Ulcinj 2013 - Улцинь - Montenegro - Черногория

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in the south-eastern part of europe in the western part of the balkan peninsula,there is the state of Montenegro
Montenegro is a member country of all significant international organizations
There's about six hundred fifty thousand citizens in Montenegro
it has low inflation rates and low taxes
the official currancy in Montenegro is euro
and the capital city is the city of Podgorica
The coastial part of Montenegro is two hundred ninety three kilometers long and it is situated on the southern part of the adriatic sea
the temperature of the sea during the summer goes up to thirty degrees
the major advantage of Montenegro is that it is close to the mediterranean possition,very favorable for the development of tourism
mountains occupy ninety fivepercent of the total territory
and their foothills are based in the sea
in Montenegro there is thelargest leak in the balkans-Skadar lake wich is connected with the sea,by the Bojana river
Bojana river meets the sea near the most suthern Montenegrin town-Ulcinj
according to a legend Miguel de Cervantes,the famous writer of Don Quixote,was captured and prisoned by the famous pirates in Ulcinj
In history,Ulcinj was known as the city of pirates
it is a real adventure to visit the square of slaves,to walk the footsteps of the pirates in the Balsic tower
Ulcinj is also the warmest city in Montenegro
but in the same times most desirable for vacation
because of the low number of tropical days
In the vicinity of Ulcinj there are several sandy beaches
the largest of all is Velika plaza-Long beach
with the surface of six hundred thousand square meters
and thirteen kilometers long
the sea is ideal for swimming tiny sand with the diameter of zero point one to zero point five millimeters
is also used for healing because it is rich with minerals
Tourists who have problems with bones,spine,sciatic sterility,and other deseases were delighted with the healing effects of the sand
also a real feast for the eyes is one of the most beautiful marinas in Montenegro it's name is Porta Milena
and it is situated in the beginning of Velika plaza
the surface of this beach is six hundred thousand square meters, and it can receive about one hundred and fifty thousand tourists
tourists will enjoy,not only the sandy beach and beautiful horizons but also beautiful olive forests and thousands of mandarine trees in the exotic surrounding
this place is a real jewel of the Mediterranean,which is attracting not only for tourists,but for serious and responsible investors as well
Velika plaza shall have its real valorisation(bloom) in the near future
tourists from all over the world are discovering its beauties
they are enjoying the fascinating sights of Ulcinj,ada Bojana and the attractive surrounding full of historical monuments an exotic places of which is the most interesting Velika plaza,the longest beach on the adriatic