Pastel Carne / How to make Meatloaf recipe

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Hi folks now the MEATLOAF recipe
we will use
one pound of ground beef
add 4 chopped potatoes
add 4 carrots chopped
add some parsley
chopped parsley
add ham and sausage cocktail
two onions chopped
add 2 eggs
add bacon
for making this meatloaf
put the ground beef in a bowl
and add all other ingredients
that is the egg
chopped parsley
add carrots, potato, ham, sausage cocktail
mix all ingredients
I will do it by hand because I'm practical
already wash my hands
to make meatloaf
after mixing all add salt
and black pepper to taste
the bowl you put butter and black pepper to taste
the bowl you put butter
throughout the bowl put butter
After putting butter in the bowl
place ham slices in the bottom of the bowl
So that when cooked and let's turn this
meatloaf left a nice presentation
add bacon
begin to fill the container with our meat mixture
add more bacon
Now we cover the dish with foil
The oven should be at 350° F
put the meatloaf in the oven
½ hours baking meatloaf
mmm delicious
mmm look out of steam
mmm delicious mmm rich
mmm see our delicious meatloaf
now let us serve
I hope you liked my recipe
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garnished with potato coleslaw
Now I'm going to try the meatloaf
until next recipe friends