Tutorial: Magix Video Deluxe 2013 - Gegenstände, Personen, Objekte verschwinden lassen

Uploaded by TheChosenOne2k12 on 11.09.2012

Today I show you how to make things or persons disappear behind an object.
The finished video will look like this.
As an example, I have here a folding rule, with 1m length, hidden behind a kitchen-roll.
This is not difficult.
First, we import our video to the timeline and trim the beginning and end.
Here You can see that the folding rule does not disappear, but is simply pushed to the left.
To make it look, as if the object disappears behind the kitchen-roll, I make a cut at the point just before it is shown on the left.
The first part of the video, I drag down to the second video track with holding CTRL key down.
Now I copy it with CTRL+C and add right behind with CTRL+V again.
In the now inserted video I set the speed to "reverse", so there is a seamless transition between the videos.
We do this in effects => Video Effects => Speed
There we put a hook at "reverse".
You could also export a frame and add this, but this would be noticed, becuase there is no movement in a frame and it might look a bit pixelated. (Depending on the quality of the video).
Next, we need to ensure that the short video can be seen only on the left half.
For this we got to video effects => Extract (or detail)
[I don’t know how it’s called in the english Programm]
First, you click on "edit".
Extents we choose out, proportions on "Free" and as width I take 600 pixels.
We see that the transition is in the kitchen roll. This fits well.
The effect we copy, and paste it in the second video again.
You see, these now have exactly the same size.
Now you can see that the folding rule already disappears behind.
For this not only is at the beginning, we copy and paste the bottom videos behind again.
Now we adapt the end.
Now we are ready, and can look at the result.
As you have seen, it is not difficult to do away with objects or people behind objects.
It is important that the camera is positioned so that it does not shake, eg on a tripod.
So you do not even need to adjust the brightness and color, it should be not recorded during daylight, as a cloud already sufficient to produce a shadow. This You will see at the image center.
That was it with this tutorial.
Look soon back in, because I will still set more tutorials online.
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