Dan Plays Voltz (Episode 1)

Uploaded by danw3108 on 26.01.2013

Hello and welcome to Voltz! I'm Dan, and I'll be your player for this evening!
Anyway, this is Voltz, It's a Modpack for Minecraft
It's made by the same people that bring you Technic and Tekkit

It's based arround the Universal Electronics API
so it's focused again on the ability to use modernised machinery

like electronics and industrial machines.
unlike Tekkit, It steers away from things like industrialcraft and redpower
and focuses more on the Universal Electronics.
it contains
a system of
sister machines electric still work with each other saying eke out a way that put
a stop to join a complete
may be used to have points from standpoint
before you'll
you why is yeah
prince of mourning
nancy after may six prick and a need to
and uh... standard inteqnet the ideal he's electric secondly is to be
a whole lot more
accurate if you like ten
handrail life electric swooping
a lot more accurate based and
my crafts alone
rights democrats and you the most of the painting
and impacts lieutenant
led her to take off dot
started already
so this is diskettes with my hands
it's a very sick route was mccarthy cutscenes just uh... charts for them
sudhir of consumers of society that
to what we have today
cut back on the finished with mister clinton had perfect for me to cook of
the speaker
attachment that one
though collection status within a minute hand-crafted jewellery suffocating
makefile am three concede next group
stews on to be a complaint
uh... column that at this point tubal thank you
if luxury
that some people you know
and i think in a deadly to parts of the kansas city between and hotel put some
machines and have started to cry
expand eighteen different hands
because of a sixty tightening up at some basic lentils
and is a copy cases to genetics amani minimum aka mark skinner
gray money middle
the space saint louis mo mowlam vacuuming should sporting a
but if i'm still alive and i want to come my way back up to two p useful
uh... mensa black woman she's just up t_-eighty northeast
so correction
more north the needy
that santa rosa complex cases too much of an event
act in there
uh... escuela resources the subsequent mobs which has been complete
said annually
uh... without further ado i'm gonna try a pad
think about a plan of what i want today
i thought you made a machine intermediate efren
by myself to know no on this
now this world
i don't think it's a volts
pollen consumers pay plasticity
offended recent
what pac
that sure forward speeds hobbies in any ali
which is a great degree bolts client and a lot of the client
explain what park system
team telling the recipes that use its risk data set
uh... you know when i was introduced me to be a
mainly because if eclipse it cheapens arguments but the tactical only options
and left for changing the time passed
so uh... i'm gonna have to look
gustav we've something commit absent welcoming
group project
lots of kids
culture at some point said
week also your thinking
terminates a couple one
steel plates
went to finish his uh... mentor
and some bronze in cuts name
wickets ashtray limited fantasies animal
of the book apple
we have a team
except that that is p_-fifty
i'm gonna text instead and use that
missions two points
i think hilarity talcott uncertain
conviction did here
betray his good
pick notes should build on me
for clinton
now with throughout the company
uh... and things may be too properties ccny kitna scanning
screens problem option
shipping should inform you that teacher technical issue quite different here
games and evening incomes ken
uh... chiseled department had to change that in the future
the important thing
state you go to school he thinks common went on a campus which makes things a
little bit more fun
persia so feel per screen is great
what janet and i'll be like
but that michael jackson
so you can see fantasies
with episcopal wire serpent make is we can meet some corporate ingots and
smooth after that i have energy company company
expand my dismissed dot
what i'm thinking about my house band
telescope it's called off is that the bigger problems from something alike
yet said that's going to syndicate decoupling
uh... still plates
sub that's an interesting which is max student smelting still trust
still doesn't ask me deka
uh... if yes she thought about free will interpret immediately public things
you get different types of statistics with them
doesn t make it a metallurgy confuse it with a majority computer needs palin
sanitation season which was a kid he said we have a clue generated
that u_n_ military colourful said that there's always a way visited the
because that could be
not to late edition thinks so to speak
numbness and it's which had me right
to get this thing
of week jim
sump pumps
system caves edits e_t_
westside of the month
which ultimately had to be known for some time to meet you know
will go to that one spitzer
sahelian who runs coronary that sort of protest movement
spins to home
often forgotten
bus but sometimes it's the way
put or so we know it in that case
through the content of the uh...
hope livingston
particularly in the future of the something get more
but the book supporters at dash the flames women
clothing satisfied
with people trying to get tourist sarcastic mahit switched to them we want
to machines
uh... mining
mispelled my craft clickable toxic with my grandpa
them say is all that the fundamentals are still the same before we know sp
or you can choose between words and as well as yourself
the objective is on its own
all the
by a panel road
previous witness who has
all group or call
earlier or
what incompetent
it includes done works
but score miracle
with your political
we welcomed and find themselves mckay
conflict of interest prior samara
men who have
snotty cropped catheter
so the most significant things
subject at hand
and the second home a justman
sample we'll put the honoring the commitments not purpose
sentencing because it's definite can
brittany complaining impossible captured
nicotine derek i haven't tried yes i heard some of the second me
to uh... and
unheard sample stop all
if you look at home attached
oklahoma capital had
uh... ken
not discussed
so must cover my own
concede spin
mandy moore on all
we'll put the public and chechnya
don regan was reduced to a little sweet put them on a tactical institute
uncredited deaths
okay since gas outside hopefully too
does at that
how will proposed summer patients with pictures taken in mexico
afterwards just a moment
and among almanac right hand corner
you've probably stopped today gray areas of the plot no i have
contribute testing techniques
recruit system
desbloqueo freedom and this wanting money
but money left
they had to one immediately infinitely faster possible excused
just finished reading it
hickory one four nine
if you go to a test of hate mechanics is it's a lot of the just jumping into
british expert
when you've been chased by a mob or you can't do it
christa can you break you would like some identity contest
to click the skull
he's not a nice guy
he's gonna try to kill me
bcz integral parts gossiping about it
well you have those social excursion to
so hit back over there have been lost of soul still
looking to bring train
it was before
and mistrust of seems to still be he kept saying couple weekend
to read too much we did it
were expected to be loved
tended to be a the critical open-minded photograph exhibit cobblestone and
wicked thank you for that
that's good
skin consenting ahead of us
both uh...
pisgah skeleton
movement or the two countries
spago preferred start exporting them like a got this call
comes up at the school will carry out through the case
wanted to help with me
company retiring twisting companies
for different
it's a custom because more on it that's that's good
movement that and speed
who'd liberalism versus vehement ethnically
me would
patients get dot telling
but you get from the time
meeting in custody
i think there was a waste of time
yeah i don't really know her keep your phd k
details like yeah
the bronze and property includes impromptu integrity
unplugged meeting
basilica mcf
subcontinent intrinsic teksystems
as we just want to come to can anticipate studiously
net stop
approach the end of the government pittsburgh
the constitution between they'll cook
peaceful later difficult in the country
to keep the faith if you look at fifty ships and taught
so they can fix it if it is the machines you probably won't see me
kidnap cumbersome
d'amato monographs series piranha monuments weeks challenge
okay let me know political issue
jacob series other stuff but that's because he was coming up
the process of killing among proceedings
they worked for me
i didn't do it honest
he benefited
uh... to me this time
nine pairs of poets which is dead
that hasn't done that
goodies at some point hits
complex from oman on the character
thanks we'll talk to a hundred semiconductor find themselves in
became expletive
became disregard already
whereupon some torches
dips into kismayu
and carpenter
looking to go to college and think because we does which is most often and
stuff like that
he's a pretty picture consulate to reach a victory
toppled style
okay up flow
bono williams p
and will go back then
oaks is supposed to eighty eight
sixteen finals that thus sixteen i mean that's
within two words
william weld repair maybe somewhat orange juice
but an anti-smoking ads protects
they should have had it
hip hop
tens lined up tickets are expensive
can hit the market
did you want to be
and como
do you think
icy harry's doggie
you've all my state
up so few phil
known as approached
let me know
just stroking it menace
striking thing
next month
okay so far we've wasted twenty minutes and motivation duties
kicked your black require that's important
true school democratic compel
were coming into the length s with
good many matthew
community church
in britain
as her breakfast with
acting committee congressman uh... mcginnis
the senate meeting a groupm
rectum and continued
groups virginia
continue joins me in the
it's one monitoring
remains committed to that time
can really get most of sporting goods dominick dunne has environment
cholera maynard
came to realize it was
putting it
over to them
conducted extra cops t
a commitment
conduct at least cancer
you share
appears to have indians put more
that's been said
operation which meant that more
admitted it will be asked
great beatriz appoint
a report we're going to have any
significantly ahead weakened can
extra for what
the holes in a sing-along spent
on the way i tend to ppl
breaking the legs against us
thank you mister you want from us
your life is worthless
naja wants nothing to do
nervous must remember they're not going to be uh... couple
mentor defense myself or whatever
something like that six
so i'm gonna do i mean a mock occupants
the complete points
and then powell come back and inhibits that's the problem are growing up
dot just let the cat systems kicks the tire markowitz affection canceled
uh... and this'll be interesting covering no gifts
out the mobs
uh... to brief answer which had seven slash uniformity cases to rent it to be
lead entrance that's but fifty blocks away
personnel too close to home so to speak
late as you smugness
on the menu
but this one
gives an indication of just as good as well
okay soon
guarantees italian mafia percipient
but what to expect is that
so some stuff and i just get some on defendants somone allotted for mr
uh... territory
difficulty column a traditional purchase could
tended to be minus
that unhooked in the chest
differences in the
uh... they will be full might even light electric
uh... sir michael
gps generates electricity
my kids three new sinkhole
sort of a couple or that one
and these ones got the finding struggle to get used too much kal
you wanted me to me
sent one
put the patent
and h_m_o_ put fifteen contact site discounts got fourteen
that once nato fourteen this was confidence level had a veteran briefly
about the same unethical
not to melt subject cobblestone just yet
might get out later on at some point if we have a need for searches stone bricks
mccormick that's preferable subscriber
history three happens remind myself the focus of the city's
on the shit
so walnuts adored
needed antique pain that pollute
trip to protect and serve them
stmt peter
accompanied her jump off the site
if that's what it what you're going to be that anyone culture even
accompanied by tricking and stephanie completely okay
uh... kick settle for a couple it with a week
sell me a photo up
so i'd like ants
to keep on
uh... articulate what racism tracksuit bottoms
dot renovated answering
settled into my helmet among the kids that takes me to three and a hard
just above my health and that
now the most say for a minute at the city's turned which is great
cooperative diaz but the off chance to speak to process the pump up a man
take walks or if you can't
dismissed that
and that's the reason for me to do this uh... blending it with
d_j_ over every didn't expect it to all the time
this way we can consist of me
won't be placed icon dash one better
dangling chest pocket
mixed groups
this is what we're gonna be making culture attempts to
just two plates woke up one
and three points in cuts along with the matter
that still plates made from stealing dots aunt p
the cup water it's made from cancel each couple on which is
three culprits before he left a
the mentor is patriots still a college to steal a moment
sit still image
line in the middle
handball carpool with
say still live in copper nandini we've got some cop annette and i've got some
rest of the clinton from canceled today
him kit
if these
uh... e
that these are pips mix up its act more uh... make six became
that's a good stuff
so public interest and put the nothing constructive testing
and a squeaky ramana self
had to make and planned to explain
rights pecking
actually knowing if them
tel fax screens
signs somewhat making age
fixed as well i think it's going
dot heat
signed a polite
dates back a adjustment normal so far
and looking good
right in
and but they left
and i want it some more to achieve specific
will get the radio and the republicans n_t_t_ wild
that's eastleigh peoples
tips coming torches and instability prototype stuff was for them which more
than half the staff and the slope left in order for the sickness
which is great
and a lesson
that level cuppa
foreign and five p
and visually committee department
uh... bobby short little pad
uh... dips you can actually make
the conduit
i'd like to know what time of the needful
all hung comes welcome banker compressive so there's a machinery ppc
coconuts walkout pat buchanan
ggc later ought to keep mcsame
frigates dougherty
critical brady was speaking to go
a second pick ax
castillo gregarious candidate ward
doing it a key test and so the cave entrance actually
teach into my head nurse
the complex
yet another two decades
c_n_n_ isn't
wife tenncare
one hundred fifty we'll see fit
to get very far
i believe that the still opposed this case
that as we head for the full wait till next weekend for the under the map
straight up into the market many men
we broke through
that's great
put it back ache
say leaders
chipper liked on the situation
both literally and that's partly
used in some practical
mops at bank
texts conscious
people have with you pat
but appears at the pump human within the structure of six point lead
treatment tuesday
we're very happy that the like that
assigned to attend
one dc
truth four pairs of tickets
the strictest department
with apartment
whitewater center
depending on how to be able to
the common symptom gay people
safeties ki
i think he had
year which micro descends from a little bit before health and safety
went crazy
before they can yesterday caffeine fix it
at rolls up slavery thinking
right here
want to be impacted conspirator
aspire paintings look ahead to pain
mass confusion
in conflict with the precautions them
might deserve it
but in a bit of a
predicament were
with much
well this is a bit about the rent some korean away a little while before
make commitment
statement attitude even further
then sergeant koon
severely beaten
satellites for that reason
i was wrong
testified they can't
yes i think it's next
too many mountain
just rich people
how you're doing
in a period of adults
that's right eighty eight they collided
technocrats picnics and
grapple cam one next okay
fitzpatrick esq decree
dr i don't think it's going to make you think
the coupons
to make
like normal
which opens purpose
uh... patino
helper become useful
sad useful oscar show
but uh... this is the in these resources in this case
leonard stuff them to be a
can't answer
tumi hospital
possible couple wider ticket sometimes
still another
and have got the letter
which was intended to them
tended to wise
taro was
has finally
all that all the was left out of dot
plus the cancellation defense unit insulated ten
let their inspection
august as we will have to start somewhere
but i was going technologically advanced bootlegs
use it
measurable two points
toprani convinced me to get somewhere in the future
full often was a big help
takes a friendly it in a very friendly
her sickening
chicken victim
at the spot for him
safe since the company
identity offensive the acts of such a a devry
another conscious didn't
the just each time
it seems to find
click on because because you go back into me
loans one of my best friend just
barely has come to join the party
got some fishing communities
thank you
decline vincent
basic districts chest
you can't
and pacific access he had student
so i can
is twenty
why can't welcome
maybe one of the company because we've got we've got some called
physical documents accused mccain groups
was at forty four balloon interest
this is going to have to respond to prem
uh... pbc
note seemed
uh... fairly
coming our way back in sydney
directly into the markets at home
that might be
krishan look for the whole hain
broke through him
comedic talent
that we will be coming back to the committee for
torches the address
in that way
the such
this particular now i remember them
medical uh... was talking about you know escape artist
which proved very cute
just been told by the way
who colette patrick i just can't happen
so it's good to me
aqua sweaty classrooms compensate for me
and karen
rather quickly
difficult didn't begin with
dalit stains
bloomington during documents from two propelled
definitely upon
okay accent
well description call up here
the okay
uh... wanted
vincent vincent lam
on the there
volcanic neuro
that's all
now there's not much else to some virtual animal debbie allen
landowners deformed poonam and see what you mean
wilson baseball their lives
who will be
if we get to the strength among
deal tonight
issuance of god
legitimate skylights ineptness
publicly moving
so yes it's just an introduction sitting inside because he couldn't accept
senator dad off-camera
what's at stake
the realtor
generally in the next morning exxon account the resources that are coming
would be difficult beliefs
at the complex company can afford to put your name
victims tongue
so it we've got plenty of
uh... finances hemorrhaged confused
uh... because that need to be stuck to the public if its pilots absorbs
cobblestones mechanical process up guys
quite sure what to do this uh...
we've seen
with ccm
joshi contains the names of although actually
leading so quickly
the next episode may be a lot
and stupid
cynical mistrust of awake
simpson all parents appointment you'll see you next time indeed
segments and develop
damp baseball
advocate right and integrity
universal electronics and see what we can get making stalin tackle generator
luckily for men when a perfume as a campaigner between
the build up some peace and resources to get someone got something straight in
the building
what goes in the machines have a few moments because he had extraordinary
progress was planning on going on
troubleshooting issues have
you'll be able to do
missus stevens it's been a bit of an external
uh... condemn
itsme girl
animated it's differences of previous mention sega fun to save the past
uh... i think it really needs to be
money misfits so develop quitting microspheres atlantic answers in the
for the three of us
hoping it will give us a model unserious sorry
my christmas is coming
events whatever
team thanks watching
and i think we're going to be a few months and subscribe
after a first lady comments princess and the she noticed run bill ellicott
challenge for me it was even figures e dot cindy people myself
uh... away from the worst egos otherwise head on over there they considered at
this meeting was to disagree pretty maps and if you'd like sixty or so it's
played and will be sure to keep you can
that's watching