Growing Hyacinth Bean Vines

Uploaded by UIExtension on 17.07.2012

In the world of dependable annual vines, I think one has to include a vine called hyacinth
bean. Hyacinth bean, as you see right here, is an extremely easy vine to grow from seed,
and as you can see, it does it a really nice job at covering most arbors or trellises that
you might have in the garden.
And what’s really nice about this vine is that it offers almost several different looks
throughout the season. When it first starts coming up and growing, it offers you these
really neat, trifoliate leaves that are green with kind of reddish veins in them. And then
we start to get these really neat flowers—flowers that are kind of almost like pea-shaped flowers
on these long spikes. But what’s really nice about them it then ends up producing
these very large—these are kind of small right now—very large, reddish-burgundy,
shiny, glossy pods.
And these will last on the vine for late-fall and winter interest. So, if you’re looking
for a vine that’s easy to grow, you can start these indoors, set them out after frost,
will easily climb up any kind of support or structure in the garden for a full open sun
spot, think about hyacinth bean.