Forgot About IBM System 360

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And in 1965
the first of these third-generation computers with solid logic technology
were delivered to the users. One computer family for commercial, scientific, and communications applications.
A Modular Design
that would enable the customer to have a system with the speed, storage capacity, and input/output units
custom suited to his precise needs.
A child is born, a tree is felled, a pocket is emptied, a check paid,
a choice is made,
and so on. Every fact about the world is information and can be handled on computers as long as it can use numbers.
38 22 26
any profile
any shape, any fact, any theory
about the material world
can be exactly described by sets of numbers
control control control
everyday you read in the newspapers that computers are controlling something else
it's my belief that the government will link together all of the computers
and we'll all be controlled
and there'll be no freedom left.
Computers certainly could help to destroy human freedom
equally they could enlarge it
computers can help man to build or to destroy
they can make war
or peace
computers are fundamentally different from all earlier types of calculating machines
because they must be given a list of instructions
give dangerous instructions, the result is dangerous
give stupid instructions
and the answer will be stupid
computer men have a saying
G.I.G.O = Garbage In Garbage Out
computers may be wonderful
but they're a great big black box
I don't know how your get sense into them or out of them for that matter
it isn't helpful to think of the computer as a single mysterious black box
if anything, it is five black boxes intricately connected together
first the input, all of the information that the computer requires is fed in here
at the other end is the output
through this, the computer delivers the results of its calculations.
an arithmetic unit (or logic unit) does the actual calculation
the memory (or store) contains all of the information the computer needs to solve the particular problem.
finally, the control unit, which keeps all the other parts working in the proper sepquence
these black boxes, in fact, are never black. Most manufacturers have their individual color schemes.
as significant as when the first wheel rolled
the first gunpowder exploded
or rocket fired
when Watts saw a kettle did rise
When Hargreaves invented the Spinning Jenny

when Marconi tapped out the first message
or when Rutherford first split the atom.

In a complete game, it can defeat an inexperienced player
but can be outwitted by a good one.
The machine recognizes its position as hopeless

and resigns

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