BMW M6 2012 roadtest (English subtitled)

Uploaded by AutoWeek on 27.06.2012

Wow. The most impressive part: the engine. 4.4 V8 bi-turbo, 560 PS. that is 60 more than a 911 turbo.
This car is bizar fast. That is it biggest problem, you easy get ahead of yourself!
A true M6-party, I can drive both the coupe and the convertible. Yesterday I drove the coupe, both on the road as on the Ascari racetrack.
And that went like this... and like this... and sometimes like this...
What stood out: apart from the speed: this is a heavy car. To heavy for the track and the mass pushed forward in slow corners.
And it has bodyroll when going from left to right. It is not a sports car.
So today the convertible: same specs. 4,4 V8 and 560 PS 680 Nm, 0-100 kph in about 4,3 sec.
But 100-200 kph is far more impressive. About 8 seconds. this car just has so much power!
Because of those turbo's you have that power in the whole rev range. So it accelerates like hell.
The problem: because of that you sometimes go faster than you think. And that can cause problems.
When you arrive at a corner, you sometimes have to make more corrections because of that speed.
And then pushes outwards, you feel the mass going. 2.000 kg is a lot.
And crazy enough, I like the convertible more than the coupe. because my expectations are lower.
Of course the convertible is less stiff and heavier, but the coupe already a so heavy, that that little extra doesn't matter.
And because you expect that with a convertible, I am less dissapointed with it. You drive it a little less sporty, and then it makes sense.
More sense than the coupe. Maybe strange to hear, but there you are. I feel the coupe is just to heavy for a real M-car.
The performance is incredible, but superdynamic, no it isn't. To heavy, to much bodymovement.
And M3 doesn't have that, and in this class, a Panamera Turbo doesn't either.
Is looks great, but driving fun... just could be better. And this is a M-car!
Great speed, but not as agile as I want it. Quality and ergonomics are briljant, but BMW shouldn't loose focus.
Than again, they sell the most in the USA and there the most in California, and this is what people want. Show what you got.
Maybe 1 % will do with their car what I did on Ascari. So taking that in mind, it is a hit. But that M-label is under pressure.
The M3 rocks, the 1M coupe rocks, and this, well... it is a dynamic GT. Not a sportscar. A Jag XKR is better in that aspect.
+great engine &gearbox, great finishing & looks , - heavy, to much body movement.