Wagner - Die Walkure, Wotan's farewell (Leb wohl) Boulez, Bayreuth - English Subtitles HD

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Girl, do not try to alter my decision,
Await your fate whatever befall.
I cannot choose it for you!
But now I must go, travel far away.
I have already stayed here too long.
As you turned from me, I must turn from you.
What you wish for yourself I do not want to hear
I must only see your punishment enforced.
What have you decreed that I must suffer?
I shall enclose you in a deep sleep.
Whoever finds the weaponless maid
shall awaken her and win her as wife.
If fetters of sleep are to bind me fast as easy acquisition to any feeble man,
this one thing you must grant, for which I plead in utmost anguish:
surround my sleep by fearsome terrors
so that only the freest fearless hero will one day find me on the rock!
You ask too much, too great a favour.
This one thing you must grant.
destroy your child, who clasps your knees,
trample your favourite under foot,
let all trace of her body be destroyed by your spear
but do not condemn her, cruel one, to this gross degradation!
At your command let flames flare up.
Let their fiery glow engirdle the rock.
Let their tongues lick, their teeth devour
any coward who rashly ventures to approach the dread rock.
Farewell, you valiant glorious child,
you, the holiest pride of my heart!
Farewell! Farewell! Farewell!
If I must keep away from you
and may not again lovingly give you my greeting,
if you may no more ride beside me
or bring me mead at my meal,
if I must lose you, whom I loved, you, the laughing delight of my eyes,
then a bridal fire shall now burn for you
as never has burned for a bride.
Let the glow of fierce flames encircle the rock.
Let it strike devouring fear into the faint-hearts.
Cowards shall flee from Brunnhilde's rock!
Only one shall win the bride,
one freer than I, the god!
Those radiant eyes
that, smiling, I often kissed
when the joy of battle won you an embrace,
when the praise of heroes, flowed in childish chatter
from your sweet lips,
those sparkling eyes
that often shone on me in storms
when hopeless yearning seared my heart,
when, amid wildly weaving alarm,
my wish longed for worldly pleasures,
for the last time let them delight me today, with their last farewell kiss.
On a more fortunate man let their star shine.
For the hapless immortal
they must close for ever.
For so does the god now turn from you!
So does he kiss the godhead from you!
Loge, hear me!
Come hither and hearken!
As first I found you, a fiery glow
as then once you escaped me, a wandering flame,
as I bound you,
so today I summon you!
Arise, flickering flame!
Ring the rock with fire!
Loge! Appear!
He who fears my spear point
shall never penetrate the fire!