Chris Harris: Wagon Drift - 2012 DRIVE Host Competition

Uploaded by drive on 09.08.2012

CHRIS HARRIS: There's an established method for getting
hits on a video.
Sadly, some of that methodology--
SEO-- has been outlawed by JF, which is a bit odd and
parental, but then he can be like that.
So I'm going to have to go down the even simpler route,
and I think there is a formula.
You need to get the video picked up
by the right websites.
Two best websites for that for me on
this side of the Atlantic--
in Europe, PistonHeads.
So I intend to contact the editor of both of those
products whilst I'm drifting the CTS V wagon behind me.
What will people think?
The only problem that is I'm on a steering pad here, and
there's nothing to aim for.
And when you drift, you can't be aimless.
You need something to aim for.
I'm going to aim for the bloke that founded Jalopnik, Mr.
Mike Spinelli.

Let's go and do it.
So you get the idea, we're going to make a couple of
phone calls to important people to help me pimp this,
pimping being a technical phrase.
But while we're doing that, we're going to be doing
something that's going to generate some action, and I
can't think of anything better than a 500 and something
horsepower estate car-- station wagon in Americanese--
that's going sideways.
So let's make a call now.
Get the wheel straight.
So we're going to phone Matt Hardigree, who is the new
editor of Jalopnik, which has a readership of about a
billion or something.
It's massive.
Matt, it's Chris Harris, mate.
Hope you're well.
MATT HARDIGREE: Yeah, I'm well.
What's going on, man?
I need to ask you a favor, mate.
And I need to do it while I'm drifting, so let me get the
car into a drift.
CHRIS HARRIS: OK, now, look.
I need you to choose my video over the other videos.
Now, this is going to be difficult because they're
cheating, right?
They've got-- they've got women involved, who are much
better looking than me, and they say it's not bad because
I haven't got any traction.
MATT HARDIGREE: Makes perfect sense.
CHRIS HARRIS: Alex Roy signed up with a woman whose pelvic
bone is about the same height as Leo Parente's head, so
you've got to choose my video over theirs, OK?
MATT FARAH: One day, he's going to figure out how to do
something besides drift, I swear.
Number two, Dan Trent the editor of PistonHeads, which
is the biggest enthusiast motoring site in Europe.
Again, massive.
20 billion users or something, whatever the numbers they use
on the internet these days.
Here we go then.
CHRIS HARRIS: OK, Dan, you need to promote my video over
the others, please, simply because I've not cheated, and
you like me, OK?
So please, please, please, will you do my video?
Yeah, we can post the video.
CHRIS HARRIS: This isn't very objective, but I can see
myself having one of these in the sort of AMG C63 model.
This is a very nice car.
The steering is quite good, and the throttle response is
pretty good, and the ride's quite nice going
sideways in a car park.