Renowned kapa haka couple honoured at Investiture Ceremony

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The renowned expert kapa haka couple were also honoured
at the Investiture Ceremony today.
Rapaera Tawhai has this report about them both.
For this exponent of haka it is a day of celebration,
but also of commemoration.
I am very lonely.
She has been gone for almost two months now.
Her death has been difficult.
Emotions were high with the absence of another haka exponent,
who has been awarded the MNZM.
Although it is presented posthumously
it honours the efforts and hard work of this descendant of Mahaki
to the haka world.
I cried, because she isn't here.
However, there are many others like me out there -
who have lost their partners. It can be quite lonely.
Her husband Ngapo Wehi was also awarded the QSM.
It is very humbling to hear what others have achieved.
This couple is renowned for establishing Te Waka Huia
and leading them to the heights of the kapa haka world.
Te Waka Huia has won the national haka festival four times.
They also established the Pounamu training institute
which focuses on the Maori arts.
Greetings to you all.
I encourage you all in these very difficult times.
Go forth.
An acknowledgement of kapa haka and the Maori community,
so it should be celebrated.
Rapaera Tawhai, Te Karere.