Chinese fortune cupcake/ Fat Gou 財富發糕

Uploaded by wantanmien on 19.01.2013

Today I teach fortune cupcake/ Fat Gou
it's usually made for worshipping in the New Year or as a New Year Dessert
Fat Gou stands for fortune and wealth
60 grams brown sugar
125 ml milk
a pinch of salt, 40 grams butter
turn on the heat cook until the brown sugar is dissolved no need to bring to boil
100 grams rice flour, 20 grams wheat starch
1 3/4 tsp baking powder, stir well
sieve the flour mixture one time
pour in luke warm milk mixture in the flour mixture, stir well
sieve one time
sieve through in a measuring cup, for easier pouring later in a mould
sieved out the lumps
according to your preference, you can add something like sieved cocoa powder now
Today I put only 1/3 tsp vanilla extract, stir well
pour the batter in the mould
pour almost 90% full
bring water in the steamer to boil on high heat
keep boiling for 2 mins, the water must be very hot
place the moulds like this not in the middle
because condensed water might drip on the Fat Gou
cover with lid, steam for 17 mins
after 8 mins, the cupcake begins to split
during steaming you must not open the lid
after steaming 17 mins, turn off the heat
remove from heat
open a little gap for 1 min
a min later, take out the Fat Gou, place it on the rack
leave to chill for 3 mins
steaming time may vary depending on the heat
if the Fat Gou wasn't done, you can steam it again
because the cupcake's shape is set already
after 3 mins, I took off the mould
put some red food colour make it look better for New year
you can put the leftover Fat Gou in the fridge
Fat Gou will become very hard after cooling down
steam it again before eating, after steaming it will become soft again
Thanks for watching see you again next time. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR