Uploaded by EdcoStudios on 03.05.2012

0:00:24:000,0:00:25:000 Team one, get in the cars!
0:00:39:000,0:00:42:000 At three 'o clock today I'll blow up the shopping
center downtown.
0:00:46:000,0:00:47:000 Let's move out!
0:00:50:000,0:00:51:000 Spike said they had a bomb.
0:00:53:000,0:00:55:000 Yeah, there are only a few guards out here.
0:00:56:000,0:00:58:000 We got to take them down to get inside the
0:00:59:000,0:01:00:000 Who's going in?
0:01:04:000,0:01:05:000 I am.
0:01:06:000,0:01:07:000 We'll get you some cover fire
0:01:07:000,0:01:08:000 Hey, look!
0:01:10:000,0:01:12:000 We don't want to hurt you, hold your position!
0:01:20:000,0:01:21:000 Cops, everywhere! *get's shot*
0:01:24:000,0:01:26:000 Let's secure the house.
0:01:28:000,0:01:30:000 Everyone, get cover!
0:01:50:000,0:01:51:000 One of them escaped.
0:01:58:000,0:02:03:000 *Police radio chat*
0:02:07:000,0:02:12:000 One of the terrorists got away. He's going
to the shopping mall downtown. Send some reinforcements.
0:02:17:000,0:02:20:000 The security cameras have located Trent at
the third floor.
0:02:21:000,0:02:22:000 I've got
a bomb!