MENSALÃO: Mrs dancing in the Brazilian congress!

Uploaded by 0MadeInBrazil0 on 26.07.2009

A few journalists, parliamentarians and officials present ...
in the plenary chamber of Brazil, after midnight,
attended a strange conclusion:
In recent months, the Federal Member Angela Guidolin, the PT in São Paulo,
voted against the appeal of all Members involved in the scandal "MENSALÃO,"
the exception was Roberto Jefferson and Pedro Correa.
But yesterday, it has be taken by emotion to see a good friend out of the "guillotine":
Mr John Magno the PT of Minas Gerais.
And celebrated raising, dancing and roll!
Is well monitored between the politicians who gave the ...
temptation of risking steps to dance in public:
In 2004, the then Secretary of U.S. State, Colin Powell,
risked the choreography gay, YMCA, the party to close a meeting ...
about safety in Indonesia.
Here, we see a Secretary of American States
also, dancing with children in North Korea.
In 1997, it was the Russian President Boris Yeltsin, visibly embryo,
who closed his hands, opened a smile and release the grindstone!
Even Nelson Mandela has been caught, Dance children!
But none of them was the headquarters the parliament of his country ...
And in any case, the reason the dance was the acquittal of a member ...
accused of receiving illegal money.