A Very Crazy Teacher / Una Maestra Muy Loca - Trailer [2011]

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- Wake up, darling. It's time to go to school.
This is me, Luisinho. I didn't knew that my first day at school, would be a big adveture.
- You're a hick! - Take it back!
- Can be after the class? - Uh?!
- My mother asked me to come back to home, clean.
- Good morning! - Good morning!
- You can call me: Cath.
At the same moment that she came to our classroom, all the girls wanted to be pretty and all the boys wanted to ...
... grow up to marry with her. - Where do you go with this kids?
She invented so many things to help us understand the world.
- And who's this? - Napoleon Bonaparte
- And now? Who's this? - Tiradentes!
- Comics, teacher!? - What the problem?
- Read comics is a sin!
- Good morning, children! Do you did the homework? - We don't have homework.
- What time they will play?
- Priest Beto, you'll apologize us, but Mrs. Cath exceeded all limits.
- The most handsome men of the city fallen in love by her.
- And love, Cath? Do you know what is it? - We've only one: our destiny.
- This is the love that you've to find.
- If you like boy and you're shy, doesn't want to tell anyone.
- I'll teach you a code. - Code?
Paola Oliveira is "A VERY CRAZY TEACHER"
- She'll see!
Based on the ZIRALDO book.
- Who called me?
- Teacher, which class is this!? - I have no idea.