No Degree, No Future: Slave Labor In The NCAA?

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so when these violations occur the players are getting penalized by not being able to
go to a post-season whether its the final four or bowl games the department is getting penalized
with the lack of scholarships and the ability to bring in new players why is it that the coaches
who are often
lockstep in with the violations getting off scot-free well because again
the schools
the schools know that the coach is going to continue to coach continue to bring in the
big money
but you make an interesting point that that the kids are the ones that are hurt
that's interesting because
that's the big critique of this system that's the consistent critique of the system is that
everyone is making money accept these kids
these kids are granted they're being given you know a scholarship for four years if they
remain healthy
to go and take advantage of whatever academic opportunities are offered to them
but it's really a system that some people have compared to slavery that have said uses
uses slave labor
these kids are expected to go into this multi-billion dollar business
not take a dollar from boosters
not have an agent not have anyone representing them just
for sort of the glory of the university
while the university racks in all this money
on top of this free labor
and then
the other the other critique of it is that
these kids really aren't getting an education
they're going a they're going into these cake courses in departments that are they're sympathetic
to the athletic commission
and that they end up
at the end of four years with sixty or seventy credits
no opportunity
no prospects for a pro career
and they end up going back to wherever they came from whatever farm whatever inner-city
neighborhood they came from and
it's a overnight it's all gone no more tutoring
no more training table
no more you know being the big man on campus
and that's the real tragedy of this system I you know there's one statistic that keeps popping
up throughout the book over and over
this idea that it
it's two percent
and what I mean by that is
about two percent of the kids who play high school basketball
get NCAA scholarships to play basketball
less than one percent of those kids
have any meaningful NBA career they may play for a couple years or go play in the world league or
it's really a lie
that's being told to these kids this idea that okay
you play hard
you study hard and this will lead
this will lead to a pro career
and in reality
it's not true
and the media compounds it by focusing on the two percent of kids who make it
and completely ignoring the ninety eight percent of kids
who again
end up back home sixty credit hours
no degree
no future it really is
tragic the way we treat some of these kids it's a system
that uses these kids
and then just throws them away when they're done with them