap.
That is all I can think of for this podcast tonight.
Dratt: More podcasts in the future!
SB: Yes, we'll be podcasting maybe like once a month, a couple of weeks... Who knows.
Dratt: Whenever we have something to say.
SB: Yeah. So, this has been Slow Bullet!
M16 Assault.
SB: and we are signing off, and we will see you later!
Dratt: Goodbye, people. We love you all.
SB: I want some explosions. Bye-bye.
*explosion sound imitation*
SB: Oh no! *someone coughs* Good coughing.
Dratt: And we end with a cough.
Transcribed by renegade343. Merry Christmas, and see you all on July 2013! And kids, don't hire hookers.
M16: You were being extremely vulgar this time, it was kinda annoying.
SB: Who, me? Sorry, I just said "shit".
M16: Vulgar, not profane.
SB: Oh, with all the hookers? Oh. With the hookers.
There is nothing wrong with hiring a hooker.