La Shahbanou d'Iran Sa Majesté l'Impératrice Farah Pahlavi au mariage du Prince Albert de Monaco

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Here comes the Empress of Iran, Farah Diba [ Pahlavi ]
One must not forget that when
the Shah of Iran was enduring all the villainies
we had inflicted upon him
in the very end of the 1970ies,
the sovereign Prince Rainier III at the time
was among the very rare chiefs of states in the world
who showed himself more than benevolent,
and even welcoming for the exiled imperial couple.
Yes, but France wasn't so happy with that kind of alliance
and they had to leave Monaco very swiftly
to go to Cairo where He ended His days.
Empress Farah Diba [ Pahlavi ] is arriving.
Here is the Shahbanou.
The Shahbanou who is coming. Wearing one of these suits
Very much applauded. She is one of the mostů
One can perhaps here the applauses.
She is an ICONIC figure.
In January, she lost her son.
Last night you were telling me
how exceptional a lady she was.
She is a remarkable woman.
No one has had a destiny comparable to her.
ů a tragedy! She has been
one of the most powerful women of the world,
one of the wealthiest.
She had an extraordinarily hard exile.
She lost her husband.
She lost her daughter, Princess Leila some ten years ago.
And last January, her son,
her second son, Prince Alireza alas committed suicide.
This woman is indeed a model of courage.
See here Empress Farah Pahlavi,
the Empress of Iran,
who had indeed a very hard year
she has lost a second child this year
and she is very hurt.
Because you know, Prince Rainier was
was the only chief of state who
had lent her a friendly arm
in the aftermath of the Islamic Revolution of 1979
and had offered to shelter her here
in the Principality [of Monaco].