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Jerry & Esther's Harrowing Traffic Experience
I'm really glad that Jerry and Esther
weren't a vibrational match last night
to getting creamed by the car.
Or we wouldn't be here.
This is awesome.
Thank you.
Well they're not even close to that
but you don't need them.
That's really good.
Well we're having a great time.
Thank you.
Well you are all extensions
of Source Energy
and while we know
we are all having a good time here
you can focus yourself into alignment
no matter what.
Don't lay your happiness
on their responsibility to not get creamed.
It was a fun story.
Um -
I have to interrupt you
because there's just -
See there.
So um -
Esther and I were walking across to
the fish market over there
by P.F. Chang's and Barnes and Noble.
As we were crossing the street
Esther says
I'm always really uncomfortable
crossing this street
as we are going over.
She said
I feel like a fish out of water.
And I said yes
isn't it funny
how awkward this crossing is?
And so we crossed over
and it has a -
a count down
that tells you how many seconds
you have to get across
and so I'm watching and thinking
you know
ten, nine, eight, seven -
you know -
We made it.
Ok and so
then we went over
and then we came back
and as we were crossing the street
I -
I see eleven
and then this thing came by
it was
almost touching my body
at about forty miles per hour
and it was red
and it just went whoosh
right by our face.
We could have touched it
with our hands right here
at that speed.
Esther and I were
if you'll pardon the expression -
and uh -
both of us walking forward
and this thing just came
barreling through like that.
And I told Esther later
when we got back to the room
I said
I mean I -
only a week ago I was thinking
people must think I'm paranoid
if they watch me
because I'm just so old fashioned
when I cross the street
I look to the right and left
and left and right and left and right
even though I don't see anyone
I still keep doing this
you know
in case something does show up.
And uh -
and now here
normally I would be looking
to the left or right
I would have seen that
but I'm watching this fool thing
I'm doing
you know
nine, ten
counting my seconds down
how much is left.
Uh -
Would you play with that a little bit?
Is there anything meaningful there
or is it just pure fun?
since this is a workshop about focus -
we suppose that it is prudent to
identify what it is
that you're focusing upon.
In other words
we've been talking today already about
how you let
others sort of coach you away
from your own guidance.
And so your own guidance is
to watch where you're going
to watch what your surrounding is -
Right. That's true.
But now there is something else
that is sort of
dictating guidance to you
and your assumption sort of is
well they must know what they're doing.
In other words
they're telling me
I've got eleven seconds
ten seconds
nine seconds -
I normally wouldn't be looking around like -
there is that.
There is that.
In other words
I'm going to be -
So I can blame the government?
No, no, no.
I'm going to be aware -
Well often
it is a very
well-meaning person
distracts you from your own guidance
and tries to get you
to follow their rules.
In other words
every law that is on the books is
there because
someone thought that it would make
someone's or overall life better
but when you
discount your own guidance
and the big story here
is that
when you are in alignment
with who you are
there are all kinds of things
brushing by you
and usually
you have no awareness
of the close calls you have -
The point that we want to make
with all of it
is that
when you live in this world
with so much going on -
Esther had been contemplating
as you were driving
how much is in traffic around you.
How many different people
with how many different intentions
and how
you are
of the majority of the intentions -
There could be bank robbers -
by the way that was one -
There could -
there could be all kinds of things
going on around you
rapers, murderers -
Doer of what you consider to be
inappropriate deeds -
They're in traffic
all around you all the time.
They are
part of your society
they are
but they are not a vibrational match
to that which you are
and so
even though
there are many things
not wanted by you
in close proximity to you
they don't have access to you
because you are on
different vibrational wavelengths
and this is an example of that.
In other words
something that had
nothing to do with you -
really it had nothing to do with you.
If it had hit you
it would have had a lot to do with you
but -
but it did not
and it was not going to
the driver of the car
was in full control
of what he was doing.
In other words
he saw you
he knew what his
ability was
and while it was a sort of
rude and unkind thing to do
it wasn't life threatening to you.
Like a kid
brushing by you on a bike
not intending to hit you either
but just for fun.
Now as you stand
having had the experience
having lived the contrast of it
in other words
that was
a momentarily uncomfortable experience
and it caused you
to begin thinking about -
In other words
you're wanting to
not have a replay of that
because it was uncomfortable
and so
now you're contemplating
how you usually do
and how you are ordinarily watching
and why in this case you were not
now you've put the thought out there
it's an interesting thing -
It does not take more than
one or two like the two of you
to have an experience
in an
uncomfortable environment
to put a rocket of desire out there
that will make for an improvement
that will bring something about
that could very well prevent something
that's in the process of becoming
from happening.
If you now
focus into your Vortex
and from inside The Vortex
think this through.
But if you from outside The Vortex
think this through
in terms of
the injustice of it
the resentment of it
the inappropriateness of the sign
the inappropriateness of the driver -
then rather than
adding to the improvement of that corner
and the future people
who will be walking across
that crosswalk
you add to the
thought-form of trouble about it
you see.
In fact
it is
the thought-forms of trouble
that have put
those fool signs up there
to begin with.
In other words
people deciding
that you don't know what you're doing
and you can't tell
where the traffic is
and so you will walk when they say walk
rather than using your own
reasoning ability to walk.
You are always much better off
relative to every law in the world -
In other words
how often
is it prudent for you to move
out of the way
and Esther says to you
the sign says don't go there?
She'd rather keep the rule
and not break the law
than do the thing
that's the best thing for you to do.
And so
everything that we're talking about here
is that
in The Vortex
is the greatest law of all
which is The Law of Attraction
and all things
that you consider to be good
and Source itself there
and we just have to tell you
there is a huge and dramatic diversity
between that which man calls god
and the laws
that man thinks god has made for him.
In other words
all of those laws
are outside The Vortex
when what you want
is inside The Vortex
but then you're trying
to follow these fool laws
and in the following of them
you're outside the vortex
not hooking up
with what you're reaching for
in all of that.
That is the biggest story here.
Thank you very much.