Berklee College Music Audition 2012 in Germany

Uploaded by shelamorgan on 03.05.2012

So I auditioned for berklee
They came to Germany, Munich
I went there and got back from my trip.
and now there are a few things I would like to share with you
because I noticed that watching all the videos from the people who were sharing their personal experiences and thoughts on their audition for berklee
helped me a lot
It helped me to calm down
and to take everything more relaxed
Even if most of them said the same thing. It helped me alot and I am really thankful to everyone for sharing.
Before I start with the acutal thing, I want to say that since I am not a native speaker, I'll probably do a lot of mispronunciations and mistakes.
It's not easy for me to express my thoughts and feelings in English. So bare with me...
But I think you'll be able to understand me anyway. Also I'll probably add subtitles to make sure that you understand everything.
Lets get started...
I had to trave forl 6 to 7 hours. I stayed at a hotel, because I didn't wanted to go there in a exhaused condition
Since you sing with your whole body, and you need energy to sing, there could appear some problems if you are tired
and I just wanted to avoid any problems.
My warm up time was 10 am but I went there 1 hour early.
I didn't see any other people who went there to audition.
But I think that they had lots of people who auditioned because the audition was extended from 2 to 5 days or so.
It was probaly just well organized.
I went there one hour early and I started a lot earlier than planned.
When I went there, there was a guy who guided me.
He gave me the warm up room number and said that there was a book in there,
which I should take a look into
he said, It might happen that I'll have to sing one of the sheets.
Which was strange to me, because I expected the sight reading part
and I thought that I would have to choose only one of the songs
I am a beginner at sight reading but the sheets were really easy
the way I sang it in the warm up room was right
but I did worse when I had sight read infront of the audition team
If I would have focused on just on song It would have been better.
I went to the audition room
It was a concert hall. Really beautiful...
I may sound like a pervert now
I got a book from Berklee, which is black and has information about Berklee in it
the audition people were really open and nice
I think they want to make sure that you feel comfortable, they want to take your nervousness.
I planned to give them a CD
but It turned out that they didn't have a CD drive
They looked a little surprised
because I am more of a RnB, Soul singer
he was laughing all the time
and at this moment I could see that they had fun doing their job
I am really disapointed for not saying those things
People in my culture marry in their early 20s
My GPA is pretty bad
the one I got three years ago is pretty good
But the report I'll get in a few months will be pretty bad
What shall I do now?
and our family doesn't have talent
When I was 12 years old I was asked if I wanted to be like Britney Spears
that I'll never be able to be on the same level as her
Passion is really intensive
If I would ask anyone who never experienced passion
Didn't you ever loved something, so much that you thought that you could even die for it
the people would call me naiv
you know when you are sad, and dont have anyone to talk to about your depressions
someday there has to be just one small thing which needs to make you more depressed
and you'll explode
the same thing that will happen to me with my energy