Hooray Mr. President: But Please No Cuts from Our Social Security Trust Fund!

Uploaded by RobertThurmanChannel on 20.12.2012

oh, hello! merry christmas everyone!
This is Bob Thurman on Robert Thurman Channel
I wanted to send a Christmas message to President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and his
two lovely daughters.
Merry Christmas from all of us who support you, and who voted you
- for you, and love you totally
have a wonderful holiday and a much deserved rest after a heavy election,
and a heavy-duty victory!
And more power to you.
However, now let me be critical and to encourage you to take a stronger stance
with the obstructionists in the congress persons, in the house
about this negotiating to avoid the fiscal cliff.
The fiscal cliff would not be the end of the world.
If you offer a reasonable proposal based on what you were elected to offer
which means no cut into social security, no cut in medicaid, no cut of medicare
uh... to gain the revenue that is needed
by closing corporate tax loopholes and by raising the revenue of marginal tax rate
on the wealthy,
and closing tax loopholes for them.
That's what you were elected to do.
uh... we want to rebalance the terrible disparity that weakens our nation
between the rich and poor. We love rich people. We love wealth. We feel it is a product
of generosity and good fortune, and we're not trying to take it away from
people. But excessive
disparity within a society is bad for the wealthy people as well as the poor
It makes them feel isolated, paranoid,
and targets of hatred by the
people who are too strongly deprived,
and that is the reason to rebalance. It isn't a punitive thing. Nobody is against
wealthy people. We really like wealthy people. We admire them. We would like to be wealthy
ourselves. But in a generous and a balanced way.
Not in this completely unbalanced way that has currently happened.
And so therefore please take back off the table your all too generous offer to
bring social security into the equation.
Social security is a trust fund
paid for by the American people, belonging to the American people, to
receive the benefits in their old age which are... which are slight enough as
it is with the
cost of living increases and so forth.
And therefore it is not
anything that belongs to the congress persons. They cannot cut it.
They must get their revenue elsewhere.
It is not theirs. My late friend, the late great
Patrick Moynihan - Senator Moynihan told me clearly and distinctly, and he is
someone who knows
that the U.S congress borrowed
many billions of dollars from the social security trust fund
which it still is solvent for many more decades. And if the I-owe-yous piled up
by the congress were paid back
in fact would be solvent until the next century, and it is not a problem.
And therefore it is not part of the deficit, and therefore it is nothing to deal
with deficit reduction and austerity, and all this type of thing.
The rev.. there is pleanty of revenue to be taken in our wealthy country from where the revenue and
the wealth is over concentrated
in places where they can't really use all of it. And therefore it should be put to use to create the
infrastructure bank
to help people to
bail out the people who are under water in their mortgages. Not the banks who
caused the trouble.
And please stick to that principle. Do not lose the love and affection of your base,
and realize that the congress persons are forcing you to do this, only in order to
isolate you from your base
and to weaken you and then to try to inflict other kinds of damage upon you.
You really have to realize that that's where it has become. You are not dealing with what
democracy really needs, which is a loyal opposition.
You have to.. they have to be recreated into a loyal opposition by seeing the
negative consequences of their disloyal opposition behavior that they have been
doing. So please President Obama
do not
lose your base. Do not betray your campaign promises to keep social
security off the table. And please please, once you've rested and enjoyed a merry Christmas
go back to a strongly principled stance, and risk them pushing you
over the
fiscal cliff, and then having to repair the damage when they take the heat, just
as happened to Gingrich during the Clinton administration when he shut down
the government,
and then.. then realized his mistake
because of the reaction of the populace.
So, with this message of strengthening your resolve to act in this case on principle,
and not be conciliatory.
You have nothing to be conciliatory about. You were elected to be forceful in this
case. Please do, it is the most compassionate thing.
Being conciliatory is not compassionate in this case.
And thank you very much for doing this. And my little tiny, little little tiny
little nightingale voice of encouragement, I hope will somehow indirectly reach your ears.
So therefore very merry Christmas, and merry Christmas to everyone,
and even to mister Boehner and all of his friends.
Merry Christmas to you. Please try to shape up, and remember to be a loyal opposition
which is what demo.. is the essence of democracy. Thank you very much.