Bendu Apparao R M P

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Don't worry, Sowcar! Nothing happens to yourwife.
Does it mean tha she won't delivertoo?
Hey...Nothing happens to her life!
lt's been half an hour since doctorwentinside.
Neither mywife cried nor my child cried.
Yourwifecries onlyif shedelivers, but notas thedoctorwent inside, right?
Doctor! My wife... - No use!
Child in thestomach... - Turned across?
Turned against! - Can't you save them?
Not onlyme...
Though Dr. Ramanaidu! Dr. Mohanbabu! Dr. Rajasekhar!
Dr. Brahmanandam! come together... ...can't save them!
lf you don't know medicaion, accept it.
lfyou don't know, saythat you don't know.
But you don't saytha no man exists to saveher.
You have to bescolded...
As it's said, ''Our pet dog are betterthan the street dog''.
Though there is aking likedoctor in our village, you havebroughtsuch a doctor.
ls therea doctor in this village who is greater than me? -Yes!
For our people, cattle, birds, trees and mushrooms...
Especially forfees... Only oneguy is there!
Pokiri Mahesh? - No! Allari Naresh!
Bendu Apparao RMP!
There hehas come...
Hey...ln this village...Hindus prayto Rama! Muslims pray to Allah!
Christians prayto Jesus!
But all together likes... -Only Mummeth khan!
Your daddy!
Doctor! Tha implies me! - Moveaside!
Sir! Sir! You have to savemywife's life.
Brahma creates thelife! Yama takes out thelife!
But this Bendu Apparao RMP will sustain one's life.
Don't worry! Whereis ourwife? -lnside! lnside!
All ladies! All of you go out...
Whereare you going?
You havejust asked all ofus to go out, right?
lt's simply fun...
Whom should l makedelivery if you go out?
Lie down! Hey...takeout the sword!
Hereit is!
Whyis this sword for? - To operate you...
Operaion with this sword? - Sword doesn'tmatter...
Cutting matters!
Guru! Shall we giveher anaesthetic? - No!
lfmother is given anaesthetic, it will be danger forchild's life.
lf you cut the stomach without giving anaesthetic, shemay feel thepain.
Shewill bear it for her child.
How much do wecut? Justa fee, right?
Are you ready? -No! No!
O Husband! A good news for you...
Kantham! Have you left me alone and passed away?
Your daddy! Are you expecting herto die?
lfso...has shenot died? - No, ofcourse!
Within onedelivery, shehas brought female children onto theearth.
Control tha happiness so, get my fees immediately.
Whatis this?
l asked him to bring fees. Why is hebringing a plate?
You have cut the navel and saved thelife.
With thesamehands...
Bringthem up and get them married.
Tell me ifthe fees is not enough...
l will bringtherest 2 children alongwith my wife.
ls this fees? -No! lt's fine!
Hey... lt's enough sweeping...
Ask the patients to come in queue!
Yes! lt's a big Apollo hospital...
lt is as congested as a small bunk!
People come in queue and show in this!
Only one is waiting outside...
lt's okay! Ask him to comein queue...
Greetings, sir!
What Kaatraju? Wha made you comehere? -As his time is not good!
l havebeen tired forthepast 4 days.
lt comes 10 to 12 times a day. -Tha Kathulapaai Kameswari, right?
As her husband is in Gulf countries, shehas no fear atall.
Kameswari is not coming! This is what coming...
l doubtifl have sugar!
My wife asks me to show in Rajamundry!
l havecometo get some suggestions from you.
You have doneagood job!
lf you had goneto Rajamundry as yourwifesaid...
You would haveput thehalf acre for saleafter coming back.
Why?- lf you go to city... City scanning! Town scanning!
Body scanning! Brain scanning! NRl! MRl! ECG! X-Ray!
They make you undergo manytests and rob you a once.
What shall l do now? - Give me Rs. 100/-
l will tell you if you havesugar. - l have only 50 rupees!
Whatis this cruelty?
Will you cutmyhand as l gave you 50 rupees less?
O my pearl!
l did not cut your hand. This is sugartest!
What is this nastytest?
lf ants gather around your blood, it means you have sugar!
ls it so?
Sir!Ants have not come, sir.
lf are out ofsugar! -Thank God!
Aies arespreading over... - This means that you haveJaggery!
ls Jaggery also a disease? -Then?
l give usethem!
Have thesepills, onein themorning and oneatnight. ltwill be cured!
Giveme 20 rupees more. -Wha for?
Don't l have to dress this hand? l will leaveitif you don't want!
Theentire bloodflows out as ifthe Krishna waterflowed into Rayalaseema!
Okay sir! l will paythe fees tomorrow. Pleasedress it now!
No doctor must havedone this kind oftest in theworld.
Does hehavesugar a all to taketest? - No? -No!
He saidtha hehad to piss every 10 minutes.
Whatseason is this? -Winter season!
ln this season,what does theoldman do other than pissing?
Whaever season it is!
lfthey get timeto losetheir money, they must come to you.
Greetings, sir!
Wha Kakinada? Why have you becomeso?
l prescribed atonic for strength. Are you nothavingthat?.
No, sir! l am not strong enough even to open thelid.
You can make yourwife open it, can't you?
Hip is paining! Can neither liedown nor sit.
ls it?. Turn tha side...
Bend slowly!
Ouch! l am dead!
Yourdaddy! A fantastic needle is broken!
No problem! lt will beokay...
Hip pain is not for me. For my wife!
You should haveuttered that word earlier.
Am l okay, sir?
Giveme Rs. 100/-. l will give you a pill for remedy!
Hereit is!
Whereis yourwife? -Sheis at the temple.
Okay! Move...l am coming!
Gosh! Petrol is over! - Over? ls it thereto get over?
l remember like filling it with halflitre when l joined.
Not that l couldn't fill it with. Just for you... - Forme? -Yes!
lfl take you regularly on moped, you will become more fat likean elephant in Zoo.
lfl make you push 10 to 15 Kms. a day,
you can become slim like me and Nagarjuna! Push...
lnstead ofpushing your vehicle,
ifl hadtaken four bunches of something in bullock cart and pushed...
...mylifewould havebeen settled!
Whatis thatpose as ifshe sows seeds in farm?
lt's notnice. Ask yourwifeto changeit!
Shecan't changeit.
Her hip got stuck while peeling offthe coconuts!
Oh! ls it the matter? -Yes!
O God! l fearthe injection!
Don't l fear? Am l not doing? Close your eyes!
O God!
How is it? - lt's relieved!
Won't you get reliefwhen money is relieved?
Go homeandtake bed rest fortoday. -Okay, sir!
Hey, Ramulu! Look afterthe shop for a while...
Hey! Whereare you going?
You asked to take bed rest, didn't you?
Will you go and fan her? Givemethe fees!
Not only giving birth...haveto learn holdingthechildren!
What makes Sowcar cometo templealong with his family?
Heis going to conduct thenaming ceremony to his children who wererecently born.
Heis caught!
Get inside the temple and mixthesetablets into theholy waterwhile taking theofferings.
What for?
Afterhavingtheholywater, Sowcar's familywill come out and vomit!
Weconfirm it as food poison and do injections for everybody...
...wecan a lump amount! Go! Go! Go!
Greeings, Priest!
Why are you not coming to our clinic now-a-days?
l am perfectly alright. Wha's wrong with me? Haveholywater!
Stupid! Why do you bow before it?
Do you think it is worship? lt's holy waer...Takeit!
No! l am dieting...give them!
lt's free, isn't it? Drop 2 moredrops...
What happened, sir? Why are you vomiting all together?
Suddenly l feel like Mixies and Grinders arespinning into my stomach.
lt seems theremust be food poison in theoffering.
You urgentlyneed injection.
Won'tit be left ifdrunk salt water? - lt will beleft. But life...
lf delayed, you mayhave to undergo Appendicitis operaion.
Operation? lnjecting is better than cutting, isn't it? Makeit fast!
l haveto getinjection from fridge and do it. lt costs Rs. 150/-
50 rupees more than 100 rupees? Can't you makeit Rs. 50/-?
No! You go to Rajamundry and get the operation done!
lf so...go ahead! -Then...givemethe fees!
Will hecharge fineagainst me?
ltseems there is someoneleft.
What Malleswari? Are you also affected with food poison?
ltmight bebed poison!
That is...Apparao! That is...Tha is...
As you prolong yourwords, l can understand!
Who has done this? - Our President!- You areconceived...
O God! lt's been one yearsince my husbandwent to military.
He will kill me ifhecomes!
As you havedone anastything, will hehonour you instead ofkilling you?
You have to somehow abort it. l fall a your fee!
Why should you fall a my fee? Giveme just Rs. 5000/-. Enough!
Take this tablet...onebefore food and one after food and liedown!
Yourstomach will beemptied by tomorrow morning. Here you take!
Guru! Thetablets wegavewill bring vomitings. Will it bring pregnancytoo?
Pregnancy or bitter gourd?
l've just thrown an arrow into herweakness.
lt exactly reachedthespot.
Becauseofthis, our income is Rs. 10,000/-
But shehas given only Rs. 5000/-, right? -l will get the rest from the President.
Wha will you squeeze? Theloincloth inside the dhoti!
Do you think there is as much moneyin the world bank as in the panchayat?
Therewill be something. You lay the road with tha.
Look a theroads how they appear!
Recentlywhen Paparao's wifewas being taken to herparental home for delivery...
Becauseofthis road, she delivered in therickshaw itself.
Have you seen how the expenditurewas solved?
Whatwas solved, sir? Shehad amiraculous escape!
lt's okay! Let's see! - Bythebye! Get tha school also altered...
lt has been fully damaged! No child is going to school!
l will getit altered as you said.
All thechildren go to school and becomeCollectors and Engineers.
lf so...Who will watch your bulls? Who will rear your cows?
That's right!
Tha's why l am delaying that.
Not tha l couldn'talter it. Go!
Hey... lf you are not crazy...
lf eggs and milk poured into theanthill, will we be blessedwith children?
Wewill beblessedwith twins!
Tha was how Sowcar's wife blessed with.
lt's your superstition!
lfl had marriedtha Manchala Malleswari, l would havebecomea fatherof 2 to 3 children.
May your desirebe fulfilled! Take swees...
Wha's special today? - You are goingto becomea father.
Wha darling? ls it true? - No! Not atall...
Sheis not goingto becomeamother. Manchala Malleswari!
lf shebecomes a mother, how comehebecomes a father?
Thatis... -That is...
l am the President ofthis village, right?
l have onceannounced tha l am like the father of everyone in this village.
Heremembers tha and says so. You proceedwith worship!
Why do you leak thematter of Manchala Malleswari before her?
l haveto leak beforeher if atall to make you weak, right?
ls shereally conceived? -4th month!
lt's been only 3 months...
l think the junior President has a grand growth like you.
Hegrows onemonth in advance.
ltsounds awkward!
Have you spreadthis bad news only to me or spreadto anybody else?
l firstwantedto inform the father and then to therest.
Guru! lt's wasteoftimeroaming across the village.
There is amikein the temple.
lf you announce in tha, even the neighbouring villagers cometo know.
Tha's correct! Come on...
Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop l say!
lfthis matter is spread among everybody, things will be on fire.
You pleaseabort itwithout spreading the news.
ls it ahairto removeeasily?. lt's stomach...
lt costs you. - How much? -Rs. 10,000/-
Couldn't you haveasked her?
The commitment is yours! ls the payment hers?
Amount is too high!
lf so...have yourmoneywith you! Let her have her stomach with her!
After 6 months, hewill come out andtake half of your property.
You will berobbedthen! - lt's okay!
Here you take Rs. 10,000/-! Completethejob!
You stay freenow. Her stomach is aborted. Here you take!
Let's move, buddy!
Hey...Veerababu! Shavethe rest ofthebeard!
l haveto go to town and bring mywife back. - Waitl say!
l am worrying as l didn't get life here, why are you worried for yourwife?
Hey, Babji! What is this?- Shirt! - l know that...
l asked you to stitch full sleeves, didn't l? Why did you stitch halfsleeves?
Cloth was not enough!
How was it not enough! l gave you 3 metres, didn't l?
Bythetime l soaked itand dried, it became oneand halfmetres!
At the timel boughtit, shopkeeper said that itwould shrink even halfinch.
lfhesaidthatit would shrink ortear, would you buy it?
Hey...Thecolourof your shirt exactly matches my blouse and skirt.
What cousin? Why do you pinch in the presenceofothers?
Shedoesn'tknow what to talk... Crazy girl!
Have you robbed my shirt cloth and stitched blouseand skirt foryour niece?
Take offthehand. Don't blabber as you havemouth.
Does the company manufacture the cloth piece only for you?
Doesn't anyone elsebuy such kind?
lfl give you clothes to stitch dress to me again, you slap me with your chappals!
What cousin? This is his cloth, isn'tit?
You shut up your mouth and getinside. - Fortiffin?
Sit overthereand stitch button holes. Go!
Wha postman?
My son is expecting an interview letter. Has it come?
Who knows it? You check ifit is therein that bundles!
lt will be thereifithas come. Or else...not!
Here it is! When did it come?
ls it from tha bundleorthis bundle? -From thatbundle!
lf's been morethan a week!
Your daddy!
This is theinterview letter tha came from an lTcompany.
Theinterview must havebeen completed bynow.
You need notworry aboutit.
Even theexisting job holders arebeing ousted.
What does your son go and do?
You have taken theincarnation ofevil forthis village.
Who elseis therebeyond you? Hereis thecard!
O shit! l have lostagain!
Yours? -Forty! - Mineis nothing!
Nothing? Show me... - Not nothing! lt's full!
Hey! Have you started earlyin themorning?
Started a night. Not yet stopped!
As you work hard day and nightlikethis... -To clear thedebt ofthatSowcar!
By seeing yourspeed and determinaion to clear thedebt...
l am lending moneyto all of you.
Tell mehow much each ofyou want!
Giveme Rs. 1000/-. l will pay back if anyone sends money order!
Giveme Rs. 500/-.-Take it! - Give me Rs. 1000/-.
Whatis this?
Whyhave you given these notes instead ofthose?
You first mark your autographs on that.
Who has won thegame?
Hedid half! Theyboth did full! l won thegame.
Wha is your income? - Rs. 4000/-- Give me...
Why?. l have my pocket... - Give me l say!
Giveme! Giveme! -What for?
Why do you distribute mymoneyto them?
l have taken this Rs. 4000/- under your interest.
Theprincipal amount Rs. 16,000/- remains as itwas. Bye!
Wha is this? Hehas come and robbed likean eagle!
He is really an eagle!
Playing cards like this byborrowing money...
Andto clear tha debt, ifyou regularly play cards...
You can neither clear thedebt in this birth, nor its interest.
That's correct! We arecommitted! Wha can wedo?
Who has to begin thegame? -Thathaji! drop the card! -Wha's the timenow?
12 O' clock!
O God! lt's time for lunch for my Samarasimha Reddy!
Play a gameand go!
lftiming is changed, my son won't ea even Biryani!
Hehas won thegame, right?. Whywill hestay?
Bowl theball quickly!
Samaram! - Father has come! Father has come!
Hey...wait! lt's not for you!
Dear Samaram! Honey! My child!
Simham! Are you here?
Look whatl havebrought for you!
l havebrought hot cashew nut fry for you.
Come on! Haveit!
As it's said, ''Theone, who didn't feed his mother, bought saree for his step mother.''
You haven't brought anything to ourchildren.
Have you brought cashew nutfry forthis cock?
Shut up your mouth! This is not cock. My life! Myheart!
lf you call itas cock or something else, l will shave your head.
lf you die, l will shavemyself!
Have you seen, Samaram?
l haveputmywifeand children aside for you.
Consequently, l want you to do only one!
ln the forthcoming Sankranthi competition...
You haveto tearour Raju's Adhikesava Reddyinto pieces.
By seeing that...Mr. Raju should bend his head down before me.
Our reputation should spread all over. Tha's it...
Hey...boy! Click as l stand so. lt will be nice for Eenadu paper!
Takeoneas l am so! Weshall giveto Jyothi!
What does Jyothi do with yourphotograph?
'Jyothi' doesn't mean the daughter of Lame Venkat!
AndhraJyothi! - Oh!
Take this pose too... Let's giveto Sakshi!
lt's enough as ofnow. Go and get them printed. -Okay, sir!
WhatSoori Rao? -Sir! - How weremy poses?
Believe me...Two eyes are not enough to seethem.
Really? -Yes! The lastpose was too much...
You did notseem to have put yourhand overthe cock...
Tiger! You seemed to have put your hand over thetiger!
OurAdhi's structureis so!
What made you get into photographs now?
WemakeourAdhi participatein competition during Sankranthi, don'twe? -Yes!
To get thephotographs printed in newspapers after havingwon the competition!-Oho!
With that...the entiredistrict should know wha Bobbarlanka Sai Suryanarayana Raju is...
...and wha this cock is! Here you take!
Apply someoil and placeit inside!
Ofcourse l will apply...
lt's said tha your grandfather had cut 100 to 150 people, isn't it?
What about you then?
You just takeout every year and file it...
...and apply somecoconut oil and place it inside!
But you don't cut anybody anytime. Don't you feel shy a all? -Hey!
As peoplemurmurso...l feel shy about it!
Whatshall wedo then?
Since Police werenot there on thosedays, hehad cut likeanything.
lfwe do likethatin thesedays, wewill bejailed and treated like anything.
Have you given meals to it? -Not yet!
Whereis that Thathaji? -Herel am!
What man? Why haven't you fed it yet?
lt exactlytakes afteryou.
lt doesn't drink even cooling water ifitis not hot.
Tha's whyl have brought hot cashew nut fry.
Mr. Raju's cock doesn't ea cheap items.
Who is tha?
Hey...stop! l am asking you...
Cach him! Catch him! -Where are you going?- Who are you?
lt's me, brother-in-law!
Wha is this, brother-in-law?
Why do you flee so masking your facelikeathief?.
Thesituation is so! My mother's health is notgood.
As l was goingto Sevitlanka to inform mybrother...
On the way, l cameto Bobbarlanka to mee you!
lt's been a week!
l don'tknow ifmother is alive or notin Gadeeblanka!
l will justgo and come back, brother-in-law!
Well said! -Why?
Having cometo Sai Suryanarayana Raju's house,
will you go without staying at least for 10 days?
Won't l losemyhonour amongthepeople?
His family members may getheartattack as they don'tknow where he is!
You shutup your mouth! Here you see, brother-in-law!
Millets come within 2 days. You havethem and go!
l don't wantmillets or anything. l go to my village, brother-in-law!
Hey...why do you raise as l am pleading you?
Here you see!
lf you refuse my word and step outside, l will cut yourlegs and send you off!
Hemay cut off! Comewith me...
ltwon't begood if you go to your village withoutlegs.
Going to central jail in Rajamundryis better than comingto my brother-in-law's house as aguest!
Yes, ofcourse! Therewill bea dae for release!
l haveseen people who kill by beaingwith anger.
But l haven't seen people who kill by depressing with love.
Our heredityis so!
As wethought, ourAdhi should increase his wrah, right?
Get Millets, Jute and cereal from Rayalaseema!
Hey... Keepingthecocks' matter aside, you first look into mylegs' matter!
Wha happenedto your legs again? - Alas! l can neither walk norfold...
Myknees arepaining!
As you grow old,would you get delivery pain otherthan kneepains and joint pains?
You are irritating me!
Why don't you show herto any doctoronce?
Where did l not show? Yashoda! NlMS! KlMS! Apollo! Care!
l haveshown her in all the hospitals...
You should not show herto thehospitals... ...but to thedoctors in it!
What man? Comedy?. - Whatthen, sir?
Have you shown to Bendu Apparao? - What?. Our villageguy?.
What can he do? Heis a small doctor, isn'the?
Don'tunderestimae sayingthat heis small and bubble!
lfhetouches the legs with his hand, will belost!
What? Legs? - No! l mean...pain!
lf so...ask him to come heretomorrow! -Okay!
Why are you shouting? You can get inside, can't you?
No! l haveto go...
Dropping the gamein themiddle, l havecome to drop theletterto you!
Letter? Whereis it from?
Why do you ask so? From your brother-in-law!
To dear brother-in-law...
Your brother-in-law Chitturu Chittabhai writes to you with fakelove.
How are you, brother-in-law?
What's wrong with you? You will be alright!
Here your sister's life has been worsethan theheroinein 'Sravanthi' serial.
Shestopped having food and started getting blows from me!
As l went on beating her...
As ofnow...Two leather belts and 3 pairs of hawai chappals havebeen torn!
l smokecigarettes continuously with tension...
And l mark your sister's body with this.
As shecries and screams...
Theneighbours come andwach us as ifit was a serial!
lt has become routinematter and got bored!
But l can't help it...
You arenot wise enough to clear my dowry balance.
l don't havecommon sense to avoidtorturing my wife.
Wha can wedo? Somelives remain so!
Just yesterday... l bought ametal belt with Rs. 500/-.
Shopkeeper said that it would last long.
Hesaid tha hewould use the same for his wife too.
lfhis beltis strong or your sister's body is strong!
l have to check it out! Send thebalanceamountimmediately.
lfnot possible...
Send Rs. 10,000/- for your sister's hospital charges!
Yours brother-in-law, Chitturu Chittabhai!
Old B.A
Wha have you decided?
l will send Rs. 15,000/-. - Then...therest amount?
l will makeoutwithin 10 days. Don'tharm her!- Okay!
l don't bea your sister forthese 10 days.
lfyou won't sendtheamount then, l don'tthink l should say...
Hey, Ganesh! - Guru!
Though my conscience doesn't permit, l earn money by cheaing people...
...forthis stupid! Here you take!
Give this moneyto Trimurthulu and ask him to send money order to mybrother-in-law!
As itis you, you do money orderto tha stupid.
lfitwere me, l would murder him.
What Thahaji?
Will the daughter of Mr. Raju pass 10th class this year?
l don't know!
We havebeen looking for it forthe past 4 years.
We would stand in queue forthey distribute thoseclothes ifshegets passed!
Shewould fail andtheseclothes would be keptinside!
They must havelostits durabilitybynow.
l haveno confidencetha the Poolavaram project and your madam's 10th class get completed.
Madam is coming!
Whyhave you calledthe people in advance?
Wewould have calledthem after seeingtheresults, right?
What honey? Do you doubtthis yeartoo?
l havewritten well.
l fear ifthatteacher would valuate properly...
Paper! Paper! Paper! Paper has come!
Honey! What's your number? -Say quickly!
5636... -ls it there? - Wait!
ls it there, sir?
lt's notin Jyothi. l think they writeagainst us.
Where is Eenadu? - Thesenumbers can't be changed.
Thesamewill betherein this too! - Shit! She failedthis time too...
Hey! Keep thoseclothes inside! - Shit! You...
Hemakes us stand in queue every year and sends us out. Come out.
Shedoesn't pass in this birth and wedon't get thoseclothes too!
Let's go! - Everybodyloses his honour only once.
Becauseofyou...l have been losing my honourtwice a year for Ugadi & Dusshera.
Take her and join in anyhostel. Shewill be alright then.
Leaveit! She will pass this time... -Wha will shebecome?
Shewould become amother for four children ifshegot married.
Nother! l should scold her! - Whathave l done in themiddle?
When the Sun sets, you put on TVandwatch thenasty serials.
How could she studythen? Shelost it forever.
l havebecome very cheap as l am motherless.
l will go! l will go to mymother.
Your daughter has taken the rope and goneinside... -l have seen!
She went insidetheroom and lockedthedoor!-l haveseen!
Faher scolded as she failed 10th class.
Padmapriyahanged herself.
Hey! Whatare you reading?
Thematterthat comes in tomorrow's newspaper.
lfso...Do you saytha she commits suicide?
Why does she takeropeand go then?
Will she prepare cradleand swing?
O your mother! Padma!
Honey! Sweety! Open the door...
Honey! Sweety!
Honey! As you haveropeand you findtheceiling fan...
Don't fasten theropeto it and hang yourself.
Don'tgiveher theplans! Honey! Open thedoor!
l won't ever scold you whatever wrong you do.
Won't you scold her ifshe gets conceived illicitly?
Shit! Shut up your mouth...
Honey! Open thedoor!
Sir! You asked me to come...
Our madam is hanging herself! -l don't have any medicine to stop that.
Whyis medicine now?
After hanged herself, you can tell us ifsheis aliveor not! Wait!
Stop blabbering! Rescuethechild somehow!
Sir! Wecan't do this...
Hey, Drum! Dash once...
O your daddy!
l did not ask you to dash me. l asked you to dash thedoor!
You should haveuttered that word earlier.
Sideplease! -Padmapriya!
Don'tgo leaving mealone!
lfrequired,take your fatheralong. Orelse...shall wesend our madam?
You stupid fellow! Stop for a while...
Open the door!
Honey! Open thedoor!
Don'tgo leaving us alone!
Why should l live, father? Whom should l live for?
May shehave my stethoscope around her neck.
She is very smart!
lt seems that madam has pushed the stool away.
Shecoughs as theknot chokes herthroat.
Alas! Honey! Padmapriya!
Bring themortar and break thedoor!
Alas! O God!
Ouch! -Sorry again! - Walk carefully!
Come! Come! Makeher sithere... Alas! My sweey!
Whatis this crazy job?
As you failed 10th class, will you lose your life?
lfl hadn't comein timeand rescued her, there would havebeen a teenagesuicide!
Dying is not great! Living is great!
Your fatherwho makes others liveis grea!
You are not a doctor!
How did hecome to know tha matter?
You arelord Venkaeswara who rescued my daughter.
You are Simhadri Appana! Badradri Ramaiah!
lt's okayif you admire me!
As l rescued your daughter...
Don'tstretch yourhands and give me 1000 or2000 rupees.
Shit! Shit! Why do l give money?
l committed wronglythathe might givemeifl said not to give.
Here you take!
Come on! Haveit!
Why father?
Why do you givesuch a gold chain for a sillything?
Before my daughter, wha is this gold?
Look! Don'trepeat such mad things again.
O God! Madam's bad timehas crossed away...
O man! Look into madam's kneepain... - Okay!
Whatmedicines have you used before? - What one?
Bruffin! Metacin!Anacin! Dygen! Gin! l have used everything!
Shehas used many medicines which you areunawareof.
l will give you anew medicine. You useit!
Whatis it? - Nayagra!
lt has recentlybeen manufactured in Agra!
l imported it yesterday! lf you use this, all pains vanish!
Use it!
lf so...Giveme4 to 5 bottles!
l will swallow them forthreeperiods.
ls grandfather healthy?
Where is hehere? lt's been 10 years sincehepassed away!
lf so...Takeone tablet a day! lt's enough!
ltwill be cured! lt will becured!
Hello! Bendu Apparao RMP!
What? Has yourwifetaken bath?
Shewill wearthedress and get ready applying powder!
Should you say all thoseto me? Oh! ls it that?
lf so...bring herto clinic in the evening!
Besides, givesomepills for her memory!
She doesn't remember whatshestudies!- Sure!
l will give a small pill!
Shewill rememberwha she studied during her childhood stage!
Comeon! Haveone pill... - l don'twant!
lt's wrong, honey! You should not say so!
You haveto listen to what doctor says... Hereit is!
Open your mouth!
Do you know ABCD's? -Yes, l do! - lf so, tell me!
Have you seen?
How nicely she says wha she learnt during childhood stage!
O my child! O my child! Here you take! Here you take!
Giveme! -Here you take!
O your mother! How intelligent you are!
Do you make my people fools and grab thechain and money?
l will teach you a lesson!
Wha Guru? You havesuddenly stoppedthe vehicle.
Will you buymesoda or something else?
Soda and Beeda are notgoodto health!
lf you are thirsty, go to tha pump and drink waerto your heart's content.
Thepump belongs to our guy!
What are you looking for? - Cell phone is missing!
Thenasty item has been lost! Whatare you looking at?
Voiceis not heard and the number is not seen!
You bought it for Rs. 330/- long ago.
Why do you feel as ifyour lover had eloped?
The hen feels thepain when it delivers an egg.
When Gurunatham was bitten by a dog...
Lyingtha it was a stree dog, injecting around his navel for onemonth!
l earnt thatmoney! - lfso...
Shall we make that Gurunatham getbitten by a dog again and buy anew cell?
Why should welook fora dog instead of our lost cell?
Wheredo you look for it?
What Apparao? Do you want sweets? - l want your phonebox!
You have your cell phone, don't you? -l haveto phonetha now.
Bendu Apparao RMP! Phone foryou!
Hello!- Who is speaking? - You first tell me who you are!
l am Bendu Apparao RMP! - Whatif so?
Why do you say so? Who are you?
l am Aishwarya Roy!
Hey! Our phonereached Aishwarya Roy! - Keep calm!
How come the phonelost in Bobbirlankareach the daughter-in-law of Amitabh in Mumbai?
You are right!
Hey! Tell me the truth...who are you?
lfl don'tsay... -l will slap you with chappal!
How can you slap over phone?
Do you call me so? -Yes, ofcourse!
Wha will you pluck off?. - How rude you are!
Having robbed my cell phone, will you scold metoo?
Giveme my phonerespectfully! Or else...-Wha will you do?
Whatl will do is... Whatshall wedo?
Give itto me! l will tell her...
Hey! Who are you? l will come to your house!
Or else...l will come to your neighbour's house!
lf you aremarried, l will come to your in-law's house!
lfl givea word, l will comelike aman!
Hey! Why should you go to those manyhouses likea beggar?
Comingto Manchalola stree, ask for Yankayamma's houseand cometo there!
Let's go, Guru! Tha should belost oryour cell should be!
Look! Who is Yankayammahere? - lt's me! Wha do you want?
l wantthecell you robbed from me. - Wha is cell?
Guru! Shedoesn't seem to listen to respectfully...
Tha's correct!
Look! You don'tknow perfectly about me!
l appearsoft...
But l turn wilderthan Aghorain 'Arundhathi' film, ifl get anger!
Will you respectfully give itto me?
Or else...shall l do family planning operation without giving anaesthetic?
Why should you take such arisk? Comeinside...l will give you!
That's it! There you are...
Guru! She was so scared... Don'tscold her going inside! -Okay!
Has shegiven thecell? - No!
l think that Yankayamma has nottaken our cell.
Whathas she not taken? She is theone who has taken!
Has heseen me whilegetting beaten?
You are moresentimental! You get melted if she shedtears!
Wait! l get insideand rock her... -No! Let's leaveit!
Ganesh! Hewon't get committed foranything.
Oncegets committed, he won't listen to Mahesh Babu too!
Wha happened?
Mrs. Yankayamma has definitely not taken our cell.
l havealso toldthesame, haven't l? - You have said!
But you haven't said in detail, have you?
lf you havea pain killer, pleasegive me one!
l had two pills. l havejust had them!
l doubt thedaughter ofMr. Raju, is responsible forthe loss of our cell and burst of our body.
Tha's not doubt! Tha's right! Comeon! Let's catch her...
Tha is... l was...
l took your saree for your hand and caught your sareebymistake.
Alas! You haveclosed your eyes with tension!
l will close my eyes! You take this...
Guru! - Has sheworn the dress?
What is wearing dress?
O God! Guru is not an ordinary man!
You are so speed! ln this gap itself...
Shit! Shit! Don't misunderstand us...
As her sareegot slithered, sheadjusts and comes down!
Guru! lt's the ringtone ofour cell phone!
Yes! lt's yours...
You forgotat our house. l havecome to give you!
You area very good girl!
Really? - l swearon him!
Thanks! - Why is 'thanks' between us?
Yours is Bobbirlanka! Mine is Bobbirlankatoo!
l makeamove! -Okay!
TATA! -Nano!
What Guru? Whatare you thinking of?.
Aboutthedaughter of Mr. Raju? - Yes!
l havethoughtthatthelifeis nothing but lnjections,
Tablets, Clinics and Tonics till yesterday!
l came to know tha it was not, only after touchingtha girl.
You haveto know onemorething. - Wha is it?
When she was handing overyourcell phone, sherobbed your Stethoscope.
Shedid notrob my Stethoscope!
Sherobbed my heartwhich has been preserved for 25 years.
That's whyl havedecided... put full stop for studies and nonstop for love!
What?. Can't you believemywords?
lf you want to know, ask my heart!
Whata structure!
O my God!
What a colour!
lt's just tempting...
You do rob anything from me!
Preserveit in your heart!
Heart has fallen in love!
Heart has fallen in love!
Whata structure!
O my God!
What a colour!
lt's just tempting...
lf you placeJasmineflower in yourtress, won't Marigoldflower get worried?
lf you unfortunately wearJean pants, won't thesareeshed tears?
You havemade me fall in lovebyflattering me!
You havekindled my agewith fire!
ls my smartness a smartness which can't get you on to theromantic track?
ls mybeauty a beauty that can't make you sense my romantic war?
Heart has fallen in love!
Heart has fallen in love!
Whata structure!
O my God!
What a colour!
lt's just tempting...
You do rob anything from me!
Preserveit in your heart!
lfl kiss on your lips, won't your cheeks beworried?
lfl build a nestin yourheart, won't your hip fightwith me?
You have to occupy thethings everywhere...
You will tastetheconsequences!
ls myheart a heartthat can't fulfill your anxiety?
ls themoment amoment where l can't feel your meeing?
Heart has fallen in love!
Heart has fallen in love!
Whata structure!
O my God!
What a colour! lt's tempting...
You do rob anything from me!
Preserveit in your heart!
Heart has fallen in love!
Heart has fallen in love!
Show! - lts mummy! Count again!
Show! - lts mummy! Count again!
Wha about yours?- ls yours onlythecount? Mineis also count!
Yours? -Nil!! - Check it out!
Money! Money! Money! - Wait! Wewill give you...
l thought l wouldwin this game and clear Gurumurthy's debt!
You will think so!
As you go on thinking so, your entirespan oflifewill go off!
You have misunderstood!
We haveplanned to pay you the principal and interestwithin 2 days.
You havebeen sayingthesame forthe past 2 months!
Wearenot habituated to change theword frequently, arewe?
You know thatpoint, don't you? - l do know!
Unless you payback my amount, l will remove your dress and fasten beforemy shop!
You don'tknow thatpoint!
They say that theywill give, don't they?.
Will you givemeifthey fail to give? - Why should l?
lf so...Don't insert yourfinger atthecentre!
l give you a week's time!
lt's okay if you clearthe debt! - Or else...
You will have wives. But they don't have vermillion overtheir forehead!
Mind it!
Whatis this? - Wha about him?
Will hekill us unless wepayback thedebt?. -l don't know!
Why aretheyrunning? - Police! -Alas! l don't know anything!
Thewall collapsed and fell overthe children in school!
Let's go!
Guru! Wehavegota good business in themorning!
How much fees can l collectper child? - No!
Let's act as humans a least duringthis time!
There is a strangerwithin you!
Alas! Alas!Alas! Alas! What amishap has taken place!
What a sorrowful incident has taken place!
Stop your crocodile tears!
Think wha thereason behindthis! - Whatis thereto think?
lt's an oldwall, isn't it? lt got soaked in regular rain and collapsed!
You know that they areold walls...
But you don't know tha they have to bealtered!
Fortunately,thereis no loss oflife!
lftheentire school had collapsed, nearly 100 children would have died!
Whatman? Are you RMP doctor? Or an opposition leader?
How do you point out the President in the presenceofpublic?
Then? ls this called a school?
Only one teacher from 1st class to 7th class!
No benches for sitting! No black boards forwriting!
Fortha entire project, weneed lakhs ofrupees!
You arenotgiving your own money, are you?
lt's thetreasureof Panchayat, isn'tit? Spend itacross!
Wha is thereto spend? Thereis nothing left!
lfnot...lnform our MRO or Collector and get itsanctioned!
You aregiving free suggestions likeanything!
lf you have such a lovetowards children, you can do all those things, can't you?
lfl had money, l would do as l said!
Look!As the President of Panchaya, l know what to do!
You mind your own business!
This villagewon'tprosper unless he is ousted from President's position.
O Soori Rao! -Yeah!
ls God, who creaed coconut, great?
Or is theone, who creaed Gin to mix in this, great?
Theyboth arenot grea! -Then?
You mixtheboth and drink, don't you? You are great!
Sir! Pleaseencouragemeby giving amouthful ofporridge...
Come over here!
Give me if you have. Or else... ask me to leave?
Why do you bea me? - To bea orto cut? Tell him!
Won't you bebeaten ifyou cometo Mr. Raju's house and ask forporridge?
lfl ask for Chicken Biryani or Mutton rice, no stupidwill serve me, right?
Hewill give you!
You make him taste us and our respects.
Take yourhand aside... l drop some ghee!
How is it, man?
l have seen people who feed until thestomach is filled.
Butl haveseen you who feeds morethan tha!
Our heredityis so!
You seem to be new to this village. Which placedo you belongto?
l heardtha thereis aman byname Mr. Perimi Peraraju,who contributes likeme...
His two hands would notbe free a all...
Are you awareofhim? - l know him very well!
He now begs with thehands tha used for contributingto others!
Why should hebeg? Heis agreat king, isn't he?
l am tha nastyking!
As l gave likethis to everyone, l reached this stage.
lf so...
ln future, our Raju also...
Mother! Extend your alms...
O my God! You look nasty in tha slumdog getup.
No use! This Apparao is disturbing alot!
l have to call him urgently and do something.
Whatreason shall l call him for?
lnstead ofroaming so, you can sit and study, can't you?
O Soori Rao! Get me some milk...
Here you take!
You havebrought! Where is he?
Heis peeling offthecoconuts!
O Padma!
l feel likesomething is stirring in my stomach.
Wha have you given? -Dulcolex!
What does it mean? - Badam milk!-Badam milk?
l don't know what Badam milk it is! Wait! l will beback now...
Soori Rao! Soori Rao!
What madam? Why have you called me in such a loud voice?
Has grandmagone? - Shehas goneto bathroom!
Go and call Apparao urgently.
Bendu Apparao!
Come! Come!
l can't...
Whathappened, grandma?
My position is like theriver Godavari thatlostits prop!
l lostmy strength within onehour, which is shared for onemonth.
Wha have you had? - Dulcolex!- Dulcolex?.
Tha is...Badam milk!
O my God!-Take care!
lt's coming again... -You go and comeback.
Meanwhile...l will get the medicines ready!- Okay!
Alas! l have forgotten to bring thekit! Wait! l will go and bring it...
Why should you go forthat?
Soori Rao! You go and bring it! -Okay!
Look!Ask our Banti...hewill give you! - Okay.
Whyhave you given Dulcolex?. -Just to see you...
Fortha...would you trouble her?
You feel pity towards her. Why don't you feel pity towards me?
Wha happenedto you?
l came to know tha l attained puberty becauseofyou.
You have touched me in different places and gone!
l am dying as l can't sleep day and night!
What do you want me to do fortha? - Give me medicine!
No medicineis available forthis! - Whyis it not?
lf you give Kiss tabletand hug injection, it will be cured!
O God! lf anybody from your side sees us, we shall bekilled!
lf you don't give, l will kill you!
Will you respectfully givemeor not?
Wha honey?. What are you asking him to giverespectfully?
That's whatgrandma...
l told him that ifhedid not givemedicine to put prop for Godavari... would not berespectful! -l havebrought it!
He will giveme!
Givemetha medicinequickly... -Okay!
Here you take! Have this... it will be cured immediately!
l makea move! - What is this?
Why do you go without taking the fees? - Come! l will give you...
Go! Go and take fees!
Waer is not coming in thebahroom. Switch on the motar!
Wha? ls the water in thetank over?
You stupid! You go and switch on... -Wait! Power is offnow!
l will takeitlater! - Wha will you take later?
No! Don't do anything! - Kiss me!- No! l don't...
Grandma! -No! - Kiss methen!
Whatis this?- Kiss! - ls this a Kiss as if you kiss thechildren?
How to kiss then? - Close your eyes!
Whatman? Why are you dull? - Fees might havebeen less!
Padma! Givehim somemore!
She has given memore!
Oh! Were you shocked as shegave you more?
Takeit! Go... - Whereare you towards this side?
Tha side!
However, thecinema has rocked...
l feel likewaching it again and again.
Wait for a week. lt's telecasted on TV. We can wach it then!
Wherehas hegot TV? -lt's there in myneighbour house!
What elseis lacking?
lf you open thewindows, you will have freeshows!
As he did so, oncehewas caught by policeand tonsured!
Hair has not grown up to the mark.
Hey...someonehas fallen down!
Hemust havebeen run over by somelorry!
Comeon! Hold him... let's takehim to hospital!
Hey...lfwetake him to hospital, it becomes a case and wewill be imprisoned!
lf so...Do you leave him here? Hold him...
No! Don't takemeto hospital! l won'tbealive!
Nothing happens to you! - Pleasedo mea favour!
Whatis it? - My nameis Sivaji!
My father's nameis Boyapaati Narasimhamurthy!
He works for Sriram chits in Rajamundry!
As my father scolded me, l left my home 10 years ago and gone to Dubai!
As l wanted to comeback with earnt money, l haven't come for 10 years!
Now l havecometo stay along with my parents.
Butunfortunatelyl can'tmee my parents now!
Bag! -What?
Bag! Getthatbag! -Giveme!
This bag contains Rs. 15 lakhs!
ln this agewherel haveto be supporting them,
l am unableto assistthem!
At least this money should reach them.
Pleasereach this to them! - Sure! l will...
Don't tell them about my death.
Theliethatl am alive will behappier than thetruth that l am dead.
l got an idea! - Wha is it?
Nobody knows about the money matter except thedeceased and us.
As heanyhow died, how ifwe three sharethis money?.
lfl hit you, you will go unconscious!
Helost his valuablelife!
Beyondthat,will you rob this moneytoo?
Weshould nottake even onepaisa from this amount.
As per his wish, the entireamount should reach his family. Let's go!
Excuseme! A man by name Mr. Boyapaai Narasimhamurthy...
He took voluntaryretirement 2 years ago becauseofhis ill health.
Oh! May l know his address?
He saidtha hewould go to Athreyapuram!
lf you go there, you may cometo know thedetails.
They are not here now! - Where havethey goneto?
l don't know correctly. lf you ask Mrs. Baby, shewill tell you!
Baby? Where will she be?
She has goneout of station for her relative's marriage.
She may come back within a week's time!
lf so...wewill comeafter a week!
Even Bin Laden would seem to be found. But... -Takeswee!
He will definitelybe found! - Sir! Sir! Money?
For money? -Good guy!
You alonehavebeen carrying the bag sincemorning. Letme...
Not required a all! Move...
Wha Guru? l havenot seen for 2 days?
You mayhavesight problem, shall l check it out?.
Not my eyes that haven't been seen. lt's you...
ln Rajamundry Swahanthrahospital...
As agrea doctor suspended a big surgeryin themiddle...
l went to there and got it done!
Upon thenurseoverthere?
l will cut you if you lay stupid counters!
ls thereanythingto ea? Or have you had everything?
l haveput something for you.
Giveit to me!
Hey! Why are you takingthis? -To put itinside!
Not necessary! Let it behere...
Why are you so careful? Whatis thereinsideit?
Medicines! Modern type... - Where? Let me see!
You should not see!
How ifl don't see? l have to give the patients, right?
Thesearenot the medicines that given by compounders!
Bythe Doctor! l haveto give...
lfGuru, who shows me everything including his innerwears...
...hides this bag, theremust be something inside this bag!
His eyes also have fallen over this bag alongwith them.
l have to hidethis urgently! Whereshall l keep this?
Whatis that, Malleswari? - England letter!
lsn't it Leyland lorry?. Giveme...
This letter is for my husbandwho is in military. lt contains lots of secrets!
Why do l give you? l will drop in this only!
O your Yankamma! lt doesn't go if you drop into this!
lt goes only when l open this. - ls it so?
lf so...take out and send it!
To open it whenever it's required, is it your entrance?
lt's a post box! lttakes 10 to 15 days to open it again!
Sir! Sir! lt's very urgent... Could you please takeand send it?
Did you give me when l asked you earlier?
Becauseofmyignorance... -lt's okay!
Hey! Comeover here... - What Guru? Why are you in tension?
Do you know how a Fits patient act when affected?
Yes, l know! - fall down and do so! -Why?
Do as l say!
Thanks! - Whyis this bare thanks?
Remember me too off and on! Bye...
Trimurthulu! Comehere!
What Apparao? Whathappened to him?
Whyis hedoing so as ifthe pig in miredoes?
Fits! -Fits?
lf stayhere! l will go and get a doctor!
Your daddy! l am the doctor, aren'tl?
Yes, ofcourse! l have forgotten with tension!
lt's okay...givemethekeys ofpostbox! l haveto place itinto his hands!
Yes! Yes! You areright! Hereit is...
Look! You go and bring a soda from that shop... -Okay!
Hey! lt's enough! Get up...
What Guru? Why did you ask me to do so?
To test how helpful nature Trimurthulu has!
lt's okay! Heis good. Comeon! Let's go...
He will bring soda,won'the? Let's drink and go!
He will drink it. You first move...
Where arethey?
O my Banti!
Do you follow meas ifthealsatian dog follows thebomb squard?
l will teach you a lesson!
Whatis this? He phones coming to graveyard!
To ask Ramgopal Varma to see the locaion?
Hello! ls it Aghora Suwarnasuddu? lt's me Bendu Apparao!
As you said, l havecometo graveyard with ablack hen and lemons.
O God! l thought that Guru is talkative! But heis a verybig magician!
lt's enough ifl get practice, l do anything forthat!
Should a young girl or boy with 16 years old have to besacrificed?
Tender girl is difficult! But boyis okay!
Heis working as a compounderwith me. Hehas not attained puberty yet!
Shall l kill him? Okay...
Should l kill him with oneshot? ltmaybedifficult.
The boyis too fat! lt's okay! l will tryit!
lfyou accept, right now...
He will bein a sound sleep! l will bring and kill him!
Should l sacrificeonly on Tuesday?.
You havetroubled me! Thereis still 6 days left.
lt's okay! l will post-ponetheprogramme again for next Tuesday.
Stupid! Will you playwith me? l will do operation without scissors.
O my God! lt seems tha therearedevils!
As hecamealong, l could come boldly!
lnhaledeeply and exhale slowly!
Wha is this? l hear theringtoneofphone! - Not here...overthere!
Brother-in-law!Are you fine?
How is Suseela? -Sheis fineas ofnow!
l can't say how theposition will be tomorrow!
Because the 10 days due time got completed.
Have you got the money ready?.
lt has not been adjusted yet. l want sometime!
l don't know whyit is...
Though l wanted to avoid beaing your sister, you don'tseem to makememaintain that.
lt's okay! Your sister will get adjustedwith blows till then. Bye!
No use!
From tomorrow...l have to extend my medical service to nearby villages.
Earning more money, l haveto clear his dowrybalance.
Wha will you clear?
Another doctor is coming into this village to stop your income!
Another doctor? -Yes!
lt was announced on mikein the afternoon.
Will hebebetterthan him? - Why? Will you go in themiddle?
He will give something else... you will befinished!
Who is coming against us?
Who are you?
Don't you understand by seeingthecoat overthe body and stethoscopearound the neck?
Doctor Muddu Krishna MBBS, FRCS
ls it so? Whatis your qualification?
The entirewords whathe said, werenot his names...
Thelast words arehis qualificaion!
Having qualified in such a way, wha makes him come to our village?
Wha has Gandhi said? - Hehasn't said anything to me.
Buthehas told mesomething. Villages arebackbones to our country.
lfthe villagers' health is okay, thehealth of entire country will beokay!
That's why l have come to your village.
Henceforth, your lives arenot yours. Mine!
lf you sufferfrom Headache, Heart attack, Fever, Cold, Hands fracture, Legs fracture...
Cometo me!
Wha is that crowd? Has anyonepassed away?
You haven'ttreated anybody forthe past 2 days, right?
Yes! Let's go and see!
Wha is tha bandage?
When l was working in thefield, l hurtmyfinger.
He treated and dressed it up. - Who are you?
Bendu Apparao RMP!
Wha is tha bandage?
Just for a finger cut, you dressed it like abiryani parcel.
Wha happenedto your leg? Why have you put such a big bandage?
Nothing happenedto me. -Then?
As my wife's leg fractured, he rolled halfbandage to metoo!
Whywere you dressed?
Husband is halfin wife, right? - lf so?
That's why...herolled halfbandage to meand took Rs. 150/-
What nonsense is this?
As they are villagers and innocents, will you cheatthem so?
Why do you troublethepeople?
You can happily do somelabour and live honestly, can't you?
Henceforth, l stay in this villageitself. Your health is mywealth!
Switched off! Whathappened to this Apparao?
lfthis grannyis hurt, Bendu Apparao will come on to thetrack.
l have to plan an idea ofrind urgently.
Mother! Alas! - Alas!Alas! Alas! Soori Rao!
What made you shoutin such a loud voice?
Has grandma passed away?.
No! Shelaid her leg on the rind! Go and bringthedoctor.
Hasn't tha doctorcome yet?
ls heour labour? To comeas soon as we called for...
Why did you dancelikethis instead oftaking rest?
Shut up your mouth! Who has danced now?
Why did you bringthis country fellow instead ofbringing Apparao?
Madam! l am not a country fellow...
l am doctor Muddu Krishna MBBS, FRCS (London)
He has newly cometo our village!
He is greater than our Bendu Apparao!
That's whyl havebrought him to here...
Wha ifwhoever itis? You check it out...
Patient is not me! - Who? Whathappened?
Leg slipped!
lt's common in this age.-Your daddy!
Not my daughter! Mymother! - Oho!
ls she?
ln this age? - May you befired!
Slipping doesn'tmean that slipping!
Shelaid her leg on thebananarind.
Oh! Skating on the rind? Why didn't you tell thatword?
Look! You should notscare meso... You liedown!
lt would be dislocaed! Taketheinjection...
l will give you an injection. You will play Kabadi within 4 days!
Are you married?
ls hethedoctor? -No!
Why did you open it and show him then? - Sorry, sir!
Henceforth, if anyonein your house gets any disease,
Just make a call! l will behere... - Bring her too!
We are very lucky for such agreat doctor like you come to our village.
Bendu Apparao RMP! Phone for you... - Hello!
Wherehave you been forthe past 2 days?
Tha is...l was in alittle tension! - l feel more tension than you here.
Wha happened?
Henceforth, weboth can't meettogether! - Why?.
A new doctor has comeinto the village, right? - lfso...
Have you left meand shifted to him? - Shit!
As grandma's leg slipped, l asked Soori Rao to bring you...
...but hebroughtthat fellow!
Our familymembers want to continuewith tha doctor.
He has come againstnot only mybusiness, but also mylove.
l don't know wha you do.
You have to makehim run away from the village.
Or Guru has to commit suicide swallowing any expiredtablet.
As far as myknowledgeis concerned, tha doctor seems to be a fake doctor.
Notthathow heappears! He should not stayin this villageat all!
l will tell you an idea forthat. You all pleasehelp meout in this!
Do you want to meet thedoctor? -No! We have come for you.
For me? -Yeah! - Could you pleasecomeaside?
What?. - You have to co-operate for a while.
Co-operaion or Operation! l do onlyifmy doctorasks meto!
lt's up to you... lf you do as we say, your horoscopewill be changed!
You will reach a greatposition!
Wha should l do?
You haveto actas Heroine in cinema! -Heroine?
Me? -Yes!
A guy from this villagewent to Hyderabad and earnt crores in Real estatebusiness.
Hewants to takecinema and wants a new face for Heroine!
We said about you last night!
Heasked us to discuss with youandfinalize the matter.
lf you acceptit and wear another dress byremoving this nurseuniform...
You look like Heroine!
ls theresuch a stuffwith me to become a Heroine?
Why shouldwe ask you like this ifthereis nothing?
lf you becomea Heroine...
Trisha! Shreya! Nayan Tara! lliana will beout!
What's thenameofthe cinema? - Sandhya in lane!
Heroineorientedfilm! - Will you act in tha?
l will do!- lfyou leavethejob, won't your doctor feel anything?
ls he an original doctororwhat?
Like Sankardada MBBS... he is apiracy doctor!
Piracy doctor? -Yes!
Beforethis, sitting atthebank of Godavari in Rajamundry...
...hewould sell the root pieces!
Come sir! Come!
Nerves weakness! Legs pain! Joints pain! Hydrocil!
Hip pain! Head ache! Cold! Whaever itis... vanishes within 10 minutes!
Madana Kameswari flower! Manlyfibre! Powerful herb and cumin!
Whaever you take...costs only Rs. 10/-
Givemea bottle! -You arealucky fellow!
Use this forthree periods! lf alive, use ittomorrow too!
O your mother! ls tha whathis life?
As he couldn't make enough income, hedisguised as doctor and cameto our village!
lf so...let us spreadthis news immediaely into the villagelikeatelegram!
People will not believe ifwe say!
Wehaveto make him saytha he is not a doctor.
How is it?
l havemade a sketch forthat. - Whatis thatsketch?
Greetings, doctor! - Greeings! Wha's the matter?
Dog has bitten me, sir! -Where?
lnfront of Bellam Gangiraju's house.
Not thatifit happened infront of Bellam Gangiraju's houseor behind Gurram Kannaiah's house!
Wherehas dog bitten you?
Are you askingtha? lt has bitten on my calf!
When did it bite?
Manchala Malleswari's niece attained puberty, didn't she?
That day, sir! - When did sheattain puberty?
On thewedding day of Gurram Kanakaraju's son!
Your daddy! Doesn'tit havea dateandtime?
Ouch! - Whathappened, doctor?
l felt likesomething bitme... - Alas!
Yes! lt's bleeding too...
Laythat chair here! -Hey, Trimurthulu!
Has my Anushka comethis side? -l haven'tseen!
ls Anushka your daughter?
Anushka doesn'tmean the cinema star!
Thenameofhis snake! - Snake?
YourAnushkahas goneinto theheap of brick from thebottom oftha van.
Where has it gone?
Has it gone from thebottom ofthe van? -Yes! werebitten by Anushka!
Wha? Has my Anushkabitten you? - l don't know wha it is...
l felt something has bitten me from the bottom ofit! Look into it!
There you seethetwo holes... lt's my Anushka's bite!
O my God! Havel been bitten by a snake?
Though it's bitten, why do you get tensed like apaient?
You area doctor, aren't you?
lf so...Am l not ahuman? Won't mybody takethepoison?
Takeme urgently to a doctor! - Keep calm!
You are abig doctor! MBBS, FRCS Why do you need abig doctor?
You make your nursegiveinjection to you. Tablet will be free!
Do l know to make her giveinjection? l am not doctor at all...
l saidthatit was piracy, didn't l? - Have you leaked in this village too?
You have known, haven't you? Takemeurgently to a doctor!
Come on! Let's take him to ourApparao! -Come on!
Govinda! Govinda!
Whatgentlemen? Why are you carrying in cotinstead offuneral car?
Whosecorpseis this?
The new doctorwho newly came to our village!
When did he pass away?
He has notpassed away yet. He is on theway!
Wha happenedto him?
He was bitten by a snake. We are taking him to ourApparao!
Whatis this? He himselfis abig doctor, isn't he?
He told you thathewas so. Hetold us tha hewas notso.
He is agrea cheat!Ask him ifrequired... - Really?- Yes!
l am not a doctor atall!
l don't know anything at all. Please forgiveme...
l havesaid, haven't l? Takemeurgentlyto him...
The poison has crossed theknees! - Govinda! Govinda!
O Yankayamma! Wha are you doing? - You oncecomeover here!
Wha curry?. -Mango dal curry! - Wait!
Look! Our new doctorwas bitten by a snake!
Whyhas hereached thecot instead oftaking medicine?
Heis not a doctor. Heis agreat magician!
That's whywe aretaking him to ourApparao!
Theone who speaks lie and cheats the people will not havea natural death.
Look! Dal is boiling...stop until l come!
Put it down! Yankayamma wants to ask something!
Hey... l was bitten notby an ant. By a snake!
lf you makedelay, l will die! l will bow before you...
You keep calm!
lfweleavethespot, Yankayamma feels moreworried!
lt's okay! What curryhas she said? - Snakedal!
Your daddy! Not snakedal! Mango dal curry!
Does anyone make snake curry? - Ofcourse, somemaymake it bite!
O God! O mother! Come soon!
What snake has bitten? -Black cobra!
Black cobra? lf so...he will die!
How can you say confidently?
Oncewhen myuncle's son-in-law was bitten by black cobra...
Hedied within half an hour!
lt's already crossed 15 minutes! -Thereis only 15 minutes left!
Recently Kadiam Kondalrao's position was also same...
When he was cuttingthe grass in thegreen field,
itsuddenly bit him and he died immediately!
ln Dwarapudi... - Stop yourflashbacks!
You first takemeto doctorApparao. Maythestomach of your mothers starve!
Govinda! Govinda!
Who is tha? Why are you carrying on therope cot!
lfl was asked, l would havegiven the maerials for funeral car!
lf you hear thenews, you won't give the maerials for funeral car!
You will givewood pieces and burnt him! - Who is he?
The fake doctorwho newly cameto our village.
ls he? Fakedoctor? - Whyis he lying down so?
Hehas not lied down! Snakemade him liedown!
Doctor! Doctor! - Apparao! Apparao!
Wearecoming for you... You havecome across luckily!
Doctor has bitten thesnake...shit! Snake has bitten the doctor!
You haveto rescuehim at any cost! - Me?
l am after all an RMP. Heis MBBS, FRCS
How can l do treatment for him?
Alas! Don't utter such words... No MBBS or anything else!
l am a stupid who sells theroot pieces!
O nasty fellow! How brilliantly you cheated us!
Guys likethis kind should die!
Let him go, sir! He admitted his mistake, didn't he?
Why shouldwe bearthesin that wehave killed him?
Does injection give such apain? - You areout of danger now!
lf any snake bites you bymistake, itmay die...but you will not!
Though you are younger, l gree yourhead!
Bye for now! -Will you comeagain?
l will cut you horizontallyif you step into this villageagain.
You come!
Excuseme! Whatabout my position?
Whatare you looking at? Cinema completed!All of you disperse!
Getting fresh by applying powder over the face and wearingthesaree below thenavel...
...stayready behind the bush!
You can go once our guy comes. Go!
Bye! Bye!
Here you see, Apparao!
When my leg was recently dislocaed, this stupid gavemesomeinjection!
My pain has notreduced at all!
You oncecomeand check it out!
Give rest to theleg for 2 days. lt will becured!
Havejuice! No, thanks! - Don't you want?
Comingto Bobbirlanka Sai Suryanarayana Raju's house...
As his daughter gives thejuice, will you deny?
lfpeoplecome to know this, what will happen to myhonour?
Can l walk on theroad with honourtomorrow?
Does anyone respect me?
l don't know that these many problems would occur ifl did not drink the juice.
l will drink it!
Comeinside! l will give you the fees...
Why is the fees for such a sillything? l don't want...
Don't you want?
Will you denythe fees after treaing Mr. Raju's mother?
lfpeoplecome to know this, what will happen to his honour?
Can hewalk on theroadwith honourtomorrow?
Does anyonerespect him? What sir? -Yeah!
l will take! l will take!-Tha's it!
When you cometo my house, you should not denywhatever my daughter gives!
Do you understand? - l do understand! - Go!
You are very great! You havegotrid oftha doctor.
On this auspicious situation... - Leave me! l feel tension!
l feel tension too! Kiss me! l losethetension!
No! l don't...- Okay! l will give you... - l don'twant!
Look father! Hedoesn'ttake fees when l give...
O man! Will you respectfullytake it or shall l makemy guy break you?
l will takeit, sir! - That's it! There you are...
O rocking structure!
The kiss is so sweet!
O tender age!
Share your lap!
As your structureand beauty pain me...
As you kiss me though l deny...
lt rocks! Rocks! Rocks!!!
O rocking structure!
The kiss is so sweet!
O rocking structure!
l agree forwhaever you say and say Hello seeing you everyminutein my dreams!
l will betempting in your dreams and capturing your hotage!
How ifthenaughty ageis controlled everynow andthen?
Don't maintain thesprouted lovelynest likethis...
As l am covering with myhug...
As the heaven gives its consent...
lt rocks! Rocks! Rocks!!!
O rocking structure!
The kiss is so sweet!
O rocking structure!
As your beautytempts me, my age is dying for your beauty!
As l like your naughtiness,won't l be hasty in pulling you down into kisses?
Has my anxiety driven meto thebeauty desires tha raisedthetides?
Has my agemolten likethis because oftheair blown bythecupid?
As you come on to mylap...
As you do something...
lt rocks! Rocks! Rocks!!!
lt rocks! Rocks! Rocks!!!
Glass! Spoon! Load everythingwithout sparing anything!
Hold it! Hold it!
Here you take...
What is this? Where are you taking thethings?
To myhouse!
l heard that you have taken the things from myhousetoo...
Yes, ofcourse! - Whatis this rowdyism?
This is not called rowdyism. This is how l get my money back!
Wehaven't said thatwewould skip your debt, have we?
We saytha we will clear it soon, don'twe?
You are saying so! But you arenot clearing atall.
Not liketha...
Businessman should havesome endurance and patience. Then only...
...l will be called 'Stupid' by all the villagers.
You havealreadybeen called so, haven't you?
Your pappa!
Whatis this? Why do you manhandlehim?
l will kick too...
l will cut if you playwith me...
lt's okayifyou clear my balance within 2 days.
Orelse...l will take you both to Rajamundry and sell your Kidneys likeidlies!
Have these 2 pills.
Have 3 ounces oftonic for threeperiods. -Okay!
Letter again? -Yes!
Your formality is not good, brother-in-law!
lt's said that lndians have moresentiments...
You don't haveit even in thesizeof your sister's forehead sticker.
By seeing tears in your eyes while marriage...
Like NTRamarao in 'Raktha Sambandham' movie...
Like Rajasekhar in the recent movie 'Gorintaku'...
l thought you wereagrea brother!
lt's confirmedtha you werenotso...
You couldn't giveeven money in thetime said.
When l meta lawyerin bar...
As it's been one year sincemarried...
You couldn't giveeven money in thetime said.
Hesaid that l could givedivorceand driveher out from thehouse.
Taking this word...
Mymother roamed all the towns and villages and fixed an alliance for me.
The girl is very beautiful.
With the eyes l saw her...
When l see your sister at home...
Sheis as nasty as theroad in yourtown with marks and stains on her body.
When l wanted to kill her, the priest in thetemple says that the woman's murder is a great sin.
lnstead ofkillingthewife and becoming a culprit...
...l havedecided to give divorce to theexisting oneand becomehusbandto the new one.
What? Aretheletters not seen?
Wipeout thetears in your eyes, you can see them clearly!
Bythetime you finish reading this letter, an auto stops at your entrance...
...and your sister gets down from it.
Has she got down?
You receiveher and pay Rs. 100/- to the auto driver.
l thought of committing suicide. l did not want to come to you, brother.
l am conceived!
Whathappened? Wha is this?
Gurumurthyhas hit us.
lfwecan't payback his debt within 2 days,
he says tha hewould takeour kidneys and sell them out.
Now our kidneys arein your hands. You have to do something forthis.
Wha can l do? l am in a worsecondition than you.
Mybrother-in-law has just sent my sisterto my housedue to thebalance in dowry.
Therefore, weshall takesomepart ofthat amount for our personal use.
After that,we shall giveback their amount atany cost.
l won't takeeven onerupee from tha though l am dying.
Babymusthave comebynow. Weshall go and meet her tomorrow.
Who is this?
Awoman by name Baby here... -lt's me!
Baby! Very young! -Shelooks like the aunty of grea grandmother.
Nothing madam! l was told that you know about Mr. Boyapai Narasimhamurthy.
We want to meet him. - Thatis not apossibledeed. -Why?.
You can mee the people who arealive. How can you meet thedeceased people?
Has Mr. Narasimhamurthy passed away? - lt's been more than a year.
His family...
His wife also passed awaywithin 2 months after hehad died!
His son went abroad when his father was alive.
His daughter fell in lovewith someone and left forAmerica getting married.
ls no relativeofthem here? -No!
Dammit! Whyhas ithappened so?
Wecouldn't findthe address fora long time...
Bythetimewe have found it, theentire family was lost!
Poor boy! Wecouldn't fulfill his last desire.
Wha can wedo, buddy? Wehave tried sincerely, haven't we?
lt's okay! Think what to do now.
Wha is there to think?
Mr. Narasimhamurthy passed away alongwith his family.
His daughter wentto America.
Wecan go neitherto there norto here.
So...wethreeshall share thatmoney!
Don'tseeseriously. Think seriously!
We are not cheaingthem.
Sincethey areno more, wesaytha we can share it.
You areaware tha how badly we need money.
lfwecan't clear his debt within 2 days,
wewill definitelyloseour lives in Gurumurthy's hands.
lt's okay! We will tryto manageit somehow.
Unless you give your sister's dowry balance...
...your brother-in-law forsakes your sister and gets remarried.
Think over...
Okay! Let's go.
Why have you broughtus to here?
l havehidden thatmoneyhere.
Where have you hidden here? -ln thepost box.
Hey... Therewas apostbox here. Whereis it?
How wouldweknow? - l havehidden the entirecash in it.
Here you seethekeys with me.
Someonemust haveseen you putting money, and taken away.
One or Two... Rs. 15 lakhs!
Hey...Was itseen? -How could it be seen?
Have you seen tha side? - Wha are you looking for?
A postboxwas here, wasn't it?. - Yes! Whereis it?
Why do you ask us whereit is? You arethepostman, aren't you?
My postis thepostman. But not the watchman forthebox.
Someonemust havesold itto old iron vendors for someediblestuff.
Theproblem has been solved. - Tha problem has stuck to us.
Wha buddy? What are you talking? - What guys?
l am thepostman and l haveno tension.
Why do you get tensed liketha? - ln tha box....
Wehaveto post aletter. That's why...
ls l am here before you likepost office. Why do you need that box?
Give tha letterto me.
We don't give you. Weshall drop onlyinto thebox.
Wha guys? Do you know this issue?
The issue about thetheft ofpostbox, right? Wehave known it before.
Who said that itwas stolen? lt was taken and putat the anthill, right?
At theanthill?- At the anthill? At the anthill?
Why was itputat the anthill?
A snake entered into it. ltwas taken to thereand beingworshipped.
O snakein my box.
O King cobra! O king cobra!
You haveattracted the hearts ofyour devotees!
Spreading your hood and hissing, you haveblessed us!
Drink this milk, havetha raw egg and rock thefloor...
Gosh! Whatis this worship? What is this prayer?
Whatis this noise, Sowcar?
This is notnoise. lt's worship!
King cobra entered into the post box lastnight.
lt comes out off and on and hisses too!
Will the King cobra be patting its thigh like NTR instead ofhissing?
Don't playwith King cobra. lt will grow vengeancetowards you.
Moveabit aside. l haveto pour milk for King cobra.
Hey...- Gosh! No! Don't pour milk into it.- Why?
The notes insidewill getwet. - What are notes?
Tha is...Theletters inside will get wet. They will notbeallowed anywhere.
Stupid letter! ls itmorethan King cobra? You pour it...
lfyou get conceived, wewill namehim as NAGA CHAlTHANYA.
No! lf you pour litres ofmilk into it, King cobra will get drowned.
lfit can't swim, it will die. - Sorry! Sorry!
This King cobra wanted to getsettled in our villagewith abundantmercy.
lfyou kill itby pouring milk and egg, won't its wife come and bite you?
Won't the heredity of snake curseour entire village?
Yes! Yes! -Apparao is right! - So...worship bybeing away!
Far away! Far away! -Move! Move!
What is this nonsense again? They do day and night.
Won't they give abitgap at all? -They don't seem to giveso.
As soon as they leave, themorning shift peoplewill come.
We haveto do something and drivethem away from here.
ldea!- Whatis that? - l will tell you. You listen to me.
Stop it! King cobra has bred! King cobrahas bred!
Wha buddy? - Not bred! lncurred!
King cobra has incurred! Look! King cobrahas incurred!
l am a serpent!
l am a snake!
Do you play jokes with me?
Like the sound ofa devil...
Do you make such an awful noise?
Why do you makethis 'Bajan' with yourrude voices?
l will be bliss ifyou go to your houses at your earliest!
l will give 1000 marks to your crazy devotion...
Leaveme for onlythis period!
O king Cobra! Forgive us...
The devotional music has been overdone!
O king of snakes! Show mercy upon us...
We offerthe worship ofpeace!
O king of anthill! Bless us...
O king! You areeverything for us!
O king of snakes! Get your hood down...
Haveour offerings and go to sleep!
O snakebrother! Get down! Get down!
O beautiful snakebrother!
O snakebrother! Get down! Get down!
O beautiful snakebrother!
O snakebrother! Get down! Get down!
O beautiful snakebrother!
Why arethesemany songs getting prepared?
Why do you blow this in shiftbasis?
l get irritaed as l am restless!
l won't becalm ifl turn wildwith rage!
Alas! Wehave committed agrea sin...
O God! Don't curse us!
lf you hiss, wewill pass away!
Wetakecare so that you will notgetanger!
We follow yourwords!
Weworship you simply!
Wedo worship during daytime...
We give you chance to sleep a night!
O snakebrother! Get down! Get down!
O beautiful snakebrother!
O snakebrother! Get down! Get down!
O beautiful snakebrother!
Though the hands of clock strike 12...
Why don't you get yawning?
Though the hen under the nest cries...
Yourworships don't get tired!
We join our hands and bow before you...
We slap ourtwo cheeks!
Wedo sit-ups...
We laywall chairs!
Weadmit our mistakes...
We get the things readyto leave!
Wewill skip saying 'Silence'...
Wewill put the sound under control!
O snakebrother! Get down! Get down!
O beautiful snakebrother!
O snakebrother! Get down! Get down!
O beautiful snakebrother!
What an acting, buddy! Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up!
Why doesn't hegetup?
Theywill it fast! - Open it! Open it!
Money! Money! - Hey! Snakemay comeout...
Your daddy! lt musthave fled away with the noisemadebythem.
Here you take these 2 lakhs!
Wha is this 2 lakhs? -Here you takethese 2 lakhs!
Who will taketherest 11 lakhs? Will you takeit?
This is wild and unjust... -Ssh!
l will also takeonly 2 lakhs. -Whatwill you do with the rest 9 lakhs?
Weshall build a school in memory of Sivaji.
lfsome money left,weshall build a bus sheltertoo.
lf so...take this too and build a bus stand, a railway staion and an airport.
You are really very greatguys!
Have you gone mad? Do you build school with this much money?
Look! Wesomehow couldn't fulfill his desire.
lfweatleast do this with therest ofthe amounthis soul will restin peace.
Hey... Sentiments and sacrifices will not suit our faces.
Weshall take Rs. 5 lakhs each and get settled.
lfso...we shall do onething! - Tell me! Tell me!
Let us straightaway go to thepolicestaion.
Revealingthe fact, weshall surrenderthis moneyto them.
This sentimentis better than that tragedy.
This is enough for us.
You develop thetown with rest oftheamount.
Here you see! -Yes!
Wha will you say ifanybody asks you how you could get this much money?.
Day and night! -Shaving beards and moustaches...
Stitchingtheclothes...-We saythat we haveearnt by dint ofhardwork.
lt doesn't sound good. Tell them tha you havewon alottery prize.
Really? -Yes, sir!
Theyhavewon lakhs ofrupees in lottery.
Brahmam had already said tha stupids would always belucky.
lfitis thecase, you should be luckierthan anybody else, right?
lfyou makestupid anchoring, l will kick you.
Could you pleaseguideus to President's house?
Somebodyhas come for you, sir!
Who is this?
Greeings! Myname is Gayathri!
My mother! -Greetings! My father! -Greeings!
l have been appointed as a school teacher in yourtown.
ls itso? Come in!
This is theschool you haveto work for.
Look here! We will arrange for your accommodaion.
But you haveto makesure that children should getwell educated.
Okay, sir! - lt's notjust enough to say'Okay'...
Bynext year, our school has to reach No.1 in this zone.
Underthe unsophisticaed school list, it has reached No.1 long ago, right?
You shut up your mouth.
Sophistication is not important! Education is important!
Many greatpeoplehad studied in this kind of schools...
...and reached the esteemed stage. -13 feet from here!
Note down! You move abit forward.
What Apparao? Why are you taking the measurements?
l am stitching dress to theschool! - Really? -Yes!
You asked me to build tha day, didn't you?
That's whyl am building a new one demolishingthis.
Apparao! You are agreat man!
You did not forsaketheword likethe President,
you arebuildingthe school as you said.
l will also build ifl get freemoney.
Whose permission have you taken to build the school?
Why should l need permission to help others?
You need it.
As the President ofthis town, l haveto givepermission.
lf so...give me!
Will l give you as soon as you asked? l haveto think over...
You haveto think over to give permission for doing badthings.
Why should you think overto give permission for goodthings? Giveit...
lfhebuilds theschool, his popularity increases among the people.
Though hebuilt theschool, hewill invite you to inauguratetheschool, right?
Why should l objectwhile you aredoing good thing forthe town?
You proceed!-Thanks!
Gettheplan ready quickly. -Okay, sir!
We shall start thework immediately.
He is Apparao, an RMP doctor!
Heseems to bea good chap.
Heis not as good as you think.
Comingto that point, l am the No.1 good chap in this town.
Boss! Ace!
Heartin queen! - Get into thecards.
Thahaji! Whereare Veerababu and Babji?
Wha man? Have you goneblind?
Can't you seethehuman beings?
Gosh! You? l thought that you were somebody else.
You will think so.
Will you call me so? - Why?. Should l not call you so?
Since you got such an amount, ofcourse you can call me so.
lt's okay! Wha did you buy to win the lottery?.
Thebundleof Kareem Beedi! ls it necessary to you?
Why should l need it? lf you clear my balance...
How much is thebalance amount ofboth ofus?
Ninety Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Rupees!
Kameswari! Takeonelakh rupees from this and givehim. -Okay!
Gosh! You? Sheis my candidae... - Your candidate!
As they havewon the lottery, shewas shifted to tha side.
lt's injustice! - Whatis injusticein this?
Shehas done social justice as per herknowledge.
Politician stays with the people who have votes.
Kameswari stays with the one who has notes.
Givethose promissory notes back.
Here you takeone lakh!
Keep therest Eleven Hundred rupees as atip!
Tip will begiven to the hotel servers, right?
Wewill giveto moneylenders too. - Thank you! Bye...- Stop!
Your debt is cleared. Ourdebt is left, isn't it?
What do l owe you? - l tell you! Come here...
Cometo here! Here! Here!
Hey! Why do you slap me? - Sorry! Sorry!
Wha buddy? Why do you slap him without sense?
Wehaveto kick sir!
ls it paining? Wouldwenot havewhen you hit us?
Anymoneylender would cometo home to collect his debt.
You havecomeeven into the dream.
O God! Today is Tuesday... Sacrificing day!
l haveto fleeurgently to somewhereelse.
Hey...Ganesh! Ganesh!
To Guru, Ganesh writes with shivering sensation!
My grandma is struggling for life. She is often calling myname.
She wants meto comeand meet her every Tuesday.
She saidthatshewould die ifl am not seen.
Thereforel takeleaveand go to my villagetoday.
Wha man?
Have you put theleave letter here and hidden there? Come out...
No Guru! As somewizard said, ifyou sacrifice me...
Your publicitywill increase on TV, but not your practice.
Though you commit any crimes intelligently...
Tomorrow orthe day after tomorrow...
...Noothan Prasadwill reveal them out in 'Crimes & Offences' program!
You havewell cried. Tha'a all fake drama! You comeout...
As l did not haveenough money, l couldn't pay your salary properly so far.
Here you see!
Takethis Ten Thousand rupees and giveto your grandma!
ls it dream or reality? - lt's reality...
Brother has won thelottery.
With tha money, he is building a school too!
Thank you, boss!
Gosh! Whatis this, Susi? Why have you becomelean?
Doesn't your brothergive you Horlicks in themorning and Boost in theevening as l do?
Are you drinking it? - Whyhave you come?
l thought tha you would ask me when l had come.
You will not step in without any reason, will you?
That's right!
l know tha a woman who lost her husband, called widow.
Butl haverecently cometo know thata husbandwho deserted his wife, called stupid.
Would you please forgivemeand send your sister alongwith me, brother-in-law?
Take her! You go... - Okay, brother!
Wha is this? Sheseems to be comingwith barehands.
Have you setthesuitcase ready immediaely?
Sheseems to have been used to getting beaen.
Hey...weshall go laer. Let metalk with your brother for sometime.
l haverecently seen all theanimals in Vizag Zoo except a dwarf elephant.
l am fulfilled by seeing him.
Wha is your name? -Ganesh!
You must havebeen named for your structurewith love.
Onlytha oneis missing.
Guru! Bye... -To zoo? -To mynaiveplace.
ls it therein your naiveplacetoo?
lt's okay, brother-in-law. l heardthat you haverecentlywon alottery.
Peoplesaythat you arewasting the moneybybuilding school etc.
You may ofcoursepay back my dowrybalance now...
l am worried thinking that you may waste the rest.
Wha can l do then? -Shall wesit and discuss?
Comeon! Let's havedrink and discuss. - Gosh!
Mybrother-in-law has got manners along with money.
Whathave you plannedto do with the money you have?
l am planningto get my sister remarried.
Whyremarriagewhen l am here? - Well said!
How can sheagree for another marriagewhen you arealive?
Sheshall not agree forthat.
That's why l havedecided to kill you.
Yes, brother-in-law!
l am notinterested in sending her alongwith you.
That's why l havetaken this decision.
Have you arranged fortheguys to murder me?
Shouldtheguys berequiredto murder a peppercorn like you?
ls the drink hot?
lt seems that you haveadded less amount of soda.
No! l haveadded more amount ofpoison!
You arethrowing out foam. Wipe it!
lfmy sister sees this, thepoison matterwill berevealed.
Alas! l will die... l will die...
Brother-in-law! -l will die... You are hastyin everything.
Will l stop you when you want to go?
Wait for just 10 minutes. You can then go.
O Suseela! Suseela! -Yes! l am coming...
l will giveback the dowry amount that was given earlier...
You givesomeremedy and saveme. -What happened, hubby?.
Wha is yet to happen? Everything has happened.
As l asked for dowry amount to your brother, hegave me poison.
Wha brother? ls ittrue? - Yes, honey!
Hecan't make you happy ifheis alive...
To make you happy afterhis deah. - Shit!Are you ahuman? -Me?
Not you...
How did your conscience permit you to givehim poison?
Why do you still support him though he had tortured you in such a way?
Hewill torture so. lfrequired, hewill scold and hit.
He has thatright.
lfanything happens to him, l will kill you.
Have you seen?
My sister says thatshewill kill her brother for herhusband.
But you have been killing her for dowry sincemarried.
l got my sense. You firsttakeme to hospital.
Come! l will take you to hospital... -Not required!
No poison was added in that. -Really?.
Then...How did this foam come?
l have added somesoap waer to give you shock.
How good brother-in-law you are!
Why is hegoing liketha?
Did he feel otherwiseas l called him a good guy?.
You havetortured likea sadist so far.
Henceforth, you live likea human. Behavelike ahusband.
Here you takethe balancedowry amount.
No, brother-in-law!
Forthis sinful money, l have made your sister shed tears.
l don't want to commitsin by takingthis money.
This is not what you take. This is what l give you wholeheartedly.
Takeit! - Thanks, brother-in-law!
Shall we have drink? - No, brother-in-law! l havegiven up!
Let's have lunch!
You arethereon thehill!
l am hereon the floor!
Have you ever madethedeceased King hear yourtone before?
l madehim hearthe night beforehedied.
All thoughtthathedied for something else...
O Soori! Why arerelatives not coming to our house now-a-days?
All havedecided even to puttheir hands in sugarcanemachine
butnotto step into Mr. Raju's house!
What is tha? Whathave we doneless in respect?
Not fordoing less! For you aredoing more!
Your daughter's marriageis ahead, isn't it? They shall come!
lt's been 3 months sincel askedthe priest to look foralliance.
Mr. Raju! Come! Come!
Welcomepriest! You havethe lifespan of 100 years.
l am just 47.
Greetings madam! Are you fine?
What fine, priest?
Village forces me to go! Graveyard requests me to come!
Why don't you start then?
Will you go if graveyard requests you to come?
When our senior Raju died, you did not shed even a drop oftear.
Why should l shed?
Hedied writing the halfproperty towards his concubine.
Why do you say all those now?
Alas! Lether's interesting! -Who is he?
He is Mr. Achyutha Ramaraju from Achanta!
He has got 25 acres ofcoconut grove! 25 acres ofprawn lake!
A big ricemill and one and only son!
l showed your daughter's photo. Theyliked herverymuch.
Oh! ls it? Comeon...beseated!
Hey...They havecomeby A/C car in thesun. Break two coconuts!
What does your son do?
Heis a softwareengineer in America! - America? -Yes!
lt's too long for us, isn't it? - Yes! lttakes 24hours.
lfwego on foot? -lfwe go by flight!
l can't bear ifl don'tsee my daughter once in 4 days.
l don'twant this alliance! - You start moving...-Alas!
My son is not from America. Heis in Achanta itself.
You just said that he was in America.
As my son was ousted dueto recession period, hecameback to lndia.
Wehavedecided to makehim stayhereitself.
Wha is this coconut? lt tastes too strong...
Gosh! Arethecoconuts changed? Give me...l will give you anotherone!
No problem! lt's Gin, isn'tit? Why should l wasteit? l will drink it.
lftheguyis around here, l don't have any objection.
l will seetheguy once... -You won'tleavehim if you see!
He looks exactlylike Mahesh Babu! Verylatest...
Then...why doesn'the look like Mr. Krishna!
Hetakes after his mother.
lfrequired, l broughthis photograph. Havea glanceat it.
Guyis smart!
O Soori! Look at it. -Okay!
Heis verywhite. - Turn it and see...
He is veryred.
Why do you delaythen? Makehim as your son-in-law!
Wedon'twant his daughter. Wewanthis daughter!
His? -Their daughter!
Sir! Coming 17th is a grea auspicious day!
lfyou say 'Yes', wecan finalize it.
O man! Getmeonemore coconut. -Without orwith?
As l tasted this, how would 'without' be tasteful. Get me a'With'.
lf you have one more, you will liedown!
Whyhave you whistled?
Where havel whistled? -Who else has whistled then?
Look! Somebodyhas whistled again. - Hello! Over there...
Sheis calling you. You go!
lf anybody asks you wherel am, tell them that l havegoneto piss.
Girl from palacehas cometo grove! Did you want to see me?
No! l want to die... -Whyis it so?
Mymarriage was fixed for coming 17th.
ln such a sudden manner? With whom?
Someonewho is the son of Achanta Raju!
l don't know wha you do. This marriage should get stopped.
Or else...- Will you enter into aroom with ropeand eat nuts?
No! l will disturb my hair,tear my clothes, shout and gatherthe crowd.
What do they all come and do?
Theywill conduct your marriage.
Even your body won't be available fortreatment.
Why do theybea me? - l say that you have raped me, don't l?
O mother! Don'traise this kind ofrapeissues. l will somehow stop this marriage.
Wow! Thank you!
Stop here!
Wha buddy?. Are you coming from your nativeplace?- No!
But you havecome by rickshaw!
l havecome from myhouse. - What?
Did you need rickshaw to come from the neighbouring house?
They who havemoney, comeby rickshaw and auto. What bothers you?
Well said! Go and celebrate it.
Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! Stop !Stop! Yes!
He is surely coming from thetown.
lfl wanted to go to my naive, l would go by car. Whywould l go by an auto?
Whereare you coming from, by auto?
l have just goneto piss. -Hehas gone to piss and come back.
As ifthereis a substitute for abeggar, wha a buildup you give!
How long should wewait forthechairs?
Don't you know tha you haveto arrange the chairs beforewecome?
Who is he? - Heseems to bericher than us.
Sir! Shall l go and ask him? - Wha? Social justice?
You keep calm, Mr. Thrimurthy!
Excuseme, guys! You! Villagepeople... Comehere!
Who are you, sir? -Who are you?
Myname is Dubai Sreenu!
Dubai Sreenu is Ravi Teja, isn't he?
Heis mybest friend.
He told me that he would use myname in cinema.
l gaveit to him. - ls it so? -Yeah!
As theywanted to take shooting in Dubai, l organized fortickets and permission etc.
lfso...Do you stayin Dubai?
Your daddy! l have been tellingthesametill now.
Don't lose yourtemper! Wha do you do over there, sir?
l takelabours from here and put them in job there.
l sendthemoney earnt bythem to lndia.
Sir! Am l eligible for Dubai?
Wha do you do? -l am a Tailor!
l stitch skirts, blouses, shirts and pants.
They use Burkas. Do you stitch them?
l havenever stitched them so far.
Do you know stitching nighties?
l am famous forthat around here. - Oh! Very good!
lf you extendthe sleeves ofnighty and attach amask on top...
Thatis called Burka!
How many Burkas can you stitch a day?
l can easily stitch 20 pieces. - Wow! As per 100 dinars per Burka...
You can earn 2000 dinars per day.
Does Dinar mean onerupee?
Hey...Their one Dinar is Thirteen rupees for us.
Accordingto this, you can earn Rs. 25,000/- to 30,000/-
Per month? - Per day!-Per day?
You rousehim up... - Okay!
Wedon't know tha you are such aguy, do we?
What do you do? Do you massage?
Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! What about me, sir?
What do you do? -l am a Barber!
l do hair cutting and shaving beards etc.
Really? -Yes, sir! - Very good!
One second, baby! Very good massage!
Wha a smooth body!
Seethis! See this! Seethis! And seethis!
Wha is this, sir? Whyhave they grown such abig beards?
As they couldn'tfind Barbers... - Really?.
Yes! Bin Laden's beard in yourhands...
Very demand for Barbers over there!
How many beards can you shave approximaely a day?.
l can shave 25 to 30 beards playfully. - Really?. -Yeah!
Hey! Wha a great! -Thank you, sir!
You can also earn Rs. 30,000/- to 40,000/- per day.
Rs. 30,000/- to 40,000/- You arelikeour God, sir!
Hey...Don't fall a my fee! Please... - Sir! Sir! Sir!
Pleasetakeus urgentlyto Dubai! - To go to Dubai...
You need to have Passport, Visa, Ticket! lneeds much work.
Beforethat...have you gotmoney?. -Yes, l have...
How much have you got?
One lakh rupees, sir! -l have also got onelakh rupees!
These two areenough for you!
Onlywe two are coming, sir! -Yes, sir!
Won't you come? Whywon't l come if you call me?
Hedid not ask you to come to there, butto Dubai!
Wedon't havesuch stuff!
You can look into them later. You first look into our issue, sir!
You are too hasty!
lt's okay! l will get everything ready...
You get yourthings ready on 20th, and cometo Rajamundry airport.
You know Mathurpudi, don't you? -Yes, sir!
You waitat that place. l will comeand pick you up.
Excuse me! Please get me somejob overthere...
Wha job do you do? - l do whaever you ask meto do!
Sir! Sheis a goodworking person!
l understand that. You go and get into thecar!
Come! Come! -Hey! No guys!
Only gals!-Okay!
You get into the car! You get into thecar!
Dubai! Duabai! -Hey...20th date! Mathurpudi! -Okay! -Tha place...
Greetings, sir!
l think that he may cheat you.
You are jealous forwearegoing to Dubai.
Hey...All of you haveto do me a favour!
Why?. Did any Sankar Dada cometo our village?
No! Marriageof Mr. Raju's daughter falls on 17th ofthis month.
All of you come and... -Haveto dine, right?. We will comeand dine!
Well cried! Not for dinner... Wehaveto stop that marriage!
Greetings! -Welcome...Greetings! - O Soori Rao!-Yeah!
Are the groom side people are well regarded and served?
Yes! They are scolding very much... -Wha for?
As they are served with high regard.
No matterifthey scold us...let them not feel thescarcity ofrespect!
l will takecare! -Okay!
Aunty! Are you getting my child ready?.
lt's enough decorating me.
You may go now. l will changemy saree.
Have you brought? -Yes! Here it is!
Shewon't die, will she? - No! Shewill sleep to the fullest.
Mix itand give her quickly!
All our peoplehavecome... -Grandma!
You once come to here...
Wait for a while. My granddaughter is calling me... -Okay!
What honey?
How do l look like?
My honey! You look like agolden doll.
ltseems my evil eyemight affect you.
Here you takeand drink this juice...
No, honey! My stomach is filled with bliss for you are getting married.
You drink for only this time.
lfl go to myin-law's house, anyhow l can't give you.
Okay! l will drink foryou.
Becauseofyourhubby's relaion, you won't forgetthis grandma, will you?
How do l forget you, grandma?
lfnecessary, l will take you along with me!
My honey! My honey! Myhoney! -Yes! Wow!
Take it! -Soori Rao! Soori Rao!
Why are you in ahurry?. Has grandma stamped again on therind?
She laid eyelids overthe eyes. Call Apparao urgently!
Hemust bearound here. Holdthis. Don't eat the whole thing!
l am sorry, sir! A bad news duringthis good time.
Grandmais no more!
Grandma! Grandma!
Grandma! Wha athing have you done, grandma!
Sayingtha you would definitelybealive till your grandchild's marriage...
Have you passed away tearing the guaranteecard?
Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop crying... - As such agrea woman died...
Why do you ask me to stop crying instead ofweeping?
lfyou weep and scream so, themarriage will get stopped!
When the head light of your houseis off, marriageshould be stopped, right?.
Or else...itwon't be fair!
Wehave arranged forthemarriage spending Rs. 10 lakhs!
lfthey cometo know this issue...
Theywill take itas a bad sign and refuse this alliance.
Let's stop iftheyrefuse! ls it morethan grandma?
No, honey! Weshall tell them after marriage.
Till then...manage yourselves from others knowledge.
Hey... You stop crying and get the wheel chair.
lfwe makeher sit in it and puther nearthehall...
Nobody can suspectit!
By God's grace!
Whatis this?
Stop crying and give smile!
Alas! What is this, relation?
Whyhave you made your mother sitin wheel chair?
The kneepads have wanned. Shecan't stand for along time.
Then...wha arethose spectacles likethecousin ofKarunanidhi?
Wehavegiven specs to prevent from spreadingto others. -Oho!
Relaion! -Sir!
Come on! Let's go and seehow the wedding arrangementis!
Greetings, grandma! -Greeings! You may go...
Have you seen how arrogant thatgrannyis, aunty?
When wegreeted her, shedid notgive even a smile.
Mother of Mr. Raju, right? Pride!
Mr. Raju has caughtan American son-in-law verywell.
How much is thedowry?.
As perl heard...
They give 25 acres of coconut grove! 10 acres of farm land! 12 acres ofplantain grove!
They give 7 sovereigns of gold too!
Hey...stop it! How can they give all those?
Why can't they give?
O Babji!
The wholeproperty is not on thenameof Mr. Raju. lt's on his mother's name.
Wha ifit is on whosoever name?
Shehas got oneand only granddaughter, right?
Who elsedoes shegive instead of giving anybody else?
Mr. Raju is interested in this marriage, but not thegranny!
Quarrels took place regardingthis issue.
Yes, you areright! They wereshouting at each other a whileago!- ls it?
He is stubborn in conducting this marriage...
She says that ifit is thecase,
shewould entrust all her property to the temple trust!
Theyboth arestubborn!
Herword is genuine! Maybeshe does as shesaid!
lfso...Groom gets nothing except thebride!
l doubt!- Not only you! Everyonewho has brain, will doubt that.
Excuseme! Did you not get it?
Why did l not get?
Shenods her head, but why doesn't shespeak?
Here you see, relation!
After marriage...shall l send my daughter in Palanquin or Horse-cart?
Send in ship!- Comedy! - Letthecomedybeaside!
Whyis aunty calm without active duringthemarriage?
lt's nothing!
She is upsetas shedid not like theborder ofher silk saree...
Move aside!
What man? ls shereallyupset as shedid notlike the border?
Shehas crossedtheborder. What does she do with this border?
Wha is crossing the border?
Relation! Heis a fool... Hesays oneif asked for one.
Wha sizecan l prepare fortha ornament? -You prepareat your size!
Here you see, aunty! l don't likeas you sit silently so!
Sir! -Yes!
Theauspicious time is drawing near! Bring thebride...
Okay! Comerelation! Let's mind ourwork!
Weshall mindthem later. You firstsettle the dowry issue!
Wha is this, relation?
Why do you ask newly about it? l havealready told you, haven'tl?
l don't agree if you just say...
Thewholepropertyis on her name, isn't it? -Yes, ofcourse!
l said that he was upset, didn't l?
Groom side people! Wehave to get upset! Why should shebeupset?
Marriagetakes place onlyif shesays 'Yes'. Or will get cancelled!
Though you conduct this marriageor don't, she can'tsay'Yes'...
Why? Has shelost her voice? - Shelost her lifeatall!
Alas!Alas! Alas! How cheat itis! How cheatit is!
Would you conduct themarriage bykeeping the corpse nearby?.
Not that sir... -l don'twant!
l don't want you! l don't want your daughter!
l don't want this allianceatall! Wha are you still staring a?
Move! Move!
Marriage also stopped becauseof you.
Wha a deed you havedone, madam!
lfl hit you, you will fall into the waste water tub! Stupid!
You weep tirelessly... ls she your mother or mymother?
Mr. Raju! You wait...
He is her son. Heis notweeping at all.
Why do you weep like this as if you swallowed arupee coin?
How can l express my pain?
l havesaved my 10 months salary with this granny.
Shedied without saying where shehas kept it!
Gosh! Are you weeping forthe lost saved money?
Or else...whywould l weep forthis?
l have spent Rs. 10 lakhs for all these. Everything has been lost!
Somehow shehas passed away.
Get the funeral car ready. Weshall carryher!
Wait! Let us pour Tulasi drops...
lt will bedone beforepassing away. Whyis it after deah?
Pouring is important. What ifpoured a any time?
After all...Grandma likes Padmapriya to themost!
lf she pours, shemay come back to life.
You pour it! -lfshecomes back to life, l get my money back.
Pourit! Pour it! Pour it! Pour it quickly!
Grandma has come back to life.
Sir! Grandmahas comeback to life.
Since my salary is strong enough, you came back to life!
You cameback to life!
Whatis coming back to life? Havel passed awaybefore?
You have diedtill now.
Thinking tha you died, themarriage also gotstopped.
Why do you worry about themarriageinstead of being happy for shecameback to life?
Yes, father!
They did not listen to you however you pleaded them.
Why do you think ofthem?
Yes, sir! Tha Raju seems to be moneyminded.
That's right, ofcourse! O Soori Rao! -Yeah!
Call the marriagebroker in themorningtomorrow!
We shall look for another alliance formy daughter!
Have you heard? He is goingto look for another alliance!
How many marriages can we stop everyday?
You reveal your matter! -Alas! They are hot...
Why do you fearfor everything?
This is the right time. Wait! l will tell him.
l makea move, Mr. Raju! -Okay! Greetings!
Brother-in-law! l also make amove...
Wherewill you go? Halt for 4more days!
Mr. Raju!
l should not inform...
l want to talk with you! -Whatis it?
Tha is...your daughter's alliance! -ls anybodythere?
Wha do you ask by having a golden boybefore you?
Wherecan you find abetter son-in-law to wash his legs and sprinkleover your head?
l havesaid my version. lf you say your version...
Comeon! Let's go upstairs and discuss!
Stupid buffalo! What are you? How old are you?
Do you wantmy daughter?
lfso...Have you hit me so farthinking that l asked your daughterfor me?
ls it notthen? -Why is it not?
lfyou ask him harshly, hemay reverse the plaesayingthatit is formy Guru.
Stupid fellow!
Since Mr. Raju is a honourableman, he did not cut you seeing my face!
Move! Bye, sir! -Go! Go!
l havebeen in this house for several years.
Even l did notgetan ideato marryher.
How did this stupid get it?
Wha are you blabbering? -O grandma!
Wha buddy?. Are you scolding?
l wanted to spit over you, but you have grown like apalm tree!
l kept calm as itmay fall over me. - You are jealous seeing my growth.
Shut up your mouth and move!
O Apparao! -Yes!
Oncewatch Samarasimha Reddy!
l havealready wached twice.
Not cinema! My cock... - What?
Has it crossed its limits with the hen affectedwith bird flu?
l haveno idea!
lt's notbeen having dried fruit and brandy orwhisky forthe past 2 days.
lt's been very dull!
lt's okay! l will keep it under observaion for 4 days...
Fasten it overthere!-Okay!
Hi Apparao! -Hi Apparao!
Whatbuddies? You have comeall together... -Regarding theparty!
Party? TDP or PRP? - Not tha party!
Drink party! - Who has founded that?
Not aboutthepolitical parties...
About theparty you have to give! - Me? Why should l giveparty?.
What is tha? You havewon the lottery, right?
You arebuilding school, aren't you?
We havestopped that marriage as you said, haven't we?
Give them, dear!
Veerababu and Babji are going to Dubai tomorrow.
Let us enjoyhappily tonight!
Yes, buddy! Wedon't know when wecomeback again...
Okay! Cometonight! l will get everything ready!
Okay buddy! -Thanks buddy! - Wemakea move! -Bye! Move! Move!
Wehaveto makeeverything readyto go to Dubai.
This is aloss forus.
Takethis and get thethings ready for party in theevening.
l will go to school and come back.
Forthis Rs. 200/-,what drink do wegetandwhatshould l cook?
Cheers! -Cheers!
You haverockedthearrangements.
Where did you get the foreign brand?
Bottles belong to foreign brand. Thedrink is from our place...
ls the countryside cock forthecountrysidedrink?
Fighting cock!
Wheredid you get thefighting cock? -Thathaji's cock!
Your daddy! Have you cookedtha? - What could l do then?
The money you gave me was not enough even forthe drink.
l brought thesodas on account only.
Helooks after it as ifit is his own son.
Even themonkey can'tshout becauseofheavy fat.
lt will anyhow get defeated tomorrow.
Won'ttheopponent cut itand ea then?
lt's okay! You manage him...
Wow! Thecock rocks...
This must have been brought up with dried fruit...
Hemust be like you.
You bring up liketha, don't you?
l remember as you said aboutbringing up...
Whereis my Samarasimham? -You areeaing, aren't you?
Tha's why...
Since you areeaing now, l kept itin lntensive Care Unit.
My son is out ofdanger, isn't he? - lt's quite out ofit!
lfthere is anything else, it will be forthe opponent cock duringthecompetition.
Why are you weeping? ls chicken morespicy?.
Too much affection!
Faher feels happy when his son is admired by others, right?
Hehas to pathis thigh in thecompetition...
l haveto hear tha sound with this ears...
That's how this father's heart is beaing!
lf you cometo know that you arehavingthe pieceofyourson, your heartbeat stops!
What is hesaying? - lt's nothing!
Heasked meto serve you the pieceofheartifrequired.
How love you haveupon me! -Stop weeping and have drink!
Hey! Hey! Hey! l give two ounces ofdrink to my son.
He dies forthis brand. -That's whyheleft!
No! Heslept!
He got well inspired bywatchingthe sword fight ofKantharao!
He has to wake up in themorning and do yoga again, right?
l don't know whyit is so... You aremaking it so pet!
lt's okay! When are you goingto Dubai? - Tomorrow!
Have you arranged everything properly?
Dubai Sreenu saidtha hewould arrangeeverything ready.
After going to Dubai, wewill happilyin A/C car...
As hestopped his cock battle, has your Dubai battlebeen started now?
Disperse! Time is up...
Yankayammamighthave messaged him!
Not Yankayamma! lt's Sooramma! -Shit! Her mother...
Your house is not this side...that side! - l forgot the routeas l told thename...
Who are you? Whatare you doing here?
Wearewaiting for our friend.
Once he comes...we threetogether go to Dubai, in aeroplane! -ln aeroplane!
Whereare you going? -l am going to London!
Who is he?
Heis going to London with tumbler withouttaking luggage!
Why shouldwe bother about him? Whereis our Dubai Sreenu?
Dubai Sreenu!
Are you fine? -Sir!
Hey! Hey! Don't fall atmy feet...
Greetings, sir! Greetings! -Hey! Hey! You too...
Sir! Weweretalking about you, sir!
Henceforth, you will be talking about me everyday.
Shall we make amove, sir? - You waithere for 30 minutes.
l will go and manage the TC and gettheberths confirmed!
Are TC's therein aeroplanes too? -Then?
l have to give somechange to him. l don'thave it.
Do you have...?- l have Rs. 750/-... -l have Rs. 1000/-, sir!
Hereis Rs. 1000/-... -Very good!
Miss lady! Move aside...
O Babji! Veerababu! Bye! Bye!
l don't know why... -Wait onlyhere!
Shehas known our names too. Sir mighthave told her.
Can't you recognisetha tone? lt sounds like Kameswari's!
What? ls she Kameswari? How comeshe changed her getup!
Sheis handled by Mr. Sreenu, right?
WELCOME TO D.RAMANAlDU l.A.S, By Bendu Apparao & Friends!
Hey! Check iftha mikeworks properly... lt's time fortheCollectorto come!
Hello! Mike testing!
Anushka! Genelia! lliana! Mometh Khan!
His daddy! Who is he? Get him down...
Greeings, sir!-Greeings! -Myname is Apparao!
Are you Apparao? l thoughtit was someaged person...
Heis Mr. Raju! - Greetings, sir! -Greetings!
You oncecometo my house forlunch. -lt's okay!
You go on, sir! - Hey...move aside!
Greeings, sir!-Greeings!
lf you phoned me that you were coming, l would havearranged betterthan this.
Who are you? - l am the President ofthis village.
Oh! Are you thewaste fellow?
Why are the roads in such anasty condition?
There were frequently heavy storms, right sir?- Storms?
lt will startat your house now. Do you know what ACB means?
l know A, B, C, D!
Theofficers from Anti Corruption Bureau come to your house.
You go and givethem the details of account!
This Apparao musthave said badly about me.
Should anybody takea sparetime to complain about you?
Whoever comes to the village, theywill automatically know it!
Who is Sivaji? - My friend, sir! - Very good!
As you built such a school and named after your friend...
There is agood friend within you. -Thank you, sir! Pleasecome...
Greeings to everybody!
l givespecial thanks to the collector Ramanaidu,
for hehas attended our school inauguration.
l call upon him to givehis speech!
Greeings to everybody! Wishes to thestudents!
Someone may come... ''Someone may do something...''
Don'tbedeceived by expecting so. said by agrea poet!
Similarly...without expecting tha government would do something...
lt's agreat thingto buildthis educational institution with his own money.
You havebecome a doctor by doingtreatment.
You havebecomean offerer of educaion bybuildingthis school.
l appreciate you wholeheartedly.
l wish wholeheartedlytha this school which was built with agrea ambition...
...should yield manymoregood students!
And l take leave from you!
l remain, sir! - Greetings!!!
You haveheard wha collector has said, haven't you?
Ourschool has to stand first in district level.
l sincerely do my level best!
Though you area young man, you have donea greatjob!
Not only bybuilding this school...
You have named afterthis school with your friend's name, right?
That is much better!
Do you know one thing?
Mybrother's nameis also Sivaji!
l am very happy to beworking in theschool which was named afterwith mybrother's name.
Where is your brother now?
He got upset and left our house 10 years ago.
Your name? - Narasimha Murthy!
Full name? - Boyapaati Narasimha Murthy!
Wherewere you working before?
ln Sriram Chitfund companyin Rajamundry!
Why are you asking these details? - Nothing! Justto know...
Whileintroduction,we exchange our welfares and informaion, right?
Have Narasimha Murthy and his wifepassed away?
That is...Tha is...
Will you tell me the fact or shall l call forthe Police?
No! l said alietha day! - You havereached this age...
How could you say that the people who are alive had died?
l did not say deliberaely so.
As thoseguys asked meto say so, l did it.
Which guys? - Theguys who camealongwith you...
Nasty fellows! Theyhaveescaped as they left for Dubai!
l havebeen seeing you forthe past oneweek.
You have been here. Who are you? - Wearewaiting to go to Dubai.
Our Sreenu has gone to TC to bringtickets!
Have you gone mad? How can you fly to Dubai from here?
ls it Shamshabad airport? - lfso...No flights to Dubai from here?
They go onlyto Hyderabad and Vizag. That's it!
Then...How come you go to London everyday?.
May my tumbler bein your hands! London means this...
Then...our Sreenu took money from us sayingtha we could directly go to Dubai from here.
How much did you give? -Rs. 2 lakhs!
lf so...Hehas cheaed you like anything!
What can we do now?
Which side is the East? -This side...
Turn tha sideand bow beforetha.
Sorry! l havedisturbed you at this time...
What made you comehere? - My father has got chest pain.
You haveto comeurgently! Please...
Nothingto worry! B.P is a bit high!
Here you take! Givethesetablets to him...
You don't think too much.
Wha can l do at this age otherthan thinking?
Will l be ableto look after my family?. Will l be ableto get my daughtermarried?
l have a son with no address. Will l beableto find his address?
lfhewas with me, he would be supporting me.
He would get his sister married and send to her in-law's house.
Poor girl!
As sheis working alone, this heartis not ableto bearit!
You bebold! Everything goes well... Relax!
l am sorry, Gayahri! Your father's condition is too bad.
Hehas to undergo Bypass surgeryimmediately.
Thedoctors whom we consulted before have also said the same.
They saidthattheoperaion needs Rs. 2 lakhs!
With Rs. 3000/- salary, can sherun the family? Or can she get the operaion done?
You don't worry!
Weshall somehow try to gethis operation done within a week's time.
How merciless God is!
Tha's whyhethrew mylifeat your feet. - Well cried!
l am worried as thegood chap has passed away.
Who is tha? - Bendu Apparao! He passed away!
His photograph printed in thenewspaper.
Hegives medicines to everybody. Wha diseasehas attacked him?
What father?
lfa photograph gets printed in the newspaper, does it mean thathepassed away?
How can he read? Sir is Thumbs up, isn't he?
Shut up your mouth!
l also studied upto the 2nd class.
But l discontinued becauseofthe harassment ofteacher.
Did you becomeso even in the 2nd class?
Harassment was not forme, but to my father.
Aftertha...he called for another teacher to home.
Did shealso not teach you? - She did...
Until shegothalf of our property, she taught my father.
Great artists!
What's the matter in newspaper?
Apparao built a school and gotit inauguraed by the collector, right?
lt was written and his photograph got attached here.
Whyhas our photograph not been printed?
Whathave you done? - l havegarlanded the collector, haven't l?
l havesatbesidehim, haven't l?
l haveinvited him for lunch, haven't l?
Excuse me! Photograph would notbepublished for sitting and standing!
lf you do anythingthatis useful for others, your photograph will beprinted.
That's right, ofcourse!
Whaever itis...hehas donea greatjob! l likehim very much.
O my Apparao! My father also likes you very much.
Humans depend upon thenature fortheir food, shelter and clothes.
Thesearethe fundamental needs forthehumans.
Uncle! - Comeoutside for a while.
lndhu! Comehere... Look after theclass! -Okay, madam!
Have you comedirectlyto here or gonehome?
No, honey! l am coming directlyto here.
l want to discuss an importantmatter with you. -What's it?
His nameis Pullarao!
Hehas got abig lce factoryin Draksharam.
Hehas got 10 shops tha pay him rents.
Hehas recently lost his wife. Hehas got 2 children!
Ofcourse the children arelooked after without any deficiency.
But he is worried as hecan't replace his mother's place.
l immediatelyremembered you.
Having pleaded him notto offer this golden opportunityto anybody else...
l havebroughthim to show you! - Uncle!
ls my marriagewith amarried guy?.
Aboveall...How old is he? and how old am l?
No! Heis tha much aged as you think...
Heis just 50 or 51, that's it!
Heappears so becausehebecame bald-headedwith worries ofhis deceasedwife,that's it!
Don't say anything more... You get losttaking him along.
l will go... Not that for hecan't get wife...
lf you married him...
You need Rs. 2 lakhs for your father's operation, right?
l thought l could get you that amount and savemybrother-in-law.
Why should l bother as you don't? l makea move...
Uncle! Stop there...
lfl marry him,will he giveus Rs. 2 lakhs?
What is Rs. 2 lakhs? lfrequired, hegives Rs. 3 lakhs also.
lt's enough ifhe gives exactly for operation. -Will you marry him?
How can you enjoybymarrying him?
l am not thinking ofmy enjoyment.
My father's health should getrecovered.
ls it okay ifyour lifegets spoilt? - What can l do?
l have no other go... - l will get your father's operation done.
lt's okaytha you get the operation done. Will you get her marriage also done?
l will do it! lfrequired, l will marry her!
Onlyif you and your familymembers agreewith this...
Thereis a limit for sympathy too!
Thesearenotthewords spoken with sympathy.
l am uttering this with wholehearted desire.
l will look after you and your family. - Who is this guy?.
He is thedoctor ofthis village.
This school was also built byhim.
You area lucky girl!
Do onething... You get committed here.
l will make that bald-headed fellow board bus to Draksharam.
Weshall take your fatherto Rajamundry tomorrow and get operation done.
Money! - l will look into that issue!
A littlebeautiful young lady...
...has uttered oneword!
A littlebeautiful young lady...
...has become my lover!
You aremy life!
You aremy opinion!
You aremy part! You aremyluck!
A littlebeautiful young lady...
...has uttered oneword!
l am a poor girl who has nobody...
You have put me in your heart as a queen!
Fortheeyes which haveno colour...
You haveshown seven colours as apair!
Some virtue has turned into your image!
Many prayers havemade you reach mewith love!
ls it aboon?
Oris it love?
Ourthis emotional relaion!
A littlebeautiful young lady...
...has uttered oneword!
ln the houseoflips wherethereis no music...
You havefilled with love as alover!
ln the faded garden ofheart...
You havecomelike theshower offlowers with love!
Shall l lay abridgeto your beauty with thehug?
Shall l worship your fee with mytears?
Thepoint ofluck has begun sayingthat it is the beginning of our story!
A littlebeautiful young lady...
...has uttered oneword!
A littlebeautiful young lady...
...has become my lover!
You aremy life!
You aremy opinion!
You aremy part! You aremyluck!
You areeverything...
What Apparao? Wha brought you to here?
l urgentlyneed 2 lakhs! - 2 lakhs? What for?
Our school teacher's father has to undergo aheart operaion.
l justgive Rs. 5000/- on theword and Rs. 10,000/- on the note...
l have never given such alump amount yet to anybody else.
l don't want on them. Herearethedocuments ofmy house!
Give me pawning this with you!
Here you see!
Therateofinterest is 5%...only foryou! l am tellingthis in prior!
Okay! Giveme...
Goddess speaks! Great Goddess speaks!
l will tell your past and future!
Excuse me! Pleasecome...
l will tell you 2 names.
Can you tell meiftheyboth getmarried?
Why don't l say?
Put a 10 rupee note in my hand.
Here is Rs.100/-...Tell me!
Tell me the names, honey! - Apparao! Padma Priya!
You speak forwhat madam asked for...
You speak forwhat she has desired...
Tradition! Culture! Gaddi Annavaram!
lt's amatter oflove, am l right? - Yes.
This hen likes tha cock to themost!
Shethought why the eyes for, without seeing him!
You firsttell meifwe both getmarried.
Floor is laid as spacious as theearth...
Ceiling is laid as vast as sky...
Thewhole village celebrate as festival...
You have to giftmewith a dhoti for your marriage!
lf Apparao and l get married, not onlyto you...
...l will gift with dresses for all the members of your family.
You have to keep up yourword! l will makea move!
Yes! Ooh!
Why didn't you ask him how the marriage would takeplace?
lfitwould happen by eloping...
lfit would happen byrunning away...
lfit would happen in the Policestaion...
lfit would happen in theAssembly!
You say that you love him.
Revealing the matter outwith fortune tellers and astrologers... arefinally sharing with your father!
You haverespected meto the highest degree!
What are you talking with him? Why don't you hit her?
Take her to thestreet and hit her! Nobodywill see...
Get inside!
Come! Come!
Being born in such a family, what is this nasty character? You stupid!
Wha is his staus? What is our staus?
Wha is his caste? What is our caste?
ltseems tha power has come!
Whata word! Wha a word!
lt's a scientific test! But not a constitutional test!
No! lt should not be...
Do you saytha it's a caste test?
How was thebirth of your father, Bharadwaj?
What kind of overwhelming incident was yours?
You were born in theearthenwarejar, weren't you?
What is your caste?
Hadn't the greatgrandfather who was an elderly guru been born to Goddess Ganga?
Wha is his caste? How could you tell me so?
This is something in themiddle!
Hey! No use...
You first put insidetheroom and lock it! -Do you mean the TV?
You shut up! l mean her! -Oho!
Look for someoneand get her marriage done!
Why do you havesuch a nasty character? -Hey! Hey!
You wait l say... Will you kill my daughter?
ls this why l gavebirth and brought her up?
You are dying forcaste...
Do you know what your great grandfathers weredoing?
Do weknow what our children do afterus?
Welive today and pass awaytomorrow...
Does thecaste come along?
You havewatched, haven't you?
Thecomments of such a greatbrother upon thecaste?
We want good character, but not thecaste!
No matterhow much propertytheguyhas...
But thematteris how helooks after our girl!- Sir!
l haveunderstoodthedialogue ofbrother. But l don't understand your dialogue!
Giveabit clarity...
Are you on your daughter's side oryour mother's?
l lovemy daughter. My mother loves me!
Then...why did you givebuildup as ifyou werethe villain ofthis film?
Not that l lost mytemper for she loved him...
But for shedid notinform me beforehim!
Yes! Yourfather!
Have l ever denied my honey's word? - Wha does it mean?
Do you give your consent forthis marriage?
He is not a stupid to deny, mother. Heis a lucky doctor!
Aboveall...Heextends his hands to help others!
As you aregoing to hold the hand of such a person, will l deny?.
Thank you, father!
Congrats! Operaion is success!
You can happilytake him home within a week's time.
Thank you, doctor!
Hewill beshiftedto lCU in an hour...
You can then go and see him!
Hesaid good news, didn't he? You smile a least now!
Alas! You areolder than me... Whatis this?
We don't know who you are... No relaion at all...
You havedone thesemanythings for us likeGod.
How can wecompensate your help?
Though l help in anywayto your family, l feel thatl have done injustice!
Bendu Apparao RMP! Phone for you...
Bendu Apparao...- Hello!
Guru! lt's me... -Tell me!
Mr. Raju has sent his guys foryou twice. Hewants to talk urgentlywith you!
Wha mighttheyhavecalled for?
Has the granny gone madwith the medicines wehavegiven?
Or else...has she passed away due to high blood circulation?
No sound was heard relating to funeral ceremony...
l don't know what for? You go...
l will go to clinic. Paients will becoming!
Paients come forthe doctor, but not forthecompounder!
You follow me. l can be abit bold!
Come on, doctor!
Beseaed! -No problem! - Beseated l say...
Thereason why l havecalled you for is...
l want to make you as my son-in-law!
My daughter likes you. l like your character!
Thereforel decidedto get both ofyou married. Wha do you say?
What elseis thereto say other than 'Okay'?
Sorry, sir! - Have you said 'Okay' or 'Sorry'?
l said 'Sorry'. l can't marry your daughter.
l don'tlikeher.
Wha is this, honey? You saidtha heloves you too...
Don't you like me?
l am asking you...
You liked me, but why do you deny for marriage?
l haveneverliked you.
lfyou did notlike me,why did you come wherever l had called you to?
With fear... As you might saybadly aboutmeto your father,
l did however you had asked meto.
Or likeher from now on! Wha elseis lackingwith her?
No! Mymarriagehas alreadybeen fixed!
l am going to marry Gayathri, theschool teacher, shortly!
You are telling alieto make meweep, aren't you?
No! lt's truewhatl say...
Honey! Honey! Honey! Honey!
Hey! ls ittrue what wehave heard?
When you wereasked to marrythe daughterof Mr. Raju, did you deny?
Yes! - Have you gonemad?
When you got such abig alliance, would you denyit?
Hey! Whereare you going?
l have bornewhatever stupid things you did.
l worked though l was not paid salary.
But you haveplayedwith a girl's lifebefore my sight.
After seeingtha, l don't feel to work with you!
lfl don'tget any job, l will go and beg!
But l don't work with you. Bye! - Do you also suspect me?
Did you not truly lovethe daughterof Mr. Raju?
l loved her morethan my life.
Then...why do you deny forthemarriage?
lf a all l have to repent for mymistake, l mustmarry Gayahri!
What kind ofmistake you did?
l havehidden a truth from you so far!
ln fact, we haven'tgot any lottery prize!
Then...tha money?.
Oneday Babji, Veerababu and l went to Rajamundry to watch cinema.
Do you rememberthat? -Yes, ofcourse!
When wewerereturning that night...
O Apparao!
Building a school with freemoney, would you make me stupid?
l will look into the issue!
To repent forwha l have done, l did notfind any other way.
l haveto replacethe position oftheir son.
Therefore l wantto marry Gayathri!
Then...the daughterof Mr. Raju? - What is lackingwith her?
Mr. Raju would bring a wonderful alliance for her.
That's right! You had better marrytheteacher.
Guru! l thought that you werereally a cunning fellow.
But you area very great man. l am proud ofyou!
When is themarriage?
Apparao beds Gayathri!
Hehas goneupto beds beforeweds...
Who has written this?
l don'tknow! Maybe people from brideside...
Here you see, man!
Do you belong to thepeople from brideside orgroom side?
l belongto the priest!
Guru! You exactlylook like agroom now.
Does thegroom look likeapriest instead oflooking likea groom?
Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law! Thepriest is calling you...
ls the priest not feelingwell? Where is the kit?
Not forthe treament. Onto the wedding altar. -Oho!
Come on, brother-in-law!
l did not think that l would witness your marriage.
You are goingto get married with agood chap.
l am veryhappy!
lf Sivaji was also there, itwould add more bliss!- Yes!
God has blocked tha luck!
lt's not God who has parted your son away from you.
lt is Apparao!
You feel thatit is lentil by seeing the fire.
Your brother Sivaji had also felt in thesame way.
How would you know about my brother?
Apparao,who is going to marry you, knows better than l do.
Should notask how we know thebreaking news...
Should know what had happened!
Madam! Bringthebride! -You go and...
Whyis thebridecoming solo?
Shegoes to school alone, doesn't she?
lt seems that shemight havebeen habituated.
Do you know mybrother?
l am asking you...
l know!
Whathave you doneto my son?
Whathave you doneto my son? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!
As he said, have you reallykilled my son for money?
Tell me! Wha have you done to my son?
Why would he answer if asked respectfully?. Tell me!
Whathave you doneto my son? Tell me!
Tell me! Wha have you done to my son?
Not only by killing my son.
But do you wantto spoil my daughter's life too?
Do you wantto spoil my daughter's life? -Stop! Stop!
Wha had actuallyhappened was... -l say wha had actuallyhappened!
His son,who left home 10 years ago...
...had goneto Dubai, worked hard and earntlakhs ofrupees!
While coming back to his parents...
When he met Apparao, Veerababu and Babji on theway and asked for address...
Findingtha hehad money...
Theykilled him momentarily and finished the funeral activities overnight!
Giving agrea buildup by sayingtha they got lottery prize...
To conceal the fact, he gave someamount to Veerababu and Babji and sent them to Dubai.
lfhehad such a quality,why would he build a school with lakhs ofrupees?
To get fame as ifheis a good gentleman.
lfhewas a chea, whywould he accept forthis marriage?
lfthey cometo know the fact sometime, hewill have becometheir son-in-law, right?
To escape from legal activities...
What are you staring a? Hitand drive him away...
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Leave him! Leavehim!
Stop it!
You should not just hit him... You should kill him!
Such a good man should not bealive, kill him!
What? Why are you supporting him?
Why don'tthey supporthim?
They also haveshare in his sin, don't they?.
Yes, ofcourse!
He did not kill your son. ltwas an accident!
He tried alotto takehim immediaelyto hospital.
Sivaji requested us notto reveal to you that hewas dead.
Don'ttell our family that l was dead.
Hetried alot for your address to handover the money given by your son.
We forced him alotsayingtha we wereall under different troubles andwe could shareit among.
Nevertheless, he didn't listen to!
He was stubborn in givingthatmoneyto you.
Then...wemadea woman byname Babyliewith him that
you had died and your daughter gotsettled in America.
We forced him saying that theywere no more andwe could share that amount.
He then thought of ourtroubles, giving us 2 lakhs each...
...hebuilt a school on yourson's name with therest ofthe amount.
Who would believe your fake stories?
Should we believe your cock and bull stories? You stupid...
Not that Mr. Raju! -You shut up your mouth!
Should do good if you can. Do you do bad?
lfhewas nota good chap...
...whywould hepawn his housewith Sowcar and get his operaion done?
lfhewas not a greatman...
...whywould helose mybeloved daughterwith property and get readyto marryher?
lt's good as Sowcar cameat the right timeand revealedthetruth.
Or would have sacrificed a nicechap,won't you?
l remember as l hear theword 'Sacrifice', Mr. Raju!
ln the forthcoming festival of Goddess,
how ifwesacrificethis President instead ofbuffalo?
Do liketha. The evil practice in this village will get lost.
Whereis he? Hey...
Without knowingthetruth...
With the pain about my son's death... l haveunnecessarily slapped you.
Forgiveme! - Don'tuttersuch words...
Anybodyin your position would do the same!
Sir! Sir! Thehutis on fire... - Ours is theconcrete building, isn't it?
The very building is on fire!
Yourdaughter has swallowed sleeping pills.
O my daughter! What a deed you havedone!
O doctor! Save my daughter... l bow before you! Comeon...
Stop! You need not go there. l havebrought her to here!
O Surya Narayana! Shehas donean awful thing.
Sheis trying to pass away from us. O God! Alas!
O man! O Apparao! You once look into her problem...
Doctor! You check!
Open your eyes!
Hey! Get somesalt water... -Run quickly!
Whatis this? Why have you bitten so?
l don'twant to live.
l am notmarried anyway with Apparao.
Whatshould l live for? Whom should l live for?
Why are you saying so, madam?
You have your father, grandma...
...and l am there for you! l am there for you!
No matter if you threearenotthere... Healoneis enough for me!
Have you heard, Apparao? How madly she loves you!
She will dieif you deny.
Not that sir! Gayathri... - You forgetabout Gayathri.
l add Rs. 15 lakhs to her brother's Rs. 15 lakhs and look for agood alliance.
l justlylook after tha family.
You aremyhoney! You just acceptit...
But the word l have given to Gayahri...
You have given just a word to me.
But you havegiven your heart to her!
lt's fairto marry thatgirl.
That's it! Feed him with haylike that...
Madam! You don'tgetup! You areafter all apatient...
No patient! No brinjal! Go away...
lf so...have you not swallowed sleeping pills?
Wha's wrong with me? - You!!!
Wha a drama you played!
Or else...Do you wantmeto sing a tragedy song like
Lady Devadas while he is getting married here?
Sir! Thereis only oneminute left forthe auspicious time.
ls marriage thereor not?
lfit's there, l request the respective pairto comeand sit!
lt's we...Wewill getmarried! Comeon!
Honey! Wait...l will bring silk saree!
l will wear it during myfirst night.
Priest! You carry on...
Apparao! Apparao! -We brought salt water! Webrought salt water!
lt's okay!when did you come from Dubai?
Who left for Dubai?
Sreenu cheated us and left away, didn't he?
Tha is how happens ifwechea others...
Look Apparao! Hedid good foreverybody...
Consequently, hehas become the son-in-law of Mr. Raju!
There stands theSon-in-law of Mr. Raju!