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What the... No, no, nooooo!
Shit, it works!
Hi, my name's Hyperman. Are you a local superhero?
Not at all, this's been just a practice. Hasn't it, guys?
Fuck you!
See you next time! Let 's go.
So, you are looking for a superhero...
I'm Trinity and my job is far from a hero. But I've killed several hunderds of people.
So I can take care of somebody.
I'm just flying around and what a surprise! Finally Trin's got a boyfrend!
This is Hyperman.
This is Pajdaman. (crippled, pajdat = to limp) If you are looking for a superhero... is one. Although he is limping a little bit and talks bullshits, he is good...
at using the ropes and flying by them.
Do you shoot your ropes from arm implants? - How do you know?
In our world there is a legend about a cripplelegged boy with arm implants and...
...who talks bullshit. One day he returns and the fate of tho whole galaxy is resolved.
What a coincidence...
Straight to the point. I need your help.
I think I know who could give us na advice.
Hi babe!
You look fantastic! Why are you dressed in white?
Why am I always wearing black clothes?
...why not?
We need your help. I hope you still have those connections.
Sure, anything for you. - Speak, Hyperman.
To the point. Darth Olivius the Last lord of the Smith has created a device.
He uses it to control the people.Together with Helmut he wants to rule the galaxy.
He started with us, superheroes. So we can't stand against him.
I didn't believe it could work, but I set off to a yourney far far away...
...away from our world to seek help. Just to be sure.
- It works then. Yes, my power sucks.
It is a world security issue. Michelle, the red line!
Mr. President! Red alert!
Amazing! It's like in that TV show! What was its name?
Wormhole X-treme, I guess!
When we reach the other side, we'll seek for my old friend. Are you sure you can make it?
Cool man. I got an antilimping injection from a guy called doctor Lee.
So I hope it gonna work for a while. - And I've got my honey-gunny with me.
So. Shall we go?
Why natives from all foreign planets speak English. Do you?
Put it away, you... you dungman!
Watch out! - They are attacking!
That's what I call "My guest my lord"
Let's go!
Helmut. - Greetings Helmut. Switch to holophone.
What are your biddings my master? - I feel a great disturbance in the Force.
Me too... - It is possible that a son of the one...
...who doesn't exist anymore is back. - How shall we proceed? He could destroy us.
In time he is goign to find you. And you are going to turn him to the Dark side.
How is it possible? He doesn't even know who I am.
Don't be affraid, Helmut. I've set everything already.
What if the oldman speaks?
Helmut, Helmut, you underestimate the power of my inventions.
The Five is setting off at this moment. Wait here for the boy.
I'll take care of everything. - He'll either join us or die.
This is Mirkwood. Be cautious.
Wait! That limping is coming back again.
We've got them!!!
Ganjadalf! - You are still alive, you bastard?
Yeah, you old-timer. These are my friends from the Earth. Trinity and Pajdaman.
Pajdaman, you say? - So what have you been doing all those years?
Hype, at first I must notify you of changing my name.
I am not Gajnjadalf Fusty Rankle-hame anymore. Now I am Obi van Kennedy.
I see you've changed your gear and you don't stink anymore. How did it happen?
I've fought Bulldog on the very top of the Asswhole-um tower.
--Look, look, look. Ace-lace!-- After our duel had ended as a draw...
...Bulldog challenged me to a deathmatch. It was something like kicking penalties.
We were blowing as hard as we could. Finally my enemy couldn't stand it...
...fell down on a fork which accidentelly stabbed his head.
After that my soul left my body and I travelled across endless galaxies and distant dimensions.
Finally I awoke as a new one.
And here I am! And what abou you? I have brought these heroes to help us.
Great. Reinforcements are always useful.
You, Pajdaman. Do you want to learn something?
Not really. - I do, I do!
Fuck off, you bitch! Pajdaman, you have been chosen to learn something new.
I've got a feeling that this will be important in our story.
Stand still now.
Link, upload the program.
---New subject connected. Choose input.---
Good stuff. I can do up the laces now. More!
Go on.
Wow. I'm mastered in Jedi abbilities. And I don't limp anymore.
The training is now complete.
Oh my Good, they've killed Kennedy! - Bastards!
You two, grab her. You, follow them.
It seems they've got Trin. - Those are the agents - the Bat carriers.
Don't worry. We will get her back.
Forgive me my betrayal. If I knew it is Paj... Paj... - What?
Take that note...
He probably wanted to say notebook.
So what have we got here? The position of Lord Olivius's headquaters.
And it is a prison as well. That's where Trin would be kept.
My plan: brake in and execute every motha-fucking last one of them.
I have to go. What? What the...
Why I always meet jerks like him. Go, go, I don't mind!
I know everything I need, I don't need you anymore. should work now…. Miss, one shot please…
Hi goodlooker, don't you wanna jolly? - ...well, two shots!
Sure, just a moment. - You are a stranger, aren't you?
According to your costume planet Earth I guess… I've been there.
Enough talking! What's your price? It depends on your offer. My love-nest is not far.
Do you have some hard currency? - Hard currency? Yeah, I have some…
Link, send me her body characteristics.
Can you see this green fella. He ruled half an Europe.
Europe, I don't know that. You can be sure I have screwed a lot.
Deal? - I don't know that, I don't take that so I don't go!!!
A hundred is enough. - A hundred is enough.
It'll be for free. - It'll be for free.
Let's go… - Wait, wait!!!
Charm skills!!!
Eat, drink!
If you are the Son of God turn that stone into the bread!
Are you talking to me? - No, to me…
It ain't by bread man's gonna be fed. But by the Word God's given him.
Leave now, Devil! - Well, I'm leaving.
It's been 2000 years and he still doesn't believe me.
You ruined our dinner buddy. I've got a feeling i know you…
I'm Jesus from Nazareth. Holy Ghost lead me here.
I heard stories about you from Ganjadalf.
I've been hiding on this planet 2 milleniums, but I'll be back on Earth once.
It's a pitty Ganjadalf won't see that. - You know it already?
I even know you lost your power and know you are looking for that.
It's all thanks to Force. It surrounds us, penetrates us...
...and talks to us by the Words of God. Nothing would exist without the Force.
I didn't know lightsaber could be used for such a things…
I'm the only one who ownes a lightsaber like this one. I don't even know how have I assembled it.
I have a bad feeling about these new skills. Why I have followed his teaching so foolishly.
It'll be better It needs time..
It bothers me I can't recognize myself last few days.
It's not about I don't know how I got to that pub, the point is how we got to this place…
Has it happened to you yet?
Sure baby!
Subject is ready now. - Excellent! Send him to Helmut. Let them have little talk.
Where are you! Where're you?
Tell me good news, please.
He broke in when you were having a shower. Don't worry you penetrated me indeeed.
Such a relief. - I'm bounded, release me!
I have to go. - What? You leave me in this situation!
I'll return for you.
If a man hits your right cheek, turn the other one to him as well.
Beware Hyperman, wrath, fear and agression lead to the Dark side.
You have much to learn.
The dark side clouds everything.
I feel it the water, I feel it in the earth, I smell it in the air…
Yeah, it's fucked up.
You know, You can't stop the Force by software. It's in your mind.
If you believe in yourself, you will gain everything what you need. Believe!
You are probably right.
Well don't waste a time, go, gain your power and save that chick from the prison.
How can I trust you. ...You can't, but I'm the Son of God...
...the One, born from the Force itself. No Gates-software can't fight with me.
Right. - And make children!
Save your energy, You are comletely under my control.
Do you see? - What do you want from me?!
I want show you who you really are. - Kiss my red ass!
You can do it yourself, but it won't be pleasant so shut up and listen.
How about I give you a tongue and you give me my phone call...
What good is a phone call, if you are unable to speak.
Yes, feel your anger. You civil name is Klimek, you are an airship-service man.
Around the whole world you are known as Pajdaman, the Limpy-man.
Found in front of gates men-monastery. What if I told you came from this planet.
It's over! - Please don't kill me I'll tell you everything.
Where is Trinity? - Locked down in the cellar.
Is this the Main computer?
What the hell?!
Hyperman, help me!
We have to get out of here!
Go get a vehicle for us, I will take care of him.
Hyperman, wellcome back! I've missed you.
You've got your abillities, I've got mine. What are we to do?
Come for a little talk! - With pleasure.
Following scenes aren't important for this story.
Except the kung-fu fight in the air ending by crashing the heroes into the ground and huge explosion there wasn't anything special.
That is why you will not see this stuff even in the cut scenes on the original DVD. Marek Špeta - director.
Die! Just die! - You can't get rid of me.
Hyperman, jump in! - On my way.... On my way.
I kill you! - I like you acting like this. Let the anger overrule you.
Catch me, If you can!
Wait, wait, wait! - What for?
I'm your father, daddy, father. - No way!
Together we shall rule this galaxy!
Whole? - Whole. Allright then.
Why didn't you tell me earlier? - It woudln't be such fun.
Daddy, you're such a dumb egg.
Let's go.
What about Pajdaman? What happened?
What about that Pajdaman? Are you deaf?
If you don't want to tell me what happened there, allright, but we have to save Pajda.
What is that thing you are playing with all the time?
I'm not Hyperman!
You have destroyed the main computer, however it is me who who has designed it.
Let me introduce you its portable version. Now. You will take us to the gate.
I'll have to deal with your kind personally .
Thank you all who has come to this funeral ceremony of Lord Olivius the last lord of Smith.
I hadn't other option but to place myself to the leadership of Order of bat-carriers.
Yeah! Whooho!
Lord Olivius was a great leader and a technical genius. It does't matter anyway!
From now the New order will be forced! I have abolished all the intergalactical flights
I have stopped communication and all men older than 18 will be recruited!
We will show the terrorists from the Earth what's what
Defeating the Earth won't be over, we will conquer the whole Galaxy!
Whooho! Oh, yeah!
We will not carry this burden alone. My son…
...the man who was kidnapped and hidden by the evil units of the Jedi.
The living legend stands here in front of you! Kneel!
After this manner you'll be known as a helmut.
Hail Helmut II!
Hail! Whooho! Yeah!
It's been a hard day. I hate these ceremonies!
We worked hard, we'll play hard! - C'mon!
I feel like partying right now, and you?!
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