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REPORTER: And now it's time for our human interest story of the week.
A rather remarkable individual has appeared in Leeds.
Eyewitnesses claim that an ancient statue from the Royal Armouries has come to life
although how or why is unclear
In full Greek armour with a helmet and shield he was spotted near the vacinity of the museum.
One witness claims to have seen him actually leave the Armouries earlier today
and head in to Leeds city centre.
Nobody is entirely sure of his intentions
but so far appears to be friendly.
He's been on the move all morning
and appears to be looking for specific people or places.
What we do know is that he ran in to a group of Team GB athletes
who were training in the area.
We are here today at the Headingley Athletics Centre
to see how the Great Britain Olympic team are shaping up.
With only months left in the lead up to the Olympics
it is important they get as much training as possible.
And, as you can see the runners are about to begin the race.
Oh my God! He's naked!
Well, that's one way to win, I suppose.
REPORTER: We're here at the Olympic Standard Training Pool at Headingley.
Seeing the statue's strength and athleticism in the last event
we think swimming will be another event that he will succeed in.
Hopefully, he'll at least keep his trunks on this time.
He's not coming up!
He's not coming up!
Did anyone ask if he could swim?
Maybe Swimming was a bad idea.
Hopefully Boxing will be more his thing.
It's been an Olympic sport since the Ancient Greeks did it
at the original Olympics so he should be familiar with it.
Although in those days they used to attached blades to their fists
and fought until someone either surrendered or died.
Someone has told him things aren't like that now, haven't they?
He seems to succeed in some events
while looking completely baffled by others.
Why is he looking at those scissors?
What... What is he doing? He's not in Ancient Greece any more.
That's dangerous! Someone stop him!
And now we have the noble sport of Ping Pong.
Not something you'd ever see the Ancient Greeks doing.
I think our statue should be able to get the hang of it.
Maybe not.
I guess there's a slot just opened on the GB team.
It has been an interesting few months since our friend from the past came alive to visit us.
His unorthodox method seems to have paid off
as the museum have confirmed his solidified appearance is back on display
now sporting an impressive collection of medals.
This is Georgina Smith reporting for 4 News.
Thanks for listening. Back to the studio.
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