How to use Balance - Payment method (Diablo III AH & Blizzard digital products)

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This video explains what Balance is and how you can use it.
Each chapter of the video can be accessed directly
by clicking the links in the table of contents currently shown on screen. Balance is a feature that allows players
to store value in their account,
provided they have an authenticator attached to their account.
This value can be used to buy Blizzard Entertainment products
such as paid services and digital versions of games.
Players in certain regions can also use Balance
as a payment option on Diablo III's Real-Money Auction House.
To be able to load your Balance,
an authenticator must be attached to your account.
Likewise, proceeds from items sold on the Diablo III Real-Money
Auction House can only be transferred to Balance
if an authenticator is attached to the account.
It is important to know that once an amount has been loaded to your Balance, it cannot be directly converted back into cash. Balance can only be used to buy
designated Blizzard Entertainment digital products
directly through or to acquire items
from the Diablo III's Real Money Auction House.
Items from the Blizzard Online Store cannot be bought with Balance.
Your Balance cannot be transferred to another account.
It can only be used for payments on your own account. Balances for different currencies are tracked separately.
This means that, for example, if you purchase Balance
using U.S. dollars you cannot use it for non-U.S. dollar-based
auction houses or convert it into other currencies.
In order to load our Balance, we log in to our account,
which is secured by a authenticator.
We click on "Account" in the top right corner of the page.
On the account summary page we find the account's Balance listed right under the search bar.
We click "Balance" to view the available options and select "Add Funds."
Note that players using a US account
will have a "Load Balance" option instead.
We would like to add 75 Euros to our Balance.
This amount is not in the predefined amount options
so we enter it into the "Other Amount" field.
The maximum amount for our currency is displayed directly under this field.
It will show a warning if the amount of current balance
plus the amount we wish to add exceeds the cap.
We are happy with adding 75 Euros for now,
so we click on "Continue to Payment."
On the Purchasing screen, we review the amount
as well as any applicable taxes before completing the purchase.
This screen also shows the region of the balance we are loading.
We select a payment method and fill out all required information.
Once done, we read the Terms of Sale
and check the box to accept the terms before proceeding.
Then we click on "Continue."
Ohů these on-screen instructions show us that an error has occurred.
Maybe we mistyped some of our card digits. Let's repeat the process
and make sure the payment details we enter are correct.
We have now finished initiating the transaction.
To increase payment security, Blizzard reviews Balance loading transactions.
Therefore, it may take up to several days before the money
is actually transferred to our Balance.
Perfect! Our Balance was just updated with the loaded amount.
We can now use it to purchase Blizzard products
and services or items on the Diablo III Auction House.
In order to complete a purchase using the Balance,
we choose "Balance" from the dropdown menu on the Purchasing screen.
We accept the Terms of Sale and select "Pay Now" to complete the purchase.
Previous purchases, including Balance loading transactions,
can be reviewed by selecting "Balance History."
Should we need more information,
the "Balance Help" will show us the Balance FAQ.
We hope this video has provided all the information you needed
to start using Balance.
Thanks for watching, good luck, and have fun!
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