Hire a Celebrity for Your Event : How to Hire a Celebrity: Money Talks

Uploaded by eHow on 05.11.2008

In the last couple of segments about recruiting celebrities, I talked about how a good celebrity
spokesperson, has to have three things. They have to have credibility, capability, and
motivation. In this segment, we're going to talk about motivation, and specifically, the
one motivator that's at the top of the list, and that's money. A celebrity is usually paid
when they are doing a for profit appearance, or a commercial endorsement deal, but sometimes,
they're also paid for non profit types of experiences, as well. For example, if you
want somebody to do what they do for a living, like a performer, to perform. You will have
to pay them, even if you are a charity. The same goes for, if you want someone to give
a major keynote address. Anything that requires rehearsal time, or a lot of preparation. Expect
to pay a celebrity, because if you don't, if you think a celebrity should donate their
time to you, just because you're a nonprofit. Well, that's kind of like asking a celebrity
or an attorney, to represent you in court for free, or an accountant to do your taxes
for free. In the same way, asking a celebrity to perform for free, is not quite right, so
keep that in mind when you're going for a celebrity, and you're a nonprofit. You might
have to pay them, as well. While money is in fact, the top motivator for most celebrities,
you know what? For superstars, it's not that important. Superstars are usually not that
motivated by money. There are other things that usually get them to say yes, because
if for example, you're Jim Carrey, and you're making in excess of twenty million dollars
a movie. He's not going to be as motivated by money, as somebody who's not making quite,
that much money. Oprah Winfrey has so much money, she does not have to worry about it.
As a result, if you want to motivate Oprah to say yes to attending your event, there
has to be something else going for you, so keep that in mind, that money can be a motivator,
but not necessarily, for everybody.