Highlights from Google I/O 2012

Uploaded by GoogleDevelopers on 24.07.2012


VIC GUNDOTRA: To the over 6,000 people here, to our
Google I/O viewing parties that are happening all around
the world, to the over 1 million people who will be
watching live stream on YouTube, welcome to Google
HUGO BARRA: It's been pretty busy here.
And I'm thrilled to announce our latest milestone.
1 million new Android devices are activated
every single day.
HUGO BARRA: We're introducing Nexus 7.
It's a beautiful, seven-inch tablet.
It's running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
JOE BRITT: We brought together the power of Android and
Google Play to develop the first consumer electronics
product Google has ever designed and built
from the ground up.
We call it Nexus Q.
MALE SPEAKER: Like, even the ports are high quality.
MALE SPEAKER: I'm a huge geek.
This is my Christmas.
MALE SPEAKER: There's a lot of cool things that have come out
on the Chrome side pretty that I'm pretty excited about.
SUNDAR PICHAI: It's an exciting demo to see Chrome on
Android phones, Android tablets, and now on the iPhone
and the iPad.
So no matter which device you're using, we are working
really hard, across all important software platforms.
No other browser vendor is doing this.
And as of today, we've almost doubled again to 310 million
active users.
By our internal metrics, Chrome is the most popular
browser in the world globally.
AUBREY ANDERSON: Cirque du Soleil in a browser.
What a fantastic challenge.
We created this world completely in HTML.
URS HOLZLE: This is what happens when you add 10,000
cores to your application.
That's the kind of scalability and performance that Google
can deliver.
MALE SPEAKER: In just one year, over 250 million people
have upgraded to Google+.

The life we plan, we party, we keep in touch, we think
software should make all of that more awesome.
That's why today we are so excited to be announcing
Google+ Events.

MALE SPEAKER: I'm always surprised by the capability of
developers to party.
MALE SPEAKER: Over 1,000 people turned on party mode,
and contributed over 13,700 photographs from
last night's concert.
PATRICK MONAHAN: Google, its as big as it gets.
And it's as cool as it gets.
SERGEY BRIN: Who wants to see a demo [? of Boss. ?]
MALE SPEAKER: And they're off.
MALE SPEAKER: There's only one good way down
the side of a building.
Don't run anybody over.
MALE SPEAKER: When they jumped out of the blimp onto the
Moscone Center, and they rappelled off the side and
biked it in, that was the most exciting thing I saw.
MALE SPEAKER: This, ladies and gentleman, truly is the best
time ever to deliver, and to build for the web.
MALE SPEAKER: It's just the love that Google gives back to
their developers.
SERGEY BRIN: Thank you all very much.