Build a Ytong Wall, Autoclaved Concrete , Hebel, Aircrete and Thermalite , BCA wall

Uploaded by vinkokth on 10.12.2010

The good thing of this kind of block is that is very light and with perfect edges.
Perfect edges make it very easy to work with. Very easy to put it together.
And you get very stabile wall, with good insulating capability
This is place I am going to build wall. The old stone wall is very bad and cold in winter time.
I have to build new wall to it.
Start, first 2 rows are the most important. You have to put first 2 rows very good and after is all very simple.
You need 2 piece of straight metal or wood on any side of your wall and string line between it.
You need water level to check if your wall is in level. First 2 rows must be very good to continue.
Get some cement for stone and mix it.
Very important add some cement to any side of the wall, wall need good contact to surrounding walls.
Apply it to stone, on any side , also to stone that already is on the wall and to stone you are going to add.
Get this piece of light metal ( usually just 10 Euro) and using this you can easy check is wall is straight .
Try to get your blocks like this in T not in . Very good for stability and fill any side of the wall with cement.