It Sucks To Be Asian On Valentine's Day

Uploaded by UnderratedSheet on 01.02.2012

It sucks ass to be an Asian guy on Valentine's Day, and I can prove it to you. I can, I can totally prove it to you.
Assuming all things are equal, if you were an Asian girl and you had to chose between a white guy or an Asian guy, who would you choose?
I think most Asian girls would opt for the white person because..
I don't know why, Asian girls just tend to really like white people.
Umm, if you were a white girl and you had to choose between an Asian, a white person, or a dark skinned, Latin American, sort of "El Caliente" sort of guy, who would you chose?
I think most white girls would either chose white or that "El Caliente" sort of guy--just a stereotype I noticed.
And uhh, you know, it sort of goes on and on.
And, you know, the general idea is that Asian men really are on the bottom of the (romantic) food chain.
Like, white guys tend to like white girls or Asian girls, and that's what I've noticed.
But, you know, there's no stereotype with Asian guys.
Well, there's one--Gay white guys like Asian guys.
So, I guess that's like our "one up," like gay white guys like Asian guys.
I don't, you know..
And uhh... It's a cat.
I don't know if you can see it but there was a cat under that car.
Anyway, so... yea. It sucks.
Okay, so if you happen to be a girl watching this video and you're like, "dude, I don't know what the fuck you're talking about, okay?
I've got yellow-malaria-fever or whatever and I love Asian guys, okay?
All I've got to say to you is, "Give me a call," kay.
See now, now there's a dog.