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Hey friends all over the world, we are Chino & Nacho, the Supreme Duo.
And we want to welcome you to the new YouTube Channel, where you will find all the music in the world
including music from Chino & Nacho. We are really happy because this is a new page,
a new way of listening to music and we wish all the best.
"Supreme" is the perfect word to define the next album by Chino & Nacho,
a record in which the romantic is combined with a lot of Rumba which is sure to explode in clubs all over the world.
It will feature many important collaborations like Ana Isabelle, from Puerto Rico; Luis Enrique, who we have admired since we were kids.
We'll have the number one artist in England, Jay Sean, number one on Billboard, which will make this record special
and also Taboo, from the Black Eyed Peas.
In October, you are going to find Supremo in stores worldwide and it features our first single, "El Poeta,"
a song that in only two weeks won over the hearts of millions all over the world.
Not only the ladies but also the gentleman who dedicate our songs to their girlfriends.
Chino & Nacho become poets because that's what we feel, our hearts fill with love every time we make music.
We've got the entire world dancing and we hope you really like it. Expect Supremo.
The music video was shot in Mexico, directed by Gustavo Garzon in D.F., and you can't miss the exclusive premiere through YouTube.
El Poeta, the music video coming soon!
Dear YouTube followers, we are Chino & Nacho and we want to give you 10 recommendations
of 10 very special music videos that we want you to check out and enjoy.
The first video is "Taboo" from Don Omar. A video shot in Brazil with lots of colorful sceneries and beautiful women.
It's fast and furious. You cannot miss it. It is directed by Marlon Peña.
The second recommendation has a lot to do with the first one as it's a cover from the same song but performed by different artists.
This time Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull come together to form a wonderful song called "On the Floor."
We also want to recommend you "Tan Solo Tu," the song by Franco de Vita and Alejandra Guzman, in a live version executed with perfection.
A super romantic song that won hearts all over the world. We recommend it. Don't miss it!
The Hispanic market keeps joining with the Anglo market and wonderful things keep happening
This time Alejandro Sanz gets together with the wonderful Alicia Keys.
Two musical geniuses achieved a perfect song called "Looking for Paradise."
Under the direction of Daniel Duran and Marlon Peña, shot in Bogota,
the next video already achieved over 30 million views on YouTube.
A wonderful song and a video that definitely won many hearts and cheered up many lives.
It's called "Niña Bonita" by Chino & Nacho and you can't miss it. Keep on listening to this song
keep basking in its wonderful energy, and keep on dedicating it!
And to show you more music by Chino & Nacho we want to recommend you a video called "Tu Angelito"
It was a challenge for us, since we had to act.
It's a short teen movie in which Chino played the football team captain and I was the nerd.
Everybody loved the end and story of the song. I recommend to you, "Tu Angelito."
"Muerte en Hawaii" is the name of the song and the video from Calle 13 that we want to recommend
It's a song with a beautiful message. You should definitely see it because sometimes
Man unwillingly does a lot of harm to the world and the world sometimes wants to get back at us.
So let's have some awareness. Check the video. And moving on!
The next video is from an absolutely wonderful man.
A person that has brought many positive things for the Latin people, Mr. Marc Anthony.
He's not only a great interpreter, but also a great singer and a great actor, and he shows it in this song.
A fabulous song that had an impact on us since the first time we heard it due to the strength on his interpretation.
It's called "A Quien Quiero Mentirle."
"Esto Es Vida" is the next song that we want to recommend from singer Robie Draco Rosa, one of my favorite artists.
He's one of my greatest inspirations and this video in particular was shot by his wife
And it turned out really organic and marvelous; I'm not sure where it was shot but the quality is incredible
So you, my folks, can enjoy it on the official music page at YouTube.
And the most daring Latina, who without question, has not been held back by anything.
She has done Rock, she has done ballads and she's now doing Dominican Mambo
A song from our friend, El Cata, it's called "Rabiosa" and her name is Shakira.
To all the fans of the new music page on YouTube
We hope that you have enjoyed these 10 music video recommendations brought to you by us, Chino & Nacho.
Coming up is "El Poeta," the newest video from Chino & Nacho
Off of the album Supremo, which we will be debuting here, so don't miss it!
Thank you friends. Chino & Nacho loves you and we wish you good music.