HML Showreel 2012 with The Farm 51 interview

Uploaded by SilveradosFXstudio on 01.05.2012

Are you satisfied with the services offered by Human Motion Lab in Bytom?
We're definitely pleased with this cooperation.
Being able to record mocap in a company situated so close to ours helps us immeasurably.
In the past, we had to work with companies located much farther, eg. in the Czech Republic
because few of them would have the equipment we needed
Now we can do it on the spot and we're glad it's become easier.
Could you tell our viewers what recording these Motion Capture sequences is like?
Well, recording the animations and scenes is certainly very enjoyable for the whole team,
but the later work is much more difficult and there is a lot of effort involved.
Could you give the players some information about The Farm 51's new project, in which our animations will be used?
We called this game an Action Adventure FPS
which means it will be a First Person Shooter alluding to the adventure films from the 1980s as well as the contemporary ones.
The players will be able to use guns, of course, but the game will also have puzzles to solve and various mysteries from the past to explore
including the strange disappearance of the Mayans,
whose whole families suddenly vanished in the 9th century and no one knows what happened to them
We are trying to give you the answers and interest the players in these mysteries
although our main goal is just to make the experience enjoyable
Everyone will be able to feel like an Indiana Jones and this is what we're aiming for, not the real, historical truth.