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Highlights of the news today Friday 16th November.
Conservative MP backs BNP fears of years ago! Abu Qatada to be monitored from outer space!
Illegal immigrants captured after overstaying their welcome
From Nick Griffin MEP on Barbed Wire and more! The Egyptian prime minister has travelled
to Palestine A shipment of 'cylinders' for missiles has
been seized Thought for the Day – O what lies we weave?
And finally –
UK Conservative MP’s factual remark that “gangs of Muslims are raping white kids”
has caused Leftist dhimmi heads to explode. A row has erupted after Keighley MP Kris Hopkins
claimed gangs of Muslim paedophile men are “going round and raping white kids,” fuelled
by a cultural background that encourages brutal sexism against all women. While calling for
greater openness on the subject during a House of Commons debate, Mr Hopkins made extreme
accusations which exceeded former MP Ann Cryer’s remarks on race and sex abuse in Keighley.
Tonight, a fierce row was raging as some community leaders said the former Bradford Council leader’s
remarks were “outrageous.” UK media schmucks use the politically correct
term ‘Asians’ instead of Muslims. Keighley Central councillor Khadim Hussain (Lab) said
Mr Hopkins was “playing to the BNP and the far right with this sort of thing”. Former
Labour MP Ann Cryer said she felt Mr Hopkins’ comments were “heavy-handed” – but supported
much of what he said. Dr Bary Malik, of the Bradford-based Ahmadiyya Muslim Association,
said he thought Mr Hopkins’ comments were “outrageous and a disgrace.” Lord Patel
of Bradford said: “Generally I echo what Kris Hopkins says – that this is not about
all Pakistani men – it is a minority but it is there, and does need to be addressed.
A BNP spokesman commented "too little too late but at least this creature had the guts
to say something. Perhaps they should do to him what they did to our leader and try and
get him locked up"
Abu Qatada’s every movement will be watched from space as part of the massive surveillance
operation that is costing the public £5 million a year. On top of this Qatada is demanding
to be rehoused at the taxpayer’s expense, less than 12 months after being moved to his
current home. Lawyers for the extremist cleric revealed he and his family, who live on state
handouts, have asked to be relocated. It is not known what reasons he has given but is
likely to have demanded more space or complained about the constant media presence outside.
and now the government is getting a little rattled.
Hate preacher Qatada, 51, will cost taxpayers £100,000 a week to monitor around the clock.
That is on top of the £3million bill he has already totted up in legal aid fees, benefits,
prison and security costs. And if he stays here for just another two years the total
bill will grow to £13.4 MILLION. Mr Anderson said: “We could be looking at months — or
a few years. O who will rid us of this mad cleric?
Once again, illegal immigrants and students, especially those from the Indian sub continent
have been caught overstaying their welcome at the expense of the British Tax Payer. FIVE
illegal Indians have been detained after UK Border Agency Officials swooped on an egg
production facility, Landshire County Foods, near Wincanton, Dorset. Landshire face a fine
of up to £50,000. A 20-year-old man was working in breach of the conditions of his student
visa, a 24 year old and a 48 year old had overstayed their visas, and a 39 year old
and 45 year old were found to have entered the UK illegally. . They are currently at
immigration detention centres and face removal from the UK.
A W@8 reporter commented ‘The blame must not be borne by the immigrants totally but
by the greedy British employers who want cheap illegal labour’.
I hand you over to NICK GRIFFIN MEP- who is discussing Barbed Wire, Europe and much more.
Another week, another wave of rioting in Greece and, for a change, Portugal, as the Euro dream
slides a little further down the slippery slope to nightmare. I've just heard on the
radio that the entire EU is now officially back in recession. Believe me, there's worse,
much worse, still to come. But I've got even better news than that from
Europe for you this week! In Spain our friends in the Plataforma per Catalonya are continuing
in their ambitious campaign to win their first ever regional parliamentary seat in the crisis
hit ancient province. The outright separatists there are as crazily
far-left and anti-white as the Scottish National Party are over here. Plataforma merely want
a further measure of local self-government to bring government closer to the people.
They also stand for a complete halt to the Third World immigration flood that has turned
Spain from a European nation into a demographic disaster area with immigrants now making up
nearly one in five of the population in less than 20 years.
Plataforma's growing appeal is partly based too on their policies to protect and rebuild
Spanish industry and their rejection of the global free trade disaster imposed by international
corporations through their puppets in the corrupt political elite. Together with their
firm opposition to involvement in any more neo-con wars, Plataforma are very much our
kind of party. The election is on the 25th of November and
it's the first time in modern Spanish history that any nationalist party has been in with
a chance of winning parliamentary seats. If they manage to, it will be another vitally
important sign that the nationalist star is rising again.
You know, it really would be a big step forward, something recognised by both the Flemish Vlaams
Belang and the Austrian Freedom Party, both of which are actively helping them. I hope
to speak at a meeting for them next weekend as well.
Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed or, if you're a Catholic, say a prayer for Spain
- the nation whose sacrifice over hundreds of years did so much to throw back the Islamic
tide The changing shape of Spanish politics is,
of course, just part of the far bigger fall-out from the impact of the financial crisis. It
has long been the boast of the Europhiles that "the EU abolished war in Europe." That
is, needless to say, a lie.
The exhaustion and wisdom that came from the two rounds of slaughter than began in August
1914 were far more important reasons for peace. That and the little fact of the threat of
nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction if anyone was daft enough to kick off.
War, sadly, is part of the human condition, so any statement of intention to abolish it
is a sign either of monstrous stupidity, flatulent demagoguery (as in "the war to end all wars")
or the hubristic pride that so often goes before a fall.
The latter, seems to fit the EU the best. For while the Eurocrats could never abolish
war, though the signs are that they may turn out to have changed its nature for a few years.
At the height of the insane folly of the First World War, the evil genius Lenin called on
Russians to "turn the war into civil war".
Looking at the riots, petrol bombs, broken glass and cracked skulls that are now routine
across southern Europe, I am reminded of the hardcore Marxist origins of Commissioner Barroso
and many Eurocrats. Are they still obeying Lenin?
Even if it were true that they have abolished war between nation states in Europe, the history
of the next decade will almost certainly prove that they have not abolished war within nations.
Rich against poor. Black against white. Muslim against Kaffir. Peasants against the Euro
elite and their European Army that they freely admit does not exist to be used outside Europe.
So what's it going to be used for then? I think you know the answer already.
Civil war, that's what the EU will give us in the end. War between civilians, between
communities. An evil often even worse than war between standing armies, for it has no
rules except "kill them and theirs, before they kill you and yours."
Walking the approaches to the Brussels parliament last week and this, it looked as if the Europhile
preparations are already quite well advanced. Because the place is surrounded with portable
steel and barbed wire crowd control fences, topped with razor wire. It is eerily reminiscent
of the first days of the Berlin Wall, when Communist police and soldiers erected the
'temporary' barriers that divided Germany for 28 years.
They'll probably take it down for a while, but the precedent has been set, so it will
become steadily easier for the Eurocrats to order the erection of barriers designed to
help keep the enthusiastic and grateful masses at a safe distance.
I tracked down a Union Flag in a strange little shop in Brussels and hung it, suitably ripped
and torn, on the sinister Euro-wire. I've got some cracking pictures of it for future
use - they pretty much sum the whole thing up.
As a sign of the incredible power of social networking, Simon Darby called me from Wales
within minutes to tell me that people had posted tweets that they'd seen me taking photographs
of a Union Jack draped on Parliament's barbed wire. There are so many things I can't do
in public, fortunately that's not one of them! On the subject of things that shouldn't be
done in public, or anywhere else for that matter, the British Establishment's paedophile
crisis took another lurch towards blanket disgrace this week.
While an abrupt about turn by his long-term accuser suddenly left Lord MacAlpine an innocent
man and the BBC in even more disarray than before, there came news of the arrest of another
BBC celebrity, Dave Lee Travis, and the news that the Crown Prosecution Service had rejected,
and MI5 had buried, a thick file of young victims' statements exposing the late Liberal
MP for Rochdale, Cyril Smith.
Smith's pederast shame was an open secret in the town and in the entire political Establishment
for decades. But how could the Tories expose it when, back in 1974, Smith was tipped to
become a Minister in a Conservative/Liberal coalition led by Ted Heath - the Eurotraitor
for whom Jimmy Savile used to procure young boys?
As for the Labour party. Just google Operation Ore, or Harriet Harman, NCCL Paedophile Information
Exchange, or Hackney childrens homes and Trotter. To give you just three examples of Labour's
deeply twisted position on pederasty. Of course, not all Establishment and Labour
corruption is about sex. Money plays a crucial role too. It was money, or rather lust for
it, that - with a bit of help from the BNP - brought down Denis MacShane, triggering
the by-election in Rotherham that we're fighting hard right now.
We've got a great local candidate in Marlene Guest, who in the early nineties played a
major role in the exposure and subsequent jailing of corrupt Labour councillors in the
town. Stealing £172,000 from an anti-poverty charity and blowing it on expensive meals,
booze, hotels and prostitutes is bad even by the normal low standards of champagne socialists.
So now Labour has a real fight on its hands. Our presence, combined with local anger over
Muslim grooming gangs targeting English girls, forced their National Executive to deselect
the male Muslim candidate favoured by the Pakistani tribal block that dominates the
local party. So many Labour activists are defecting to George Galloway's far-left Muslim
Respect, which is pouring activists from Bradford into the Muslim parts of town.
Meanwhile, on the English estates, a Guardian reporter yesterday found no-one voting Tory
or UKIP, but plenty of support for the BNP. "Labour's eleventh-hour dash to hold off Respect
and BNP" was the headline in the paper. Knowing how vulnerable they are to are prolonged
campaign, Labour have called this as another snap election. We have just two weekends in
which to make our presence felt, so I hope that you will do everything you can to help,
either by coming to help Marlene in person, or by donating to help the campaign.
Rotherham is a great opportunity to take the propaganda lies of those who said that we
were a fortnight away from collapse two years ago and shove them down their throats!
The civic nationalist traitors in the Muslim-candidate-fielding English Democrats, and the gay-rights obsessed
British Freedom Party both suffered predictably disastrous results in yesterday's Police Commissioner
elections. So now we can prove once and for all that the British National Party has not
just recovered financially and organisationally, but also politically. We really are the only
nationalist game in town again, so let's get out and play!
Til next week, remember, freedom is never free, and our time is coming!
Thank you Nick you have given us all something to think about over the weekend.
The Egyptian Prime Minister has travelled to Palestine to express his countries support
over the recent bombings by Israel on Palestinian targets. The Israelis fired 130 missiles into
Palestine's capital Gaza as retaliation to the 11 rockets fired at Israel earlier, which
killed 3 people in the block of flats that was targeted. A halt to the fighting due to
the Egyptian Prime Ministers visit has begun. A W@8 spokesperson stated ‘You can see who
is fanning the flames here. Our media are only showing the Palestinian wounded and ignoring
the Israeli dead. Egypt is ruled by Muslim fundamentalists which doesn’t help and you
can see the Muslim world is boiling up to bomb Israel out of existence as they have
promised to do. The West and the UN are not damping down the problem they are escalating
it to suit their purpose. Put that madman Ahmadinejad in with it and you have a very
nasty situation developing and poor old England will no doubt send more boys in to die in
another Muslim hell hole’
A large shipment of around 450 missile cylinders, used to make missiles for a possible ballistic
category of weapon has been seized by South Korean officials. The ship carrying the cylinders
was a Chinese vessel which was carrying the cargo from North Korea travelling to Syria.
The parts were ordered by a Syrian company called 'Electric Parts.' China claims it knows
nothing about the cargo and has promised a full investigation into the matter. The arrangements
for the transportation of the cylinders was organised by a North Korean shipping company.
The United Nations has placed a ban on any nuclear missile parts or information to leave
North Korea.
Thought for the Day O what lies we weave when we stoop to deceive.......
I always thought that British justice was the best in the World, until fairly recently.
The awful cover ups of the Muslim grooming epidemic so long ignored by the authorities,
culminating in the terrible Charlene Downes case which has been highlighted by us for
many years but hidden from the public by the media. Then there is the media cover up of
the case of young Robert Fleeting, who presumably hung himself after suddenly becoming ‘gay’
after a few drinks off base at RAF Benson Oxfordshire.
Now we have the Muslim grooming furore in the news again, because a Tory MP, Mr Hopkins
claimed: Gangs of Muslim men are going round raping
white children. Some Muslim men are fundamentally sexist and
only wanted subservient women. That some Muslim boys are raised as little
princes who can do no wrong and so lack morals. That some imams behaved brutally to children
in Keighley’s mosques. Mr Hopkins said he was not saying “all British
Pakistani men are abusing white kids,” but he went on to add: “There is a large minority,
though.” In fact my friends all of which Nick Griffin,
the British National Party, ProFam, me and many other nationalists have been saying for
years. I have met Shakeel Aziz, who runs anti-grooming workshops for young men in Keighley and he
is firmly in the ‘deny, divide and conquer’ brigade of Muslims and labelled Mr Hopkins
‘as wrong to identify abusers as Muslim when the background of their crimes had little
to do with religion.’ This is of course a load of pigs bollocks – with very few
exceptions all the guys brought to court (and there are precious few of them) are Muslim.
You still never see whole page spreads wholly devoted to the youngsters ruined by these
bastards, even if they survive. Their very short stories are submerged in with sex slaves
and run of the mill paedophiles (not the Jimmy Savile style) and the Eastern European gangs
and our own Black gangs. Even then the religion of our Muslim groomers is never mentioned
as Muslim, just Asian which is of course an ethnicity not a religion. I have written and
spoken many times on the reason why these young men and boys turn to such nasty forms
of sexualisation of our very young girls and it is all based on their religion, which of
course is tenet of their land (not our land) and their families attitude and behaviour
towards their indigenous hosts, namely seemingly friendly but underneath contemptuous of the
hand that feeds them. You will only see a change in their behaviour
and way of operating in this country when we see a change in our media and government
confront the issue and put them firmly in their place which hopefully gives them the
chance to give their allegiance to a country more suited to their needs. We are however
very good at covering up all sort of crimes, and seemingly the mixture of the Armed forces
and homosexuality is just one facet. Up to this liberal age, unless you were an Ottoman
mercenary or in the ancient Greek army, it was frowned upon to have homosexuals as soldiers,
now of course with the Common Purpose rules striding over our land, the RAF, Army and
Navy seem to want to recruit them to show how liberal they are or it might be to get
more Lottery money I do not know. Now young Robert Fleeting 24 was not a homosexual.
He was a Scot from East Kilbride, serving at RAF Benson as a fire-fighter. He came from
a caring home and was engaged to Maxine Menhennet 19. The last time Maxine saw Robert he gave
her £350 to put down on a wedding dress and the following day Maxine attended a family
wedding and Robert went on a night out, it was the last night out he ever had. There
is an investigation supposedly going on with the IPCC which has been demanded by his parents,
Susan and Charlie Fleeting, so I must be cautious here but a Facebook campaign has been launched
and joined by over 11,000 people. The facts of his death are just too strange and differ
too greatly from this young man’s character and from the man that his friends and family
knew not to be looked into. Wearing my ProFam hat I have been in touch with his Mother Susan
and I feel for her. There is nothing as daunting as the British establishment when it gets
the bit between its teeth and a cover up is under way.
To sum up a few facts, Robert went out that night with friends and colleagues. There was
a drunken altercation between what the Police named the ‘other male’ throughout the
Police report. This ended good naturedly when they all returned to base. This ‘other male’
who was allowed to ‘refuse’ to give a formal statement to the Police during those
first hours was a known homosexual medic called Ryan Charlton. He claimed that they had ‘consensual
sex’ .It was in Charlton’s room that Robert’s mobile phone was found. Robert’s body has
now been cremated but evidence of abuse was found on the body during a post mortem. The
rolled up curtain supposedly used by Robert to hang himself was a ‘ring donut bandage’
commonly used by medics in Iraq and Afghanistan and Robert would have had no knowledge of
how to tie this item. This was not told to the parents. The investigating officer took
it on himself to ignore investigations of the PM for date rape drugs because they released
the body to the family too soon for cremation, which is another way of covering up a crime.
It is unclear whether the suicide notes found were actually written by Robert. Robert was
a ladies’ man not a closet homosexual. His father who is ex military himself and his
fiancée believe that Robert might have killed himself after an encounter with Charlton but
that he was raped or assaulted under duress. There are two possible scenarios, Robert was
raped whilst drugged, then strangled with this particular knot and left in his room.
His socks are still missing and his mobile phone was left in the room of Charlton. Robert
was found on the floor of his bedroom not hanging at the time. Another possibility is
that he woke up from being assaulted and hung himself, still leaving his mobile phone in
another room, writing copious notes and still missing his socks. It seems that the investigations
have been sketchy and that the RAF is covering up the whys and wherefores of this young man’s
tragic demise. It really stinks. I would think if you were a young fellow slightly drunk
or drugged or both, and you woke up having been violently assaulted, enough to leave
‘internal bruising’ would your first thought be suicide? Was Charlton there at the time?
Investigations have taken Charlton’s word that he left the room so why were Robert’s
personal effects including his phone left in another room? Personally I feel that this
suicide, rape or murder or all three has been covered up in the best possible way, by way
of appearing ignorant and stupid. It is criminal that a young man working for the establishment
can undergo trauma and death and no one actually cares what really happened apart from his
traumatised relatives. There should be full investigation carried
out and quickly if only for the sake of his good name, his family and Maxine. This investigation
should be as huge and public as the various disgusting gropings carried out 40 years ago
by a certain celebrity, which is due to reach the giddy heights of money changing hands,
a legal first for an old grope or groper I feel. What about Robert and others in his
position in the armed forces, their names have not warranted fame, how about the poor
little girls, and I do not mean the ones who gloatingly ‘only go out with Pakis’ stupids,
I mean the youngsters who have been murdered recently and who might well have been killed
in the last 30 years that these Muslims have been preying on them – who will say their
names in the Book of the Dead?. Who will stand up and be counted for these innocents? Only
us, the reviled British National Party but you know what they say every dog has his day
and I hope that day will not come over the bodies of our innocent young men and women.
It is a sad day for a country when the powers favour the odd and perverted to deny justice
to what is right and good in society. Let us hope that the IPCC do their job for Robert
Fleeting and that the Government do their job in protecting our young girls and our
culture and religion as indeed, they are paid to do.
And finally – don’t feed the horses! Yup it could only happen in PC Britain, as if
we do not have enough trouble getting rid of preachers of hate we are now prosecuting
men who feed sausage rolls to Police horses! It is true – a man who gave a Police horse
a sausage roll is facing Court proceedings. He has been accused of ‘behaving in a “threatening
or abusive manner’ In this thankfully rare case, Francis Kelly,
41 has been charged with causing a breach of the peace in Glasgow earlier this year.
Apparently he ignored police warnings and gave the pastry to the animal because he thought
the horse looked ‘hungry’. Critics said the case was a waste of money and questioned
why it was being brought before the courts next year.
Prosecutors will allege that on September 28 Mr Kelly behaved in a “threatening or
abusive manner” by attempting to feed meat to the horse. This presenter says that the
Police should take the same stance over the G8 bastards who hit Police horses or the IRA
who blew them up. Have they nothing better to do?’
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I and the team at Radio Britain
wish you all a very happy and safe weekend. W@