Interview for Chinese television

Uploaded by MoscowFive on 06.12.2012

We are really glad to have you here at TGA Winter 2012. Could you please share your impressions of the event?
Groove: We are really glad to be here too. It is the first tournament we've been at in China.
Groove: We know that many people in China like this game, it is one of the most popular games in the world.
Groove: For us it is a sort of a training for an upcoming IPL5 in Las Vegas. Even though we've played two showmatches, we see it is a valuable competition.
Groove: Besides it is a promo tour and a chance for our team to get to know our Chinese fans, which is equally important for us.
At showmatches you've performed exceptionally well. What do you think about the teams you have played against (WE and iG)?
Alex_Ich: iG have used a special strategy based on lane dominance, but they seemed not to be on top of their game, therefore we have gained an advantage.
Alex_Ich: We've already met at S2WC in LA, therefore I regard them as a strong team. WE have proved to be the best in China, since they have done better against us. Their AD Carry has outfarmed every single one of us. Chinese teams have a lot of potential, provided that they continue training, they together with Korean and Taiwanese teams will reach the top.
We all know that M5.BenQ excels at seamless coordination. How do usually practice and who do you usually scrim against?
Groove: Prior to every LAN tournament we have a boot camp that last on average around ten days. It allows us not only to bond, but also to train more efficiently, since we can daily spend around 10-12 hours just for the game.
Groove: Most of the scrims we play are against European teams. Unfortunately, we cannot play against American and Asian teams, due to high pings and different servers.
It is a know fact that the general sponsor of Moscow Five is BenQ. Why have you chosen BenQ and what kind of an influence this collaboration has on the team?
Groove: First of all, we have chosen BenQ monitors even before they have become our general sponsor. We've started using them for training purpose three-four months prior to being signed by this company. It was our conscious choice, because they are objectively the leaders in developing gaming monitors, and none of the other companies can match their quality.
Groove: BenQ have managed to create a unique monitor that is valid not only for gaming, but also for watching movies, design, everyday life and work. It is very convenient. People nowadays spend a lot of time in front of the computer, therefore they were the first ones to create a monitor that fits this broad spectrum of tasks. They managed to take into consideration all of the details that are necessary for gamers and us, as progamers, who spend the most time online, can appreciate this detail oriented approach. We've chosen BenQ monitors, since they have no flaws.
There a lots of LoL tournaments around the World. What are your future plans?
Groove: Season Three starts in 2013. It is probably going to be the most grandiose event in the history of eSports.
Groove: Third Season will try to make eSports as close to actual sports as it could be. For example, Season Two prize pool featured $5,000,000 and in Season Three it is going to grow further. The growth is expected also in terms of its coverage in press. LIVE streams are going to be more qualitative and will have a bigger audience. The amount of articles, commentaries and analytics is going to increase. The conjunction of these factors will allow eSports to match the level of actual sports.
It seems that Moscow Five is a very popular team. Is there anything you would like to say to the people, who are supporting you?
Groove: First of all, thanks to everyone, who supports us. Unfortunately, we don't have an opportunity to communicate with our Asian fans. As I've mentioned before TGA was a unique chance for us.
Groove: Besides that we would like to thank BenQ, our general sponsor. Only due to their help we were able to attend TGA and practice against local teams.
Groove: We would like to thank our friends and relatives, people who love and support us the most.