2013 Inauguration: Making It Happen - Major Pat Smith

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My name is Pat Smith.
I'm a major with the United States Park Police
I'm the commander of our icon protection branch
here in D.C.
which includes our Special Events Unit,
our Special Forces Branch,
our Central District
which is where we are right here today.
My job during the Inaugural
is the Law Enforcement and Security Branch
Director, working with the National Park Service
Incident Management Team.
So I'll have incident command over the U.S. Park Police forces
and basically our main areas of responsibility are
the National Mall,
the sidewalks on Pennsylvania Avenue
where the parade will go- the parade route sidewalks
from 3rd to 15th Street,
and the White House Reviewing Stand,
and Lafayette Park.
And also we have a robust transportation plan
because we're very involved in moving a lot of the
moving pieces into town
including, you know, the parade floats
and the military buses that will be coming into the District.