Dendi interviews prb after StarLadder Season 4 (with Eng subtitles)

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Oh, my phone!
Iíll talk to you later
Yes, youíll talk later
Weíre on the backyard of CyberArena
Itís very cold here
Yes, Iím really cold
Itís a storehouse and we got a brandwall here
Iím interviewing a 4-times StarLadder champion
Itís Dendi
Hello Dendi!
Hi! Weíre solving problems
The problem solving is the 2nd question
The 1st question is...
You win the 4th StarLadder in a row...
Be serious!
Not so much!
Now itís ok
The 4th season of StarLadder and
You become the champions for the 4th time
The 4th time we become the champions of the 4th season
Yeah, itís logical
How difficult it was to win all these times?
Can you analyze how difficult these seasons were for you?
Very difficult
Itís very difficult to win StarLadder the 4th season in a row
Itís very cold here and itís very difficult
To win 4th StarLadder and it's 4th season in in a row
Because every game is difficult
Can you notice any progress in your opponentsí perofrmance?
For example Empire
They are professionals but at the same time
They have made a great progress in this season and
Have become a serious rival for your team
Do you think this is the team which will be able to beat you all the time?
I notice our regression, as for Empire, itís too early to say something
The time will show us
Maybe it will be when they change their strategies and picks
As they always are playing with the same stuff
All this stuff is only strong in these current versions
Now there will be small nerfs to the heroes
Artur likes to play with, so changes could happen
But, you know, the 4th season of the 4th StarLadder
was 4 times more difficult to win 4 times in a row!
Recently you had such a period when you were constantly losing
Smile recently told in his interview that you gathered and
Solved all your problems
Be attentive, the question is
Iíve told you that weíre solving all the problems!
Yes, itís your time now!
How were you doing that?
What were you doing?
Were you discussing it or analyzing your losses?
What were you doing?
Itís very cold here
Weíre sittingÖ
Where are we sitting?
On the backyard of CyberArena
Ok, on the backyard of CyberArena
What was the question, repeat please?
I donít remember it at all
The question was about Smile
He told in his interview that
Smile is great, he is incredible at Nerubian Assasin
He enables the skill Puppey calles ìcarapaceî
Can you imagine? There is a name for this skill
but Puppey calls it ìcarapaceî.
He plays with Nerub and then calls:
ìCarapace on!î - and everyone dies,
we laugh and have fun. It's a victory.
This is our was of solving the problems
Very interesting way
Itís very short description but if I tell you
The full story, then the last day weÖ
The long story is just like a long way to A-plant on de_dust2 in CS
You come out with AWP and...
No-no, letís talk about Dota
So with carapace on... oh wait, it's another storyÖ
Oh, yes!
The last day before StarLadder, I mean Wednesday
We have played 2 times with American team Team Liquid in the evening
We used Nerubian Assasin + wisp and other heroes
It wasnít bad, so we used this strategy in the tournament
Before it we were losing all the time
Great answer, thank you for it
This is the way we solve our problems:
Smile playing Nerub, carapace on and nobody stays alive!
Iíll clutch at your answers and ask you
to tell a few words about Team Liquid
they made a lineup recently can you analyze it?
How do you think, will they succeed?
Yes, when I go via long way to A-plant with AWP
I can succeed by killing 3 players in 3 seconds!
I do that with the 1st shot, then I go for the 2nd one
and the third without zoom
How can it be? The hold-up of aiming is about 2 seconds
Iím hard, baby
Ok, I wonít argue this case
Team Liquid?
I send my greetings to them
These guys are great; they helped us to win the tournament
Yes, Pandaren Brewmaster sends regards to Korok's Lanaya
Brewmaster, hello!!!
We love beer!
Excuse my trembling, itís very cold here
Weíre we now?
You know where we are!
On the backyard
On the backyard of CyberArena
Yes, in CyberArena, but on the backyard
Itís very interesting
What is situated behind us?
Let me read your question
I will do that
The question is
The problem solving
No, it was the previous one
Many strong heroes arenít picked because of prejudice
One you told that Necrolyte is a hero for pub
And it shouldnít be taken in official matches.
Are you cold?
No, Iím not!
You have warmed me with your answers, thatís whyÖ
I can give you a jacket
NoÖ Ok, give it to me!
Yes, itís his jacket!
Dendi is demonstrating his new skill
Thank you!
I can do it, yeah!
The question isÖ
Is it warm?
Now Iíll answer the question you havenít managed to ask me yet!
The question is about strong heroes
Which arenít picked?
Yes. Why?
Itís because of mainstream
Iíve put on a cap and it became a mainstream
So everybody, letís do the same!
I picked Zombie, so everybody let's pick Zombie!
Everybody does that
There only few people who can make something
but the rest is cribbing
Puppey likes to counter everything he sees
Heís very stubborn and he will continue playing his hero
Until heís being killed the same way for 20 times
He will play with it, try to kill, etc.
We will lose, argue, and break down
Then in the last moment weíll change something
Like it was in the last day before StarLadder
when we invented Nerubian Assassin + Wisp
Hi Team Liquid btw,
Pandaren Brewmaster says hello to Korok's Lanaya
So here we go with Nerubian Assassin, carapace
So much fun!
So answer my question
What is the number of such heroes?
Iíve already told you that briefly!
you told but it was only a lyrical digression
What is the number of strong heroes with great potential
but which arenít picked at all?
I canít tell you out of hand
I need a list, and then I could tell you theoretically
Like this, this and this are cool heroes
Itís strange they arenít picked
In any case you wonít manage to take a hero and play well it
Itís necessary to have an idea or a strategy
For it to work well against the opponentís one
My phone
A soundtrack
By the way, Iíve got iPhone 5!
Rich boy!
In your game yesterday or the day before yesterday
You banned Phantom Lancer and Void rather often
Why did you do that?
As these heroes arenít picked often at all
I donít remember the bans
I guess we banned Phantom Lancer only once
As well as Void
It happens that when you watch at the opponentís heroes
You might understand which heroes your rival wants to play with
Due to the way of their picks
So trying to play safe you start banning certain heroes
In this case youíll feel easier
The opponent can take other ones
Which they can play not so good
To be short, it's just all about carapace.
You enable it and Nerubian eats Void, Phantom Lancer and the rest
Recently everybody was picking Lifestealer
Was it a strategy or you just understood that this hero is great now?
He was upgraded in every version and now he is very cool
He has his strong features
Several teams took him against us and every time he was taken he won
So we decided to take him as well
Heís rather efficient while playing with
And good winrate as well
In his recent scandalous interview
which ArtStyle had agreed to publish after he got sober...
I have nothing to do with new-year trees
I have nothing to do with that!
Ok, the question deals withÖ
Maybe somehowÖ
ArtStyle said that youíre the worldís best player
Do you agree with this statement?
No, it was a joke, I tell you!
Ok, then who do you think is the worldís best player?
Iím talking about Dota2
Besides you?
WellÖ I donít know
Who is the runner up?
I donít know. At all
Tell me Top 3 of runners up
Korok on Lanaya. Btw Panadaren Brewmaster says hi to you.
I donít know
Ok, the next question
Are there any players who you are following
and take them as example in Dota 2 now?
Those players who you like or maybe you are friends
or you like their playing style?
I try to watch everybody
If I find something efficient I can use it myself
I try to create something new by myself as well
Thatís why it can be any player
From the strongest ones to the rest
Do you continue playing Dota 1?
So you donít watch the changes, like with 6.77?
No, even when the new hero, the forester-cutter was released
I canít understand what heís doing at all!
Which plans do you have for 2013?
No plans
I keep them in secret
Will you go on playing Dota?
Until The International ñ for sure
After The International is unknown yet?
Weíre in suspense
Thank you for the interview
On, carapace!
Hello v1lat!
Itís a Snow Maiden
How did you call this Snow Maiden?
Will you ask me the 4th question today?
What do you smoke?