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Hi. there! And, welcome to another episode of Red Bean and Kimchi. I'm Cathedral Leung.
Hello. I am Young Bum. We have a very special episode for you this
week. This week's guest is very influential in the Asian Pacific Islander community. He
is a filmmaker, an actor, and co-creator of "Channel APA". Please help us welcome Steve
Nguyen. Hey! Hi, Cathedral. How're you doing?
Steve! How are you doing? Pretty good.
Okay. Hey, Young Bum.
Please. Frisking. Yep.
Checking for weapon. Weapon? Okay.
No, I think I'm... Clean. What's this?
Okay. Okay.
Let's sit down. Okay.
So, Steve. You are a very influential person in our community.
Really? Thank you. Please tell us more about Channel APA.
Yeah. No, no. Channel APA is a website, actually, that me and my partner and friend, Kevin - we
started back in 2009. And it's all about highlighting the best and brightest and most talented Asian
American actors, entertainers. Well, I have a surprise for you.
Oh yeah? What? Mmmnnn...hmmmm. The surprise for you is - we
actually have someone calling in to say, "hello," from San Francisco.
Oh, really? Who? It is your partner, from Channel APA, Kevin
Hsieh! Oh, really?
Ooooh. Surprise! Hey, everybody.
Hey. What's up, Kevin? What's up? Thanks for having me on the show. And, giving
me the opportunity to say thanks to all the supporters for Channel APA. We've got over
3 million views on YouTube and millions more on our website, And. just
thanks all the fans and supporters, even the artists out there that we profiled for the
collaborative efforts in the community. Yes, everybody. Thank you for your support.
We couldn't have done it without your help. Have a good rest of the show.
Alright. Take care, Kevin. So wonderful.
Goodbye. Thank you for making voice call.
Now, please, tell us. What have you been up to lately?
It's an animated film. What is it called?
It's called, "Hibakusha". The movie is about a period piece, where a friend of mine - actually,
her name is, Kaz - she went through the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. The experience was very
devastating. It's mostly just her experiences following the atomic bomb. So, she lived through
it. She saw it. And, we just figured the best way to put that on screen is to really capture
every experience that she saw firsthand. and, she tells these amazing stories that you can
only just see in your mind. It's crazy. And, when is your movie coming out?
We hope to have it done by August. August 2012.
Wow. Competition with World Olympic. Oh, yeah, man. The Olympics. Yeah.
Very , very good. Good work. I am looking forward to it. You know, I have a thought.
Maybe you can make a movie about Young Bum and me!
There's an idea! Let me...let me show you. Girl from the mean
street of Hong Kong makes it to the top of the entertainment industry.
Uh, who'd that be? C'mon.
Ah. Exciting.
Bad boy from North Korea moves to the USA to make it to the top level of the record
industry as top level executive. All entertainment!
So, that would No. No. That is him. Young Bum. Young Bum.
You know, what? We talk about it after the shoot. We will drink Boba and flesh it out.
Actually, I have to be somewhere... No. You must put the balls in your mouth.
You with us. Yes? Have your people call my people.
We can just follow you home. Just give us your phone number.
Maybe you just give us your address and we'll meet you at your house.
Okay. That's one good idea. We go to your house this Saturday.
Yes. 8 o'clock. Your house. Saturday.
I have to tell you, I don't eat meat. So, whatever you're gonna make us for dinner,
only vegetables. Okay. That's a good idea.
I am looking forward to it. Thank you so much for inviting.
It's going to be a good movie on us. We have to think about the script.
Okay. We will write the script. We will write the
script. Thank you so much. We will make you famous.
Okay. I like those shoes. You did not dress for the show, but I can use the shoes.
Wait, wait. Are you serious? Thank you for joining us for another episode
of Red Bean and Kimchi. Untie.
Noooo. Join us every Monday night. Please comment
and subscribe. Call us at Facebook and Google Plus.
And, please help us thank our special guest, Steve Nguyen, and look out for his movie coming
in August 2012. Called... "Hibakusha".
And thank you Channel APA and Kevin Hsieh. We love you! Bye, bye!
Can I have my shoes back now?